Adversaries Walk Among Us: A Guide to the History, Nature, and Removal of Demons and Spirits

by John G. Livingston





The Adversary is the invisible minion of the dark forces that is the root cause of spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical distress in an individual's life. This may be mental illness, life-threatening disease, physical or mental handicap, fear, rage, addiction and obsession, and voices that control thought and action.

While translations of the Bible portray Satan as a single being, totally negative in purpose, John Livingston, in his exploration of spiritual beings, has discovered many that play the role. John s experience with clients shows that the trials, temptations, and torments inflicted by The Adversary have the power to break an individual or to produce greater strength of character and resolve of purpose. The outcome is up to the free-will choice of the individual. 

Shamanic healer John Livingston is a master of depossession and exorcism and has removed countless possessing demons and spirits, restoring peace to thousands of tormented lives.

"Possessing spirits and demons may interfere with or control the free-will expression of thought and action of as much as 75% of our population."