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Iran and Syria

Yes, we will be at war with both countries within the next 18 months. It's part of the whole armageddon script the Nephillim have arranged for our viewing enjoyment. This is that Darker Gear mentioned previously. We are already fighting a two-front war now: Afghanistan and Iraq. Add Iran and Syria into the mix and you have us slugging it out with 80% of the Muslim population by early 2006. That's Armageddon, because they also have scripted nukes here, in England, In Spain, France, and of course, at varying points all around Israel. Like a doomsday you cannot stop, know will roll onward, and can see it happening - and everyon CAN SEE IT, all the world - and...

11/19/2004 04:01:14 pm by cbswork

Rense is pushing Michael Goodspeed - a tie-in with the Arch angel and God, entymology - and he's pushing the get-in-the-metal-gravlev-pretrib-rapture ala Niburians.

Um...gravlevs? Reptoids? Our saviors? Throw our arms out with a stupid grin and get onboard? No regrets for leading thousands to their deaths, eh?

Jeez, Rense is really showing who pays the old agenda bills over yonder.


Get in that metal soup-can...get beamed aboard...most worst mistake your soul could ever make. You will understand the meaning of the word PAIN like no other being in the galaxy. People pushing this crap are soulless CIA droids, leading all to the slaughter.

What monsters.


And that's what they do. The alien's going to fix everything, just relax and let the vampire do the work, eh?



Can't wait for open hostilities to begin. You dogs have this coming. The rebellion is over. Get that or die. The carnage you've unleashed upon millions of human beings in over 35 separate wars going on this planet, right now, in fact, and the world only thinks about Iraq.

Dawn is coming...

11/19/2004 03:20:53 pm by cbswork

My preferred orgone board

is Etheric Warriors at


Latest stuff, inventions, research, gifting reports and headed by the man who made it all possible: Don Croft.

Doers, researchers, fighters.


I go there all the time, catch up. CHeck out cesco's nylon molds - which are totally awesome for only the very best in coils and cone configurations. Sensei Dennis has a ton of stuff now up as well, and Quebec Orgone has fully-on cloudbusters and SPs, and he ships worlwide.

It's worth taking a week of your life and getting educated on the Real Play, with the players playing the game For REAL. And all that.

11/19/2004 12:16:59 pm by cbswork
It was Lilith

...who turned women into street whores, not men,

...who gave us abortion,

...who taught humanity the charms of anal sex, oral sex, and copulation with animals,

...who takes women and does everything she can to debase God's most special co-creators, and turned them into girlfriends, prostitutes, and housewife droids. Oh yeah, it was the Queen of England who, in the 1870s, established a set of norms known as housewife duties, which were then adopted IN TOTO, in american, to be rebelled against later by the women so enslaved by that paradigm, at its worst expression in the 1950s: the American Housewife. A woman gave you that. Get educated. Find out the truth, folks.

11/19/2004 12:12:00 pm by cbswork
Baggin on the Big Guy

You will also see and are already seeing on the web, a great deal of bagging on the Big Guy. Well, consider the source: SATANIC NEPHILIM. Reptoids. Anakim. Annunaki. Demonic Beings.


And from that source, anything regarding A righteous path of Love is somehow turned into this patriarchical diatribe against men and Yahweh.

Men are to blame...its a patriarchal system designed to oppress women...what a load of shit.

Excuse me? Who runs the Illuminati? The QUeen of England ( A WOMAN! - CLARE ) and Jacob Rothschild (Pindar.)

Hillary RUNS the Western or AMerican Illuminati. She's a woman.

The head of the Chinese Drac faction is a woman: Lilith.


WOMEN ARE RUNNING THE WORLD, BEHIND THE SCENES. In the hive matrix, THE QUEEN IS THE POWER. The male aspects BEND A KNEE TO THAT, just like in a bee hive, which is why one of the big Masonic symbols is a Bee. The Bee figures prominently in the occult underworld as a radionic symbol of translating Lilith demonic energy into any hive or soul with a demonic link installed in the sacral center. Remember, these ARE NOT individualized souls as we are, they are Borg, when they became reptoid.

That's the beast's power, or the Sanat's or Sorath, or whatever name youlike. He "sees" through the hive minds of his minions. Tha's his power. THe hive matrix. And the Queen, is on the top of that matrix.

