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Zundel Update - Innocent And Inside Mannheim Prison

By Dennis Stevenson


What must it be like to be in jail - especially when you haven't done anything deserving of it?
This article regards the courts, jails and the psychological mistreatment of political prisoners in the west (with some comments from me on the everyday legal scene in Australia). There are many more similar prisoners of conscience in goal, mostly in Europe. This article specifically refers to Ernst Zundel, who lived most of his life in Canada before he was illegally arrested (kidnapped) by authorities. His incarceration began in Canada, then America and thereafter he was illegally flown by private jet to Germany for 'trial' for discussing certain aspects of WWII and sentenced to 5 years in goal. Ernst, a pacifist, is in his 70's.
In his letter below, Ernst says, "Just like for our soldiers on the Eastern Front, mail is more important to me than food."
Compared to the kidnapping, torture, murder and incarceration of people by American and Israeli forces, rarely mentioned in western media, this may seem of less concern, but it is obviously not so to the people who are in prison or to their families. It should be of concern to all of us who value freedom, as it demonstrates the actions that elitists will take to enforce their will. This is in western countries.
With regard to the law in Australia, over the past months I have observed the nature of many court actions and decisions. Justice is rarely seen. I know people who have been framed by police (current court charges), defamed by court officers, denied the protection of natural law rights or denied the right to have their chosen representative speak for them in court. Most people do not understand their right to trial by jury, which is usually denied anyway.
Recently, a friend - one of those framed by police after a false and ludicrous allegation by her former husband of breaking and entering the family home. This supposedly occurred in broad daylight, in his immediate vicinity and concerned a visit to a property of which she was legally still a co-owner - and she had three witnesses with her, one a Pastor. She went to collect some personal belongings and had previously informed him and his barrister when she would do this. 
During the resulting court action, she was jailed when she went to court to file a document late on the day of a scheduled hearing. She didn't believe she needed to be in court earlier and was in phone communication with the court and had indicated she would be in later to file an important document. When she did so, she was arrested and put in the cells. I drove to the cells with a change of clothing, toiletries and a chocolate to boost her spirits. Notwithstanding that I told the watch house officer that I was formerly a police officer, he still refused to accept the things or give them to her. She was not released or allowed to see friends until having to wait all of the following day for the matter to be briefly mentioned in court.
Most people are not aware of such injustices in Australia. It can come as a shock to discover these things can happen and it is not usually understood until you become involved personally or on behalf of a friend or relative. I do not for a moment suggest that we cannot have justice. Not only can we, but we will - when we make it so. However, as always, we first need to understand a problem before we can change it. This is why I publish information via emails. It is necessary to know what the current situation and what the ideal situation is, so we can work from one, towards the other. 
The existing legal situation in Australia is that it can cost every penny you have (or you can borrow) to seek justice. Many lawyers demand $5,000 to $10,000 up front before they will begin to represent you. And that is just a deposit, as it were. For instance, you can be charged $3,000 by a barrister for going to court even when your case is adjourned after 10 minutes - granted the barrister should have spent time studying your case beforehand. However, such huge fees do not for a moment guarantee the competence of your barrister or solicitor. Many are incompetent by any reckoning and some are corrupt to such a degree that it is not uncommon for them to secretly sell you out to the other side. I will soon refer you to an Australian website I know of that is being developed where all these things are covered in detail and instructions are given on how to obtain real justice.
Usually, through a series of adjournments (that often make no sense and simply deny justice and increase costs) it can take months or many years to get a decision. Finally, the decision is often a further injustice. 
What is the ideal situation with regards justice? Justice would be easy and inexpensive to obtain, it would be quickly achieved, and the result would be just - the process having followed long established principles that protect our rights, freedom and property.
My advice on court actions is to not get involved in them. If you do, make sure it is an informed decision. Do not consider that just because your action is just, that you will gain justice. Look at other possibilities, one of the best being to seek mediation from a very good mediator. Incidentally I know a superb and well experienced mediator if you need one. If you do take legal action, it is usually totally inadvisable to get a lawyer who hasn't been personally referred to you by someone you trust who understands such things. I may be able to give a referral in this as well.
