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Hey everybody, I'm new to the thread and I love this forum. What I would like to touch basis on is the death of a R&B/pop singer, Aaliyah. Many was not even aware of her until her death, although the black community was well-informed of her; even so, she was going to cross over to 'mainstream' as she was breaking into movies, music, etc. After doing a little research and talking to collegues of mine (I'm from the same city and state as Aaliyah), I started to connect some dots that set alarm bells flying: aaliyah was a MK ultra victim......possibly.....

My first clue came when I learned how Aaliyah was introduced to the music industry. Her mother was already a backup singer and her uncle was a well-known record label owner/talent manager who was married to Gladys Knight. For those that are not familiar with MK ultra, it is easier to become a target for mind control if you have one or two parents who are already in the entertainment industry. I guess Aaliyah was one of 'their' targets.

Also, I learned that Aaliyah went to a Roman Catholic school growing up before going to the Detroits Performing Arts school. Roman Catholic Schools are known to house 'mind controlled' children. Diddy, Biggie Smalls, Gwen Stefani are just some of the few MK ultra victims that either went to a Roman Catholic school have this type of religion background.


Aaliyah was "introduced" to music producer and songwriter R.kelly when she was a mere 14 years old. For those that are familiar with mind control, you will know that many handlers/programmers hide behind the title of a music producer/songwriter (or anyone who works behind the scenes).I believe R.kelly was her handler at the time. I also know that there were "rumours" that aaliyah was molested at age 8 by her uncle -her talent manager and ex-husband of Gladys Knight. This is how mind control works, especially when trying to produce 'sex-kitten' alters or split the mind into different personalities. Aaliyah was often singing songs that were inappropiate for a 14 year old star such as, 'Age Ain't Nothing But a Number', which gave proof that Aaliyah could have been a child sex slave such as many mk ultra victims like Michael Jackson. MJ was singing songs about love and sex at 8 years old, which is highly inappropiate.


There are clues that link to aaliyah's possible mind control alters. There is pics of aaliyah ('a promo shot') with her in zebra/animal print sexy attire with a dog collar around her neck. If you are familiar with subliminal messages and symbols, you will know that many celebrities who are sex slaves are often shown in black and white (duality) attire and ESPECIALLy animal print. The dog collar tells the whole story (represents enslavement, sex slave, submission, etc). i believe they dress these celebrity sex slaves in this attire as advertisment for the 'elite' who use sex slaves on a regular. People on the outside will never have a clue.

For those of you who was familiar with Aaliyah's look, she was well-known for the hair over the 'one eye' look. The illumanti often covers one half of the face with either hair or a shadow to represent split personality (induced by trauma-based mind control techniques such as torture and electroshock) in the individual. I believe a poster 'Lostworld' on this forum brought this up many times. In fact, if you Google Aaliyah images, you will not find many images of her without the "hair swoop over one eye" look.

I also believe aaliyah's mother was her long-term handler, then R.kelly and possibly damon dash up to her death. Which brings me to my next point......


Right before the death of Aaliyah, she was "dating" a big time hip-hop record producer, Damon Dash. Damon at the time was married or involved with another woman. What points to the fact that damon could have been her handler is that he was the only one who kept having spuratic encounters with the late star before her death. Damon himself admitted they didn't even see each other that much because she always had a busy schedule....(Was damon dash only seeing Aaliyah on a scheduled occurence to 'update' aaliyah's programming?)

After Aaliyah's death, reports surfaced that Aaliyah had sexual relations with Jay Z (a known freemason and parnter of Damon Dash). There are pics all over the net of the two getting "cozy" together. It is rumoured that Damon and Jay Z were fighting over aaliyah (were they fighting over who gets to control the 'sex slave'?) Jay z is a handler in the entertainment industry (currently he is the handler of Rihanna and Beyonce) which could lead to the fact that Damon could have been Aaliyah's handler right before her death.