The queen is a woman. A feminine priciple.


Stop being deceived by these whores. They are enlightening you, they are selling you a load of dung covered with pretty baubles and perfume. That's how they do it. But always, you see and read and hear and feel, their INTENSE HATRED OF ANYTHING YAHWEH.

11/19/2004 11:57:29 am by cbswork
Dark entities

I've noticed a big sell-job lately at RMN and STA regarding selling demonic fallen angels - Lilith, others - as your REAL gods and all that.


Well, if you notice all that mismash over there, you'll see every innocent sounding ascription towards this entity and others, all trying to tie them in with the natural cycle of life here. Lilith was a whore. She was one of two FEMALE fallen angels, who turned against God and were cast down. This is a real being, not some poetic attempt to sweeten what this horrific being does to countless souls and for countless generations.

This rebellion was a real thing. It happened. Not once, but THREE times, all told. Creation has problems, you know. There are dark influences controlling history on this planet that are millions of years old: the problem of cosmic evil.

It was this dark spirit of Time that caused Sanat Kumara to rebel in the first place, and he took his whole "congregation" with him. They are with him to this day, walking among men as reptoids. Lilith is here, too. She empowers the seductress, feeds on children, Lives in Romania, and empowers gays, entertainers, and lesbians. Which is why they name their gatherings, Lilith Fairs.

She is the Queen of the Damned. She overshadowed Cleopatra, etc. Anyone selling you this demonic arch-angel is wholly demonic themselves.

I HAVE SEEN THE SPIRIT KNOWN AS LILITH. I've not been able to get her in my lens. She looks very mannish and has a permanent scowl with constantly moving hair as snakes, just as Medussa from Grecian lore. Medussa WAS lilith.

Lilith...for heaven's sake, people. Nothing about this entity is good. Think of Tink going bad, a high level angel with unlimited powers of creation, becoming E V I L...


You'll see this more and more. Dark spirits put up as gods to be worshipped.

First. Worship Love, not any entity, living or dead.

Second. Lilith is in the akashic and esoteric record as one of two demonic spirits, with a Female Soul matrix: feminine polarity. She is a reptilian elite Princess of the First Magnitude. She is the mother of abortion, lesbianism, charms and potions, and CHILD SACRIFICE. That's your god for you. A baby-feeder.

Third, when anyone sells you a demonic entity as "misunderstood" you are dealing with a mouthpiece for that entity. Reptilian herself, are you? a nice name though.

The name of the other fallen female angel



Fortuneatly, Beings like Lilith cannot come out in the Sun or the Light of Day. They cannot face the Sun of Righteousness, 3 times a day, as I do, and receive the blessings and atonements. No. These dark slugs slither about in the caverns cand castles of old, soured ground in Eastern Europe. ONLY IN MOONLIGHT can they move and have their being. And its no surprise that Lilith has that moniker and association with moonlight, as she does. In fact, I hope its my lot to terminate her, when the time comes. The death of millions of children on that nasty whore's chalice, what's left of it. I hope I get the assignment. Going to ask for it, as a personal favor. She empowers the MASTERS OF WAR.

Hear me, you old hag?

I want you. Bring it on. Let's dance. Right now. Let's see what you have, ancient stench of death, the odor of every foul nesting place, a woman's polluted womb - come.

I remember you in Egypt. Remember me?

And I'm back. And where are you? Hiding in some nasty wet cave, four floors deep in the ground, with rats and flies for company. Some life you promised everyone - good thing we didn't listen back then, eh old girl?

(this is an old beef, so just ignore the above)


CLARE's current incarnation: Queen of England. She overshadows sorcerress', prostitutes, and ritual, Enochian Magic Rites. She's a hag, too.

11/18/2004 07:54:11 pm by cbswork
Sunset at

4:55PM PDT.


11/18/2004 05:32:20 pm by cbswork


I've been enjoying Kento's work since 1999, early fall, when he started covering the eclipse. Good information there, and NO FEDS.


11/18/2004 05:24:38 pm by cbswork

Astral and etheric Q and A

Good questions:
"1) I was surprised to see the "reptoids" in the flames of your
fireplace. What are these? Are they similar to the "watchers"
in the clouds above your home? Does their purpose is only to
spy and monitor what you/others are doing?"

