Alan Duncan

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12 Things You Should Know About The Royal Mail Sell Off   Here's a quote from an MP that was capable of seeing through such a tansparent scam:
"I fear the government is going to steal 22bn of pension assets, dump the liability as a mortgage on future generations and dress it up as the salvation of the Royal Mail. Their plan to steal the pension assets to help reduce their borrowing figures while taking out a massive mortgage to cover Post Office pension liabilities for 50 years is nothing more than a massive accounting scam This dangerous plan must be resisted."
The problem is that this opposition was raised by the Tory MP Alan Duncan in 2008 in opposition to the Labour plans to sell-off the Royal Mail and lumber the taxpayer with the huge cost of the pensions liabilities. In 2008 he was deriding this exact strategy as a "massive accounting scam", now in 2013 he is actually a member of the government that has enacted exactly the same scam and hasn't raised the slightest whister of complaint.