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Antibiotics  Articles

The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Tim O'Shea

Antibiotics by Suzanne Humphries, MD

Dear UN and CDC: Antibiotics - The Double Edged Sword of Man?

[2016] Commonly Prescribed Antibiotic Implicated in Autism

[2015] Common Antibiotics Cause Arrhythmias, Death And Everything Else

[2015] Antibiotic used in pregnancy linked to risk of epilepsy and cerebral palsy  One-third of pregnant woman in the UK are prescribed antibiotics in order to treat bacterial infections...Scientists have raised the alert about an antibiotic routinely prescribed for chest infections, after linking it to an increased risk of epilepsy and cerebral palsy in children whose mothers took the drug during pregnancy. Children of mothers who had taken macrolide antibiotics were found to be almost twice as likely to be affected by the conditions

[2014] How I Gave My Son Autism  Antibiotics – Oh boy. Where to begin? I have so many mixed feelings about antibiotics. Here is what I know: My son was exposed to antibiotics while he was in distress during labor. He was then exposed for the first two weeks of his life via breast milk. He then received five courses of antibiotics before he was a year old for chronic ear infections. While this is bad cumulatively, the one event that stands out for me, and literally makes me feel sick, was a single dose of Augmentin when he was six months old. At his six-month “well” visit, he was diagnosed with his second ear infection. He received vaccinations for seven different diseases despite being ill, and we left with a prescription for Amoxicillin. Six days later, he had developed an upper respiratory infection and the ear infection was worse. Because the Amoxicillin hadn’t worked, the pediatrician prescribed a course of Augmentin. After one dose of this drug and within 24 hours, my six-month-old baby had 35 acidic, liquid bowel movements. The skin literally peeled off of his bottom in sheets. I had never seen anything like it at that time, and I haven’t since. The pain that he was in was beyond description. I called the doctor and she changed the antibiotic to yet a different kind. So he had three different types of antibiotics in his system within eight days. This episode was the biggie. His gut was never the same after that. Nothing was.
    Here is what everyone should know about Augmentin:  Augmentin has been implicated in autism.  It is comprised of Amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium. When it is manufactured, the clavulanic acid is fermented which involves large amounts of urea/ammonia. Even a small amount of ingested ammonia can potentially cause gut and brain inflammation. I strongly urge you to do your homework before using this drug.
    If you will notice in this link, this study was released in January of 2005. My son was prescribed Augmentin in January of 2006. This was never mentioned when I was handed the prescription. However, if I had been a Thinker back then, I could have quickly Googled “Augmentin and autism,” and I would have made a very different decision.

[2008] Antibiotics and Autism By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.   prior to the development of autism, many of our children had multiple ear infections, which were then treated with antibiotics.  Many parents believe the antibiotic treatment in some way set the stage for their child’s autism.  I know that my own daughter had several ear infections in her first year of life which were treated with antibiotics.

[2005] Could one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics amoxicillin/clavulanate "augmentin" be a risk factor for autism?   These children were found to have a mean number 9.96 bouts of otitis media (with a standard error of the mean of +/-1.83). This represents a sum total for all 206 children of 2052 bouts of otitis media. These children received a mean number of 12.04 courses of antibiotics (standard error of the mean of +/-.125). The sum total number of courses of antibiotics given to all 206 children was 2480.

[2016 June] Antibiotics given to babies may change their gut microbes for years

[2015 Oct] Too many antibiotics may be making kids fatter

Infant Antibiotic (erythromycin) Can Cause Severe Stomach Disorder

[2015 Oct] Boy’s sight ruined by antibiotic drug

[2015 April] Rx warning: Possible side effects from some antibiotics  In June, SONAR filed a citizen petition with the Food and Drug Administration regarding fluoroquinolones, a class of drug that includes the powerful antibiotics Levaquin and Cipro. Bennett wants “possible mitochondrial toxicity” and “serious psychiatric events” added to the drugs’ black box labels — the most prominent warning label required by the FDA.  SONAR has gathered testimony from thousands of patients all across the country, patients who experienced muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, cardiomyopathy, hearing loss, developmental disorders, severe depression or nerve damage after taking Levaquin and related drugs.

[2014 Jan] Gulf War Illness Tied to Cipro Antibiotics

[2014] Scientists discover why honey is still the best antibiotic

[2012] Antibiotics Make You Fat

[2012 Oct] Secret Papers Reveal Funding Refused to Researchers Looking Into Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Vaccinations By Christina England  Although Jones appeared to supply the MRC with sufficient documented evidence for funding to be granted, she was turned down in favor of other research projects that supplied less evidence to support their application.  At the time of her application, ME/CFS was being portrayed as a psychiatric disorder and Jones wished to dispel this myth, proving that ME/CFS was in fact a physical disorder caused by vaccinations, in particular the tetanus vaccination and/or antibiotics.

[2012 Aug] Are antibiotics making your kids obese?

[2012 June] Whooping cough treatment by Hilary Butler  Mainstream medical treatment of whooping cough is using antibiotics and "palliative" care. First up...., it doesn't work.  They know that..., I know that..., but they won't tell you that, for the simple reason that... they have NOTHING else to offer you....If you use antibiotics, you can just about guarantee your child WILL BE sicker.

[2012 March] Unvaccinated people a public health threat? Nope, people who take antibiotics are the real danger

[2011 Oct] In Some Cases, Even Bad Bacteria May Be Good  some researchers are exploring an equally unsettling possibility: Antibiotic abuse may also be contributing to the increasing incidence of obesity, as well as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, asthma and gastroesophageal reflux.

[2011 Oct] Report: Antibiotics can permanently destroy gut flora balance, leading to lifelong illness

[2011 Aug] Pfizer pays out to Nigerian families of meningitis drug trial victims  Pfizer was sued after 11 children died in a clinical trial.....A hundred children were given an experimental oral antibiotic called Trovan, while a further hundred received ceftriaxone, the "gold-standard" treatment of modern medicine.   Five children died on Trovan and six on ceftriaxone.

[2011 May] Adverse reactions lead US patients to ask 'just how safe are antibiotics?'   he was prescribed a toxic combination of drugs to treat lingering symptoms of what his doctor thought was prostatitis. Ten years later, he suffers from permanent brain damage, is on disability and has lost more than $3 million in medical costs and income.  Grozier was prescribed a combination of ciprofloxacin and vioxx, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

[2009 Dec] Solution to killer superbug found in Norway

[2009 Nov] Study Links Some Antibiotics With Birth Defects; Others Appear Safe For Fetus

[2002] Two Out of Three Babies Receive Antibiotics by First Birthday

[July 2009] Antibiotics linked to recurrent ear infections by Michael Woodhead

[2009 Feb Minocin] Teen dies after taking acne pills

[2008 nov] Study shows antibiotics disrupt gut

[2008] Cerebral palsy link to antibiotics given during premature birth