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Chris Dorner

OMAHA, NE -- A man walked his dog along the sidewalk and came a little too close to some peace officers. The peace officers tackled the man, and then shot his dog in the head with a rifle. He was charged with obstructing justice and resisting arrest.
The dog was a friendly labrador/golden retriever mix, was on a leash, and showed no aggression. The neighbor who recorded the incident said, “The dog did nothing aggressive. I've lived next to this dog two and a half years and it’s one of the best dogs.”


FREDERICK, MD -- A mentally handicapped man with Down Syndrome had purchased a ticket to watch a film at the cinema. He liked it so much that he wanted to watch it again, so he stayed in his seat. Three police deputies came to forcibly remove the man. When he didn't obey their orders, they determined that he was "resisting arrest" and dealt with the threat. Robert Saylor died of asphyxiation over the price of a movie ticket

Cops conducting target practice on images of children and pregnant women

Victory! UC Davis Students Reach $1 Million Settlement with University Over Pepper-Spraying Incident.