A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees


(These lists are currently being researched - keep checking back for the latest information.)


Constituency / Comments

Source of evidence / Member's Masonic Lodge

Leo Amery

Conservative MP for Birmingham South [later B'ham Sparkbrook] (1911-45)


Sir Tony Baldry

Banbury (Conservative)

2007 Buckinghamshire Masonic Directory

Ed Balls

Morley & Outwood (Labour Co-op); Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Bilderberg participant (2001-03,2006-07,2013-14)

Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey

Unionist MP for Kincardine & Aberdeenshire West (1923-9, 1931-9)

The Glasgow Herald, 1 December 1950

Sir Edmund Bartley-Denniss

Conservative MP for Oldham (1911-1922)


William Wither Beach

Conservative MP for North Hampshire (1857-85); Andover (1885-1901)

Hampshire & IOW Masonry website

Sir Frederic Bennett

Conservative MP for Torbay (1955-87)

Bilderberg participant (1963,1965-75,1977-80)

Brian Binley

Northampton South (Conservative)

Biography at Conservative Party website

Bob Blackman

Adulterous, homophobic MP for Harrow East (Conservative)

Kenelm Lodge #8255

Tony Blair

Former Labour Prime Minister (1997-2007)

Bilderberg participant (1993); Invited to Bilderberg Group (1998); Internet forums suggest Studholme Lodge #1591

Nick Boles

Grantham & Stamford (Conservative)

Bilderberg participant (2012)

Charles Bradlaugh

MP for Northampton (1880-91); Founder of the National Secular Society

La Grand Loge des Philadelphes; High Cross Lodge #754

Gordon Brown

Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath (Labour)

Bilderberg participant (1991)

Ian Bruce

Tory MP for South Dorset (1987-2001)

The Independent, 31 October 1995

David Cameron

Conservative Prime Minister (2010-)

Bilderberg attendee (2013)

George Canning

Tory Prime Minister of UK (1827)

Masonic Quarterly Magazine, January 2005

Sir Edward Carbutt

Liberal MP for Monmouth Boroughs (1880-1886)

Book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

Sir Fred Catherwood

Vice President of the European Parliament (1989-1992)

Bilderberg attendee (1971)

Sir Winston Churchill

Tory Prime Minister (1940-45 & 1951-55) [Note: The Churchill Society points out that he publicly resigned as a Mason in 1912]

Studholme Alliance Lodge #1591; Rosemary Lodge #2851

Kenneth Clarke

Rushcliffe (Conservative); Former Lord Chancellor & Secretary of Justice

Bilderberg participant (1993,1998-00,2003-04,2006-08,2012-13)

Clement Davies

Liberal MP for Montgomeryshire (1929-62); Former leader of the Liberal Party

Bilderberg participant (1954)

Edmund Dell

Labour MP for Birkenhead (1964-79)

Bilderberg attendee (1978)

Sir Robert Duff

Liberal MP for Banffshire (1861-93)


Sir Herbert Dunnico

Labour MP for Consett (1929-31)

Founder of New Welcome Lodge #5139 (Masonic lodge in Parliament)

Sir William Ellison-Macartney

Conservative (Later Irish Unionist) MP for Antrim South (1885-1903)

Apollo University Lodge #357; Erin Lodge #2895

Sir Peter Emery

Conservative MP for East Devon (1959-2001)

The Independent, 31 October 1995

William Forster

Conservative MP for Bradford (1861-1886)

Pentalpha Lodge #974; book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

John Foster

Conservative MP for Northwich (1945-1974); Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Commonwealth Relations

Bilderberg attendee (1954)

William Henry Foster

Conservative MP for Lancaster (1895-1900)

Book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

Sir Anthony Gadie

Conservative MP for Bradford Central (1924-29)

Temple Lodge #4963

Hugh Gaitskell

Labour MP for Leeds South (1945-63); Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

Bilderberg attendee (1954,1958)

Phil Gallie

Conservative MP for Ayr (1992-97) (later MSP)

The Scotsman, 2 February 2002

Edward Gibbon

Whig MP for Liskeard (1774-80); Lymington (1781-4)


Sir Daniel Gooch

Conservative MP Cricklade (1865-85)

2007 Buckinghamshire Masonic Directory

Jo Grimond

Liberal MP for Orkney and Shetland (1950-83)

Bilderberg attendee (1958)

Justine Greening

Conservative MP for Putney; Secretary of State for International Development

Bilderberg attendee (2014)

Arthur Greenwood

Labour MP for Nelson & Colne (1922-31); Wakefield (1932-54)

Hugh Dalton makes the claim in his memoir "The Fateful Years"

William Hague

Richmond(Yorks) (Conservative)

Bilderberg participant (1998)

Keith Harding

Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland & Fife (1999-2003)

The Scotsman, 2 February 2002

Edward Heath

Conservative MP for Old Bexley & Sidcup (1950-2001)

Bilderberg participant (1963,1967,1969)

Joseph Hiley

Conservative MP for Pudsey (1959-74); involved in the Shire Oak scandal

Leeds Other Paper, 12 December 1986

John Hinds

Welsh Liberal MP for West Carmarthenshire (1910-18) & Carmarthen (1918-23)

Who Was Who (OUP)

Stuart Holland

Labour MP for Vauxhall (1979-89)

Bilderberg attendee (1970)

John Horam

Labour MP for Gateshead West (1970-83); Conservative MP for Orpington (1992-2010)

Bilderberg attendee (1975)

Douglas Hurd

Conservative MP for Mid Oxfordshire (1974-83); Witney (1983-97)

Bilderberg attendee (1980-81)

Edward John Hutchins

Liberal MP for Lymington (1850-7)


H. Montgomery Hyde

Ulster Unionist MP for Belfast North (1950-59)

