8 points, Octagon

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Athena APULIA, LUCERIA, late 3rd century BC. Head of Athena r., five pellets above/LOVCERI between the spokes of large wheel

Inanna/Ishtar [Inanna/Ishtar]

One version of the star symbol of Inanna/Ishtar

Obelisk So in St. Peter's square, the symbol of Baal is within the symbol of Ishtar, and at the center is an Egyptian obelisk, all representing pagan sun worship.

Here is an old photo of the center of St. Peter's square, and note that around the obelisk, at the center of the huge eight-point sun wheel, is a smaller four-pointed sun wheel, the same symbol as found on the altar stone in the temple of Baal in Hatzor! http://www.aloha.net/~mikesch/wheel.htm

A decorative wheel found on the altar of a Roman Catholic church. http://www.remnantofgod.org/images/IGC/pagan-rcc.htm

Triumphant Inanna-Ishtar, winged, with foot on her roaring lion and star symbol, being worshipped by a lesser goddess. Black-stone cylinder seal. Akkadian, ca. 2334-2154 BCE.
S. Beaulieu, after Wolkstein & Kramer 1983:92


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