This and its variations Anahita and Anitis were the Persian and Armenian names for Venus, the star of Ishtar and Astarte, Mother Goddess of the Zend-Avesta; ruler of waters, stars, and Fate. The Mithraic Mysteries, though strongly male-oriented, retained Anahita as the necessary female principle of creation.

Anahita is the name of the ancient Persian Goddess of Fertility, Goddess of Water, and Patroness of Women. Her worship originated in Babylon and spread to Ancient Egypt then Armenia, Persia and various parts of western Asia. Also know as Lady of the Lions, or Lady of the Beasts, she is associated with rivers and lakes, the waters of birth. Anahita is the Mother Goddess and was also called Ishtar or Nahid.

Note the cresent moon;it sails the absu/heavenly waters/the seven seas aka 7-up,the cresent moon represents "archa noah" and the guy is very busy with the beasts (pairs)

In Persian culture, the myth is called as Anahita, Anahit, Anahiti, and Ardvi Sura Anahita. In Modern Persian, it is called as Nahid (spelled also as Naheed), which is the name of planet Venus. In Greek culture, it is called as Anahitis. The Greeks also associated Anahitis with either Athena or Aphrodite. It should be noted that there is a complete distinction between the Persian Myth of Anahita and Anat or Anath. In contrary to Anahita, Anat or Anath was a goddess of the Canaanites, Phoenicians, and Egyptians, which was regarded as the goddess of war and violence. The Egyptians usually depicted Anat carrying a spear, axe and shield, and wearing a tall crown surmounted by two ostrich feathers.

Anahita was and still is regarded as an ancient Persian Myth. She embodied the physical and metaphorical qualities of water, especially the productive flow of water from the fountain in the stars. She also ruled semen and human fertility. She was viewed as the "Golden Mother", "Goddess of Productivity", and as a "Warrior Maiden". She is associated with rivers and lakes, as the "Water of Birth".

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