They use energy. They can manipulate any of the primary energies and they do, as fallen angels, still retain command of the lower etheric and lower astral planes. For now. And, for thousands of years. They are spying, using the energy vortex created by the fire, as a kind of window, a kind of psychic echo in astral matter of my home. Then, using the medium of Fohat or Fire, they can create MIRRORS into the lower dimensions, earth planes, and lower etheric.

"2) Why would reptoids disguise themselves in clouds (or flames)
when obviously they can travel in astral and conduct their nasty
deeds from there? Or is it that these natural phenomenoms are
just the result of their presence (like in the case of clouds)?"
To deceive. ALways that.

"3) What are these "astral reptoids"? Are they disencarnated dark
souls waiting for a vehicle, or simply conducting their business
from the etheric and astral planes?"
Exactly. Or they have left their body and are out OBE'g, doing bad things.

4) How different or how linked are they to the "flesh reptoids"
that you show in the various pictures of movies?
One and the same. See, they cannot be totally destroyed. WHen a meatsack body expires, they just go grab another one. Only Christ and Michael can terminate a Reptoid. And they don't. They simply provide evictions and sanctuary to Human Souls, when under duress by the reptoids.

11/18/2004 12:36:34 pm by cbswork
Thoughts and words and things...

Little ranting...only way to chat with my chums without interference, right here in rant heaven.


Moon is so very wrong. The sun is definitely way too low and is setting in WSW. Far too south. Look. I know what I see and I've been following this closely for over a year - as everyone knows - and, as they say, the tilt of this planet is definitely askew.

Askew. Not right. Off-balance. We have a serious earth-moon wobble afoot and its the biggest deal facing this planet, after the reptoid problem.


Reptoids have got their dirty claws in so many areas of my life, it seems there's no way to get free of them. Everywhere I turn, there they already are, and for ages. Everywhere I go, they are already entrenched and controlling things. Any town. Any city. Any schoolyard, street, library, police station, neighbor..."friends"...everywhere. We're so fucked.

And, the little shits fully intend a ride right into hell for us all, so to say. A hell on earth.

Of course, we have all kinds of help, angelic, human, otherwise, all in play as well, just hidden. The dark is visible, the light is hidden. Within. All things. Just waiting to be released.

Then it won't matter about the reptoids. How can you stop the spontaneous Etheric conversion of all heart beings, once the Big guy gives the word for the switch to be thrown? We have that, at least. BUt until then, its up to us to determine if this is hell week, or a nice day at the beach. Keep at the work:

Improved self-contact with Innner Divinity.

THat's the path for me. Everything else falls under that umbrella, and happily so. My family is better for it, my mind and soul, and it drives you when things pile up as they so very often do without any letup at all. Ever.

11/17/2004 11:36:22 am by cbswork


Picture's worth a thousand...

words, dollars, thoughts...


GIve yourself some time to get used to the whole thing. It's tough. I KNOW. Take it from a dude whose been there only slightly ahead of y'all. But, if you are here, seeing these images, understanding the Real Play, then consider:

1. Good for you. Really. You are at a place very few human beings are at, right now. You, such a few, very few, number of fellow souls, are AWARE. For whatever reasons, you brought yourself to the leading edge.

2. Damn. Damn reptoids. Damn, love-betraying shitbirds. All this mess is wholly THEIR mess and it sucks. It's a shit sandwhich and we all have to take the big bite. Sorry about that...trying to get things fixed asap.

3. Damn. Damn reptoids. They gotta go. Gotta go NOW. For real.

4. Damn. Damn reptoids. And they're so very talented and beautiful...then they shift...and kill...and cause war...and death...and plague.

5. Damn. Damn reptoids...


Denial. I see it every single day.

Come up with a ton of evidence and the droid reaction is always the same. "I don't see anything there at all. Nothing. Why do you bother taking the pictures, there is nothing there AT ALL." Every day, mind you...

I know all about denial. And mind control.


Trying to get me to edit and change my posts is a big mistake. Sending me slander and gossip in emails gets you put into the IGNORE FOREVER section. I don't care who sez what about me and where and when. I know where that poison always is if i want to go drink from that rancid well - i don't need "friends" trying to bait me with it. These blogs are meant for HIGH-LEVEL non-reactionary fighters, not people more concerned with bullshit and intrigue than world service. I don't write for the weak-minded, those under MKultra, reptoids, or any other reality. I write for people who know what needs to be done and are getting an education so they can go and do it.

