Armand Hammer

See: Hammer, Arm, Sickle

Investigative journalists, however, have discovered that Murdoch, who has a gentile public persona, is in fact a Jew, who is a front men for other much more powerful Zionist Jews: Michel Fribourg, Armand Hammer, and Edgar Bronfman, who prefer to remain out of the spotlight.381 The synergism between Jewish and Catholic interests is evidenced by the fact that the pope bestowed upon Murdoch the title of “Knight Commander of St. Gregory” for promoting the interests of the Roman Catholic Church. [2011] Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great by Edward Hendrie

Robert Schuller, involved with Freemasonry and the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier  Armand Hammer (whose father Julius named his first name after the Communists arm and hammer symbol) was Jewish and the top man for the Communists under Lenin and Stalin in the United States. I spent several days as the guest of a woman who had been programmed with Illuminati mind-control to be a sexual slave for Armand Hammer. This convinced me that it was no accident that Armand Hammer was great friends of the European Rothschilds, and many other prominent Illuminati members. It clearly showed me what seemed obvious anyway, the man was Illuminati. It helps explain why J. Edgar Hoover, Richard Nixon, and many other supposedly anti-Communists were friendly with Hammer. William Casey (once head of the CIA) while he was head of the Export-Import Bank was in favor of Hammer activities in Russia, and in 1974 loaned Russia $216 million dollars on unprofitable ventures that Hammer wanted to carry out in Russia. In 1966, when the Arabs found out that Hammer was Jewish, he nominally joined a Unitarian church so that he could claim he wasn't Jewish. This man, Armand Hammer, was the man who got Robert Schuller into Russia and regularly onto Russian T.V.