Now, back to political prisoners.
First a letter from Ernst's wife, Ingrid, posted on her website, The Zundelsite.  June 1, 2007  
To our friends around the world -
Just now I finished reading the Meinerzhagen Verdict on which Ernst's 5-year sentence is based - all 369 pages of it! One of our attorneys, who sent me my copy, called it "garbage." That's putting it politely. It reads as though an eighth-grader tried his hand at pop psychoanalysis - all the while keeping a Hollywood "Nazi" in the corner of his eye. It's psychobabble at its worst! It's a disgraceful document having come out of a German courtroom, and I am considering publishing it by juxtaposing what Ernst actually said and wrote against the amateurish ruminations of a fool - unwilling or unable to look historical truth in the eye.
Whatever else I may think of Dr. Meinerzhagen - after all, he is a judge! - he must have had an education! I can't believe that he would write such tripe! It was probably put together by a clerk!
A friend of mine, a Portuguese of erudition, wrote this - with which I heartily agree:
The courts in Western countries are of absolutely no use to revisionists or to the ideas of fairness and justice. I didn't use to hold such a pessimistic view; I used to think there were worse [expletive deleted] on this planet's surface than judges, but no longer.
Of course, the exposure value of the episode and the blinding injustice of it all may be of some propaganda value to the cause, but going through the courts in the next few decades looking for justice is hopeless. Courts should be avoided anywhere in the poisoned West like the plague.
That does not mean that we'll give up on the legal road we embarked. We will finish what we attempted to do. However, henceforth my focus and my efforts will be on public demonstrations and other means to bring the word to the masses - by which I mean primarily the Germans living in other countries - to warn them of what's happening in their homeland, and how dangerous it may well be to travel and do business there. I have commitments from patriots in two European countries already and am working on additional leads.
Please note: Ernst has inordinate problems receiving and sending mail. In a letter to me, he wrote:
"Just like for our soldiers on the Eastern Front, mail is more important to me than food." And yet, even my mail has been withheld or has disappeared for as much as 6 weeks at a time. Yesterday I talked to Ernst's sister in Germany, who tells me that, again, Ernst has not received any letters from me for four weeks. The Administration insists that none of my letters have been received throughout May. And yet, since I now go to the trouble and expense of sending " return receipt " letters, I know that letters were received May 4 and May 10 in Mannheim. So someone is lying through his teeth !
Below is a brief letter from Ernst to Dr. Faurisson's sister, Yvonne, a long-time friend of his. .......
Ernst Zündel
JVA Mannheim
Herzogenriedstr. 111
May 18, 2007
My dear Yvonne and René and family !
You may not believe this, but this afternoon, at 3 pm, I received that letter I paid missing postage for, last year, I had told you about several times. You wrote the letter on the 30. 3. 06, mailed it on the 31. 3. 06 and I received it only today - almost 1 year and 7 weeks later. That's about the time a space craft takes to get to Mars these days !
I don't know if you did receive my letters which I sent periodically. All I can do is hope, since I am totally in [my enemies'] hands.
Yvonne, I knew that all this was going to happen, for I have studied these people's modus operandi not for decades - for centuries !
I just re-read from our prison library the book by Victor Ostrosky, By Way of Deception. He was supposed to do a show with me, but chickened out at the last moment. That book gives you many an insight into how these people operate. My dear Yvonne ! Nothing surprises one, after one has read this book and the subsequent Ostrovsky book entitled Beyond Deception. By the way, Menahem Begin tried to have that book banned from publication, but the Canadian Courts refused to bow to the pressure !
I had those two books in my library in English, and must say I was surprised to see it in a German version, and even more surprised that I found it in a prison library ! Of all places in this country ! So surprises do happen !
(Ernst continues) Let me know if your visit has been authorized and for when? Date and time, please.
Ernst Zundel
Dennis - Not for 'amnesty international' to campaign for these people's rights. The world needs an organisation which campaigns for prisoner's rights. Let us trust that a genuine one comes into existence.