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December 23, 2011

A new documentary has been released regarding the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995, which shows with copious evidence that the bombing was not the act of one man, Timothy McVeigh, but that McVeigh was but a mind-controlled patsy for sinister forces within the U.S. government who wanted to use that event as a pretext to finally pass Bill Clinton's Anti-Terrorism bill, which would not have passed without something of that magnitude to spur it.

Now U.S. citizens could be considered terrorists, which serves the corrupt powers-that-be very well, since they are the actual terrorists, taking over the country and turning it into a tyrannical police state. They are the criminals, and they wanted to be able to have a pretext for rounding up the pro-freedom patriots (their opposition).

The OKC bombing was, in part, what enabled an argument to be made for the recently-passed National Defense Authorization Act, which can round up U.S. citizens without trial, house them in military-run concentration camps, and even kill them without trial. Not even the Nazi's codified such draconian measures on the books. The sinister police state is gearing up for the pending economic collapse of America (also by design of these conspirators).

And you can be sure that free energy technology will not be on their 'friendly' list, as it empowers the individual and enables people to live independent of the corrupt system.

The OKC false flag operation has many parallels to the attacks on 9/11, in which Muslim extremists were mere patsies for the insiders who both stood down U.S. defenses and pre-placed demolition charges to bring down three World Trade Center buildings (including one that wasn't hit by a plane).

Some of the evidence for the OKC conspiracy pointed out by the documentary includes:

Physics of the explosion of the truck bomb do not come close to supporting the amount of damage that was incurred.

The pattern of damage to the building does not correspond to a radially-expanding explosion that diminishes in power as a cubed function of distance.

Massive evidence of cutter-charges being employed on the columns of the building.

Witnesses of multiple explosions, documented on TV

Ample evidence of multiple players, not just McVeigh

Security camera footage


Threats against and murder of whistleblowers

Threats against grand jury member

Irrelevant witnesses at trial

Refusal to allow relevant witnesses at trial

News 4 being bought up by NY Times and the defiant crew of channel 4 were all fired and blackballed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3bFWwA5IgA

"Timothy McVeigh" being named in a novel about such an event that predated the event.

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Hoppy Heidelberg: OKC Bombing was Designed to Get Clinton's Anti-Terrorism Bill Passed

The following interview with Hoppy Heidelberg, by the former grand jury member who was threatened, provide a good overview of the situation and presentation of the evidence for conspiracy on the part of elements in the U.S. Government, especially the Justice Department.


Aaron Dykes talks with Hoppy Heidelberg, who sat on an Oklahoma Grand Jury in 1995 empaneled to look into the OKC bombing as well as filmmaker of A Nobel Lie, James Lane. Hoppy would ultimately challenge the evidence cooked up by the government in its case. He believes the claim made by Terry Nichols in 2006 that McVeigh was being handled by a high level FBI agent. (YouTube'' December 20, 2011)

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Part II


(YouTube'' December 20, 2011)

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Former Grand Juror Hoppy Heidelberg Reveals Gov Inside Job in OKC Bombing Case!


Alex talks with Hoppy Heidelberg who was picked to be on an Oklahoma Grand Jury in 1995 and subsequently asked questions federal prosecutors avoided during the investigation of the bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building. Heidelberg is featured in A Noble Lie, a documentary on the OKC bombing now available at the Infowars Store. (December 20, 2011)

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Proof! The Feds Did The Oklahoma City Bombing!


On the Friday, December 16, 2011 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, Alex interviews guests James Lane and Holland Van den Nieuwenhof about their new film, A Noble Lie, which details their years of investigative research on the false flag that was the Oklahoma City Bombing. From witnesses to victims' family members, incongruities ignored by the mainstream media and much more, this film bares the intention deception that allowed a massive federal power grab and a demonization of the patriot movement inside the homeland. This ground breaking DVD, available at Infowars.com, is the first comprehensive account of the real story of the 1995 OKC bombing. (December 17, 2011)

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FBI Complicit in OKC Bombing Terror Attack: K9 Unit Police Officer Tells All!

On the December 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Don Browning, a K9 unit police officer for OKC who found many living and dead in the Murrah rubble and had the courage to testify before the OK County Grand Jury and stand up for police officer Terry Yeaky, who was murdered under suspicious circumstances. Alex also talks with Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, the writer and producer for A Noble Lie, a documentary exposing the official lie behind the Oklahoma City bombing.

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OKC Officer Terry Yeakey's Death was an Inside Job: OKC Witness Speaks Out

In a groundbreaking interview on December 24, 2011, Infowars Nighly News host Rob Dew speaks with Don Browning, a K9 unit police officer for OKC, and Holland Van den Nieuwenhof, writer & producer for already classic exposť A Noble Lie. Browning, who found many living and dead in the Murrah rubble, discusses how he received thinly-veiled threats from the feds after he began asking questions about the inconsistencies he witnessed in part of a continuing series of interviews re-examining the official lies of the Oklahoma City Bombing, which paved the way for 9/11 and false flag events yet to come.

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Coast to Coast, January 21, 2012

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2012/01/21 - Hour 1: Oklahoma City Bombing: "In the first hour, director James Lane and writer/producer Holland Vandennieuwenhof talked about their new documentary on the Oklahoma City bombing, A Noble Lie."



Think About It. Click on http://www.the-office.com/911-TheTruth.htm  to learn more about the similarities between the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11.  THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: ONE BY ONE... PEOPLE WHO SAW TOO MUCH, PEOPLE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH...WERE MURDERED