Right before Aaliyah's death, she was traveling to foreign countries to perform and promote her album. Due to the fact that Aaliyah was only semi-successful in the United States and many people didn't even know of her, I found it odd that her record label would pay money for her to promote an album over seas without even promoting it that well in the U.S. That is when I learned that the Illuminati use mk'd celebrity sex slaves and their 'touring' in other countries to promote their album ,as a front for 'servicing' elite businessmen overseas sexually. I believe that Michael Jackson was used like this along with other stars. I believe a similiar thing was going on with the late mexican singer, Selena.(i'm going to do a post of her soon).

Aaliyah's last album she was promoting had a cover in which aaliyah was standing in the middle of the shot, and the background was red. MJ also has a album cover where he is dressed in all red or have red in the album. This is NOT a good sign. The color red is used by the illuminati on mk'd celebrities to show either bloodline and or the celebrity as being a sacrifice. (i'm going to do a little more research in a bit on that)


Right before her death, Aaliyah played the role of a demi-god called, Akasha, which was a demon and/or reptilian based in the mythology days. The fact that she played such an evil part could give some insight on her sacrafice. Many mk ultra slaves are forced to play parts that replicate some type of evil force and then are slaughtered/sacraficed in the end. The same thing happened with that little blond hair girl on 'Poltergiest' and the two kids who were de-capitated by a helicopter on the sequel of the Poltergiest movie. (Everyone in that movie died tragic and violent deaths in real life, BTW). Evil movies like this only serves as a ritual to the elite/illuminati.

Aaliyah died on a plane crash. From a pattern I am seeing, the Illuminati likes to kill the victim/sacrifice using something the victim may fear. MJ was afraid of "ending up like Elvis", and in fact he did. Aaliyah was afraid of flying on planes and have told her family members (including her brother) multiple times that she was afraid of flying on planes.Ultimately, this is how she ended up dying. This just shows you the vindictive and evil nature of the illuminati I just want to know you guys thoughts on Aaliyah or if I have missed something. I will also be posting up pics of aaliyah in the thread so people can get a better understanding on the images and symbols the illuminati use on mk'd celebrities.

Now, I'm glad you brought up the whole topic of how timberland and Missy elliot ties into Aaliyah's rise..and demise. Aaliyah was introduced to the production team of Missy elliot and Timberland when she was around 17 years old. They worked on multiple songs together like, 'Hot like Fire', 'Are you that somebody'. What many don't know is that Timberland AND Missy are both programmers and handlers in the entertainment industry. Please read Missy's bio online where she speaks of being molested by family members and abused by her military father (in other words, she was chosen for mind control because of her father's military background and multi-generational abusive family). Please research the term, 'fritz' mind control to understand more.

Missy elliot also runs a secret underground 'lesbian' club that is only known in the hollywood circles. Missy's job is to introduce new members and ....well, "turn them out" basically. Missy was actually known for turning out a slew of young female stars such as Nicole Wray, Aaliyah and even Ciara (I plan to do a post on Ciara in the future)

Aaliyah and Missy With Freemason Nas

There were also "rumors" of Missy and Aaliyah being secret lovers and that they use to have sex while Missy introduced her to drugs such as Ectasy pills. Now, I'm not a fan of rumors without doing proper research, however, this "rumor" doesn't seem far-fetched when it comes to mind control and how mk-ultra works. Slaves are often controlled with drugs, micro-chips and electroshock (hypnosis and computer harmonics is also used). Also, other evidence points to the fact that in this is true when in Aaliyah's autopsy, it was confirmed she had a weak heart. Drugs like Ectasy pills can definetely cause a weak heart along with other symptoms.

Note: Aaliyah and Missy rumors were so heated in the celebrity circles that many journalist would ask aaliyah whether she ever had feelings for another woman. It was known in the entertainment industry that that the two were sexually involved. Aaliyah was also 'outed' in a tell-all book, I am NOT a fan of tell-all books or support them, however it does shed light on what goes in the celebrity industry.

It could be safe to say that Missy Elliot was one of her handlers/programmers. Not too sure about Timberland, although I know he is a known handler in the music industry (he has controlled/programmed celebrities such as Nelly Fertado).