A Motherís Anguish

Posted on October 15, 2014

My story.

I want the world to know.

Please copy, share, paste, quote Ė whatever you can do to get the word out.


There is a REAL RISK. Your child is NOT immune to them. Vaccine Injury is impartial. It can strike those that least expect it Ė like me.

My name is Suzanne Fuhri. I have two daughters born in 1994 & 1995. My daughters received vaccines when they were babies, so I never thought I needed to research them when my son was born. I didnít know the schedule was different. They give babies more shots now.

My son, Tommy, was born on September 28, 2012. On November 29, 2012 I took him for his 2 month well baby visit. Two days later he was gone.

I live with a broken heart daily and you can prevent it from happening to your family.

Daily I ask myself, how did I let them do this to my baby?


The doctor injected my baby with all those shots, and I trusted him.  I trusted that the vaccines they were giving my baby were safe. The doctor and everyone in his office knew my son died Ė they never took the time to phone or even send a sympathy card. They knew he died. They didnít care. Guess they figured they would no longer get any money from me because MY SON would not be back for any further appointments and POISON VACCINES.


They are missing my money, but I AM MISSING MY SON!


I broke my own heart by not doing the research. There was information everywhere for me to have and learn.



I thought I was doing the right thing.


I thought I was doing the BEST thing for my baby, my Tommy.


I lost him after the first round of vaccines.


My arms are empty, achingly empty.


PLEASE PARENTS. Allow MY PAIN tohelp you make a wise decision. I was IGNORANT. I thought ďMy child will be fine.Ē I was wrong.


You can never take a vaccination back.


Such a small helpless body pumped with those toxic ingredients AND SO MANY SHOTS AT ONE TIME.




I thought I had a trustworthy, caring, kind doctor. I thought the vaccines were safe.


The doctors are GETTING PAID. They give lethal injections, the injections cause severe damage to some babies; they know there is a risk, but every vaccine brings income $$$.


Even one vaccine can be too much.


I had to lose my son before I learned all the truth. Vaccines are dangerous. Why didnít I trust God. He gave us an immune system to fight off infection and disease.

Please donít take the chance. Itís not worth it. There are things you can do to stay healthy. Vaccines are TOO DANGEROUS. Simple things you can do:

I canít bring my baby back, but I can use my pain and warn other parents. I urge you Ė do the research I failed to do. 


I didnít get the chance to know you,

it was suddenly taken from me,

I wasnít able to hear you respond,

as I called out to you, Tommy.

The day you went away,

it broke me in a million pieces,

Iíve been steadily trying to fix myself,

but the pain, still sometimes, increases

I thought my heart got broke before,

but that was never true,

I always felt better,

but itís not the same with you.

Some days I seem fine,

but others are hard to take.

That day you went away,

I actually felt my heart break.

That day I took you to the doctor,

I shouldíve never done,

If I hadnít,

today Iíd still have My Son!


30 ways in 30 Days, Exploring Vaccines: Day 28