Bilderberg attendee (1954,1957)

Aubrey Jones

Conservative MP for Birmingham Hall Green (1950-65)

Bilderberg attendee (1974)

David Jones

Clwyd West (Conservative)

Welsh Assembly Register of Members interests

Gwilym Jones

Conservative MP for Cardiff North (1983-97)

Dinas Llandaff Lodge #8512

Josiah Towyn Jones

Welsh Liberal MP for East Carmarthenshire (1912-18) & Llanelli (1918-22)

South Wales Weekly Post, 29 Dec 1917; Prince of Wales Lodge #671

Ruth Kelly

Labour MP for Bolton West (1997-2010); Opus Dei member

The Scotsman, 21 January 2005

Sir Edwin Leather

Conservative MP for North Somerset (1950-64)

The Telegraph, 6 April 2005

Jack Lopresti

Filton & Bradley Stoke (Conservative)

Mr Lopresti admits to being a Mason during a Bristol Community radio show, 13 January 2012

Niall Macdermot

Labour MP for Derby North (1957-70)

The Independent, 31 October 1995

Angus MacDonald

Scottish National Party MSP for Falkirk East

Scottish Parliament Register of interests; Lodge Zetland #391

Jamie McGrigor

MSP for the Highlands & Islands (Conservative)

The Scotsman, 2 February 2002

David McLetchie

Former leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, who resigned after a taxi expenses scandal

The Telegraph, 7 February 2002

Reginald Maudling

Conservative MP for Chipping Barnet (1950-79)

Numerous sources list Mr Maudling as a Freemason; Bilderberg attendee (1965,1967,1970-71,1973)

Brian Monteith

Conservative MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife (1999-2007)

The Scotsman, 2 February 2002

Robert Neill

Bromley & Chislehurst (Conservative)

New Statesman, 12 June 2006; Greater London Lodge #2603

Anthony Nelson

Conservative MP for Chichester (1974-97)

Martin Short claims that Mr Nelson told him that he was a Freemason

Allan Noble

Conservative MP for Chelsea (1945-59)

Bilderberg attendee (1957)

John Nott

Conservative MP for St. Ives (1966-83); Secretary of State for Defence during the Falklands War

Bilderberg attendee (1977)

John James Oddy

Conservative MP for Pudsey (1908-10)

Book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

George Osborne

Tatton (Conservative); Chancellor of the Exchequer

Bilderberg attendee (2006-09,2011,2013-14)

John Storey Penleaze

Liberal MP for Southampton (1833-5)

Hampshire & IOW Masonry website

Sir Ian Percival

Conservative MP for Southport (1959-87)

New Welcome Lodge #5139; Canada Lodge #3527; County Palatine Lodge #2505

Enoch Powell

Ulster Unionist Party MP for South Down (1950-87)

Bilderberg participant (1968)

Christopher Price

Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr (1966-70), Lewisham West (1974-83)

Bilderberg attendee (1970)

Sir Pryce Victor Pryce-Jones

Conservative MP for the Montgomery Boroughs (1895-1906)

Towyn-on-sea & Meirioneth County Times; 28 Jul 1904; Grand Master's Lodge #1; London Welsh Lodge #2867

Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Kensington (Conservative); Former Foreign Secretary

Bilderberg participant (1986,1996)

Sir George Robertson

Liberal MP for Bradford Central (1906-16)

Book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

Peter Rost

Conservative MP for Erewash (1970-92)

Martin Short claims that Mr Rost told him that he was a Freemason

Michael Russell

Scottish National Party MSP for Argyll & Bute

Scottish Parliament Register of interests; Kyles of Bute Lodge #1120

John Smith

Labour MP for Monklands East (1970-94); Former Labour Party leader

Bilderberg participant (1986,1989,1991)

Le Gendre Starkie

Conservative MP for Clitheroe (1853-57)

Cardiff Evening Express, 13 Apr 1899

Rory Stewart

Conservative MP for Penrith & The Border

Bilderberg participant (2011)

David Sumberg

Conservative MP for Bury South (1983-97); now an MEP dubbed "UK's laziest MEP"

Smith Child Lodge #2064

Shirley Summerskill

Labour MP for Halifax (1964-83)

Bilderberg attendee (1972)

Sir Charles S.Taylor

Conservative MP for Eastbourne (1935-74)

1985 Masonic Year Book

Norman Tebbit

Former MP for Epping (1970-74), Chingford (1974-92); Former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

Bilderberg attendee (1985)

Stefan Terlezki

Conservative MP for Cardiff West (1983-97)

Dinas Llandaff Lodge #8512

Sir Neil Thorne

Conservative MP for Ilford South (1979-92)

Leyton Grange Park Lodge #5473

Sir David Trippier

Conservative MP for Rossendale & Darwen (1979-92)

Keystone Lodge #363

Sir Peter Vanneck

Conservative MEP for Cleveland & Yorkshire North

The Independent, 31 October 1995

Sir Gerard Vaughan

Conservative MP for Reading East (1983-97)

The Independent, 31 October 1995

Sir Alfred Cecil Walker

Democratic Unionist MP for Belfast North (1983-2001)

Martin Short claims that Cecil Walker told him that he was a Freemason

Gary Waller

Conservative MP for Keighley (1979-97)

Clifton Lodge #7112

Sir Francis Watson

Conservative MP for Pudsey & Otley (1923-29)

Book: "Secret Society of the Freemasons in Bradford"

Sir John Wells

Conservative MP for Maidstone (1959-87)

The Independent, 31 October 1995

John Wilkes

Whig MP for Aylesbury (1757-64); Hellfire Club member

Jerusalem Lodge #44

[Masonic MPs who have subsequently become ennobled are listed in the Peers section of this website.]


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