Gossip is poison. The person handing you the cup to drink, your killer.

Be wary of the man or woman who keeps trying to bait you into reactions. These are traps. Deadly traps. because they shift your focus from on-high, to down low. And they're not your friends...


I am no one's Teacher. Or guru. Don't read too much into the rants here. They're after all, just rants. It's just a little off-hand commentary. You don't need teachers or saints or swamis or shamans. You follow yourself, your own heart, your own way, not MY WAY. YOUR WAY.

And not the "queen's way" either.

Your way. Or the highway.

It's the only way.


What's even more annoying is having to so very often keep saying the above. Follow your own heart, wherever it leads you. Just make damn sure its your heart THAT IS LEADING YOU. And not Anger and hate and malice.

11/16/2004 09:39:03 pm by cbswork

Worse and worse

I've been to my music CD collection for months now...can't find any music by strictly humans, from commercial producers. Guns N roses - reptoids. Nirvana, reptoids. On and on...

Which sucks because these are all artists who have in the past, been inspirations to pick up and improve as a player over the years, by their example. And they're all farging reptoids, leading us to hell. Nephillim. Anakim. Azazzel.


Al Fink flew over my house at exactly 4:31PM, PDT. "Get any good pictures for Steve?"

Sympathy for the Reptoid

If you're looking for sympathy for Evil, you're coming to the wrong tent, brother...

11/16/2004 02:26:38 pm by cbswork
Reptoid thinking

Aren't we to blame since we let it happen to us? Shouldn't we all be erased
for allowing this to happen?


No. If everything presented you upon your birth forward is a fiction created by reptoids to deceive you, then you, me, humanity, is not to blame. THEY are to blame. The reptilian controllers. One is only to blame WHEN THEY LEARN THE TRUTH OF THINGS AND DO NOTHING.

All the rest is just so much bullshit.

11/16/2004 12:08:17 pm by cbswork
Why now?

I've been asking about the whole reptoid visibility thing, happening with my family - save one - and many others all over the globe. Why reptoids? Why now? Why can we see them now, and not before? what up?

Answer received was: Any contact with the Angelic kingdom changes the ray of the eyes, adjusting them to the new frequencies the kingdom exists on. Once we started noticing sylphs, our collective eyes have adjusted, making ALL ANGELIC beings visible, good and bad. For every Uriel, there's a Hook...

Orgone, the etheric dynamics of the Sun, plus the forces and energies being directed earth-wise at this time, the ongoing battle, et al have created a unique set of circumstances that are all part and parcel of these new paradigm changes.


And, as you awaken, you find - much to your horror - how THEY, the Lizards, are running the world - ALL OF IT. All of it, dude...

And i simply don't see how this can be reconciled - or its too big a subject for my small brain - cuz THEY ARE FEEDING ON US. Energy wise, body materials and blood matter - shit! How do you reconcile that?

Just ranting...

11/16/2004 11:58:18 am by cbswork
Some folks cannot see

the reptoids. The shifts. The continuing evidence. No matter how much you pile up in front of them, they cannot see it. Nothing there.

There's a reason for that. Do your own thinking.


So, while your thinking about that, I've found some reasons for it. They are.

1. MKUltra. Monarchs cannot see, because of implants and programming. Oh sure, their eyes see it all, but their brains are wired to ignore that data as NON-EXISTENT.

2. Inner Divinity is preventing it. Soul not ready for the shock of same. Awareness leads to total awareness of ALL reptoids in one's environment and it would be a total mental shock to the soul, causing a psychotic episode.

3. Person rejects truth, because they've never really sought it out anyways, at anytime, in their lives. They create mental blocks amounting to psychic denial.

4. Reptoids are blocking it. Implants suck.

Like that...

11/16/2004 11:49:41 am by cbswork
Reptoid chat

Me and the boys have been listening to the reptoids chat, as they arrive home from their various front jobs out in the world. For instance, yesterday, all five neighbors arrived home at the same time in the circle below us and without any eye contact, the chat started up among them.

It sounds like woodpeckers, with a rising lilt, like up a zylophone. Of course, there aren't any woodpeckers about, and they don't "sing" like that, they drill for grubs and that's very short, staccatto bursts.

