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Absolute Proof of the Use of Crisis Actors in Ebola Hoax


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Zionist Terror— 16 August 2014

Absolute Proof of the Use of Crisis Actors in Ebola Hoax

Revelation thanks to one of our posters.

This post represents hard proof of the use of crisis actors in the West African Ebola hoax. The presence of such crisis actors is absolute proof of the actual faking of the event, meaning that the claim for a real outbreak is a terminal lie.

In this crisis actors may be equated with fake patients, that is individuals faking it as if they are Ebola cases.

One of the chief cohorts of this fake is arch-Zionist photographer John Moore, a global agent for the commission of fraud and deception. In other words, Moore was retained to use his photos to deceive the world, to cause people to believe that a lie is real:

Caption: Getty Images staff photographer John Moore wears protective clothing, knows as personal protective equipment (PPE), before joining a Liberian burial team…

Moore calls the following a burial team. Could it get any more inane – and more ludicrous and supercilious – than this?

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – AUGUST 14: A burial team prepares to collect the dead body of a woman suspected of dying of the Ebola virus on August 14, 2014 in Monrovia, Liberia. Teams of undertakers wearing protective clothing are collecting victims from all over the capital Monrovia, where the spread of the highly contagious and deadly Ebola virus has been called catastrophic. The epidemic has killed more than 1,000 people in four West African countries. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Copyright © 2014 Getty Images. All rights reserved.


By what definition in this universe does such imagery constitute an actual burial team? Clearly, this is a set-up. Why would anyone go into such a village to procure ‘burial teams’ for disposing of the corpses of pandemic victims?

Nevertheless, Moore is an agent of the arch-Zionist globalist cabal, who has consistently worked the arena of regions dominated by Zionist plots such as Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which were invaded through specific schemes orchestrated by pro-Israeli elements:

Clearly, Moore is a Zionist mole and is, thus, fully capable of assisting in the staging of a fake epidemic.


He is a fabricator. How could anyone regard this image as real, where he is fully protected while the people surrounding him are indifferent to any such protection. This is a scam and is meant as a diversion from filthy Zionist crimes, including the war crimes committed by the diabolical, hedonistic Jews in Palestine.

Why does he bother wrapping a portion of his camera in plastic wrap, while the strap and case remain unwrapped? This is a set up, which is easy to prove.

Now, what about the people in the background. They seem to be awfully happy for people who are in the midst of a horrifying epidemic, a disease which causes a purportedly brutal death, 90% fatal.


Why are they so happy? Could they be benefiting from the scam? In fact, the people in the background of the Getty image are beneficiaries, that is they are paid crisis actors. It will be proven here as hard facts, which are beyond dispute.

It is all staged. The same woman who was seen standing up with a smiling friend, the one with the stainless steel pot on her head, is seen right here – acting as if she is sick.

Busted and revealed absolutely – the Epidemic is  Fake

It’s her, that is the woman in the red shirt and the multi-colored skirt. Look at the fringe of the skirt. It’s the same. The shirt and hair style are also precisely the same. Also, on her left side in the original picture is the black purse. She, like other hoaxers, is using the hand-over-the-eye technique.

These props make no sense and are proof of staging. What in the world is the purpose of the roll of toilet paper other than acting as yet another staged prop. What an absolute fake it is.

How about these hoaxers showing off before the cameras? They, too, are major beneficiaries.

Mr. Smiley Face is really hamming it up, because he knows that, soon, he will join the rest of the phonies for the absolutely fake photo-op.  First he smiles, then he acts as if he is dying. Notice how the young boy who is at his side is looking directly at the camera instead of paying attention to the fake victim.

The man lying on the bed is the same hoaxer as seen smiling in the other image. Note the nature of the long face, the ear, and he chin: same exact person.

What could be more ludicrous than this? The only thing missing is a water bottle for both her and the baby. The woman is obviously posturing for a fee. There is no evidence to any degree that she is stricken with a potentially fatal disease. It is all an act, and she is being well reimbursed for it. Too, look at her daughter. She is looking with curiosity right at her mother as she performs her acting role.


The caption reads that this woman is crying and is tearful. Yet, her eyes are dry as a bone.

The so-called Global Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium has greatly benefited from this fraud. It has brought great publicity to their vile scheme of profiteering. That profiteering involves the selling to African nations of diagnostic kits as well as the potential creation of novel, patentable drugs. Yet, rather than regarding a real outbreak or illness it is all based upon a scam, a farce – filthy, treacherous lies.

The murderous arch-treacherous Zionist cabal is also using the phony Ebola outbreaks as a grand distraction. It is to distract the world from the terminally corrupt Zionist plots – and, most importantly, the immense failure of these Zionists in their war against in the people of Palestine.

In the ground war against the Palestinian resistance the Israelis were categorically defeated. In virtually every incursion by these cowardly Zionists they were beaten back, suffering heavy losses. The false Ebola outbreak has served as a tremendously successful false front in order to distract the world from any intensive focus on the Zionists, demonstrating their defeat as well as pursuing further investigation of their arch-criminal acts. This includes further exposure of their commission of war crimes.

The existence of paid crisis actors posing as sick people – as victims of a deadly disease with a purported 90% fatality – is hard proof of a fraud. This means that the entire claim of a real Ebola outbreak in West Africa is suspect. In other words, it is a hoax.