Abbie Hoffman

Paul Krassner

"CHICAGO 7" Are They For Real? by Sherman H. Skolnick It is about the fakers selected, installed, and funded by the American CIA, and promoted by the liars and whores of the Press as the supposed main activists and "leaders" of the Anti-Viet Nam War activities, known then as the "Peace Movement". Called "The Chicago 7 ", that was Rennie, Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, and others.
.....During the "7" trial, unknown to the public, Abbie Hoffman stayed from time to time at the home of James Hoge, Jr., director of the Stevenson Institute and executive director of the Chicago Sun-Times. (Field Enterprises executives, many of them in the war business, are not exactlly "left wing".) The Sun-Times, as noted, ran the copyright "compromise verdict" series by juror Kay Richards, and had editorialized for the release of the "7" on appeal bond.
    The president , until recently, of the Newspaper Division of Field Enterprises, has been Bailey K. Howard, listed in the banned book "Who's Who in the C.I.A.". He has been a director of General Analine & Film Corp., interlocke d at one time with Hitler's I.G. Farben Works. Howard is a major stockholder and until recently a director of Chicago's scandal-ridden Civic Center Bank (now called the Chicago Bank of Commerce). Howard's close pal, Judge and Major General Otto Ke rner, Jr., is a fellow stock-holder.

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