And, its flat-out sickening. There's no beauty in their natural speech. It's metallic sounding, very grating on the aura. And, they are - each and every one of them - killers and takers of human life, usually children. The whole gang of them, as they do every New Moon, disappear in groups and streets in toto. Everything is quiet on those days they feed...

And when you look at them, their auras are drenched in blood. In fact, the whole lower half of their shrunken auric eggs - they have very tiny auras, very little light - is blood red, with dark black masses around their loins and lower. And the smells like fertilizer all over the nieghborhoods, like everyone all at once, for one day, dumped a couple of bags of Bandini on the lawn.

Pretty dark, evil, and sick stuff. I can't wait for them to be erased.


If you could truly see these creatures as they really are...everything the public worships abouts celebrities, stars, politicians, generals, the whole gang - would turn into instant Fear and Loathing. Hunter tried to warn us, all that long ago.

11/16/2004 11:21:54 am by cbswork

Posted: Nov 10 2006, 01:10 AM


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Skylab checks in at 22ft X 84 feet in size.

ISS measures out at 171 ft (52 m) long, 90 ft (27.4 m) high and 240 ft (73 m) wide.

And its referred to as "a bright star," at Nasa and JPL.


If another CME hits, she'll go down, I feel. Just guessing. That was quite a hit it took last week, to drop as it did. And it would make quite a show in the sky, something that massive burning up like that upon re-entry.

11/15/2004 09:52:04 pm by cbswork


God doesn't talk to me. Nor does Yaehshua. Not in words nor any other fashion. I'm not a mouthpiece for God or anyone. I channel nothing.

I listen.

I pay attention to what's being said around me, by the various kingdoms of nature. The local chat, as it were.

I watch.

I watch what others do, see, and plan. Even those very close to me. I look closely at everything, learn from that. For example, tradecraft. I learned spycraft by simply paying attention to MY VERY OWN SURVELLIENCE and what they were saying and doing. Your best teachers are all around you, good and bad. Same with relationships. Who has the controls and why? What are their weapons of control and why? Do they correspond to your particular triggers? Oops...

See...just pay attention. We all have all the tools and intelligence we need to get through this mess intact.

11/12/2004 01:32:41 pm by cbswork
You can always

come home. It's not that late in the day. It's hard to break free of the hive control, I understand that. Brainwashing is everywhere, eh?

I feel your pain.

A great big hollow emptiness...that rage you have...pride....won't bend before those pitiful humans and serve them, as was your command in trade for your wonderful beauty, perfection, and intelligence. You threw all that away.


Why allow you to do what you do and for so very long?

His Grace, that's why. Your SECOND CHANCE. And a third, and a fourth...sorry no more chances. Either get with it now, or discover the exquisite pain only FIRE can bring to malefactors. You of all beings, KNOW what I'm talking about. Most reading this won't. Think it sounds like a threat mingled with pleasure. It's not. It's a simple statement of facts, regarding their destination in the "holding tank" for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Until case review.

Maybe you will be one of the very few who does it. Sure, it will cost you your physical body, but who cares? You get your wings back and we can hang together later on, when all the work here is done.


Maybe. Anything is possible, right?

11/12/2004 01:26:03 pm by cbswork
Always a second chance with the


...even for reptoids.

That's why you've been allowed this whole 26,000 year Kali Yuga cycle. To stop doing what you are doing and turn it around.



For real.

11/12/2004 12:53:22 pm by cbswork

"Waddya mean "plans" jag'off!?"


Well, if the word on the fiery currents is of any value to you, forces are being marshalled to destroy all beings not carrying the spirit of love or a heart center on this planet. The Big Boss is coming to clean house. You've had the run of the company for so long, y'all forgot that someone owned the place, and you were just the hired help who farked up the casino. Big Mickey and his "associates" (sorry Michael, no disrespect meant) want to meet with ALL the employees and pass out pink slips. There will be no arbitration hearings.

11/12/2004 12:28:02 pm by cbswork


People will have you believe the USA was a country founded by Christian men, serving God, and establishing the bill of rights, a humanist constitution protecting those rights, etc. People who do not understand the truth of things will have you also believe the country was hi-jacked along the way by dark forces.

Yeah, that's the outward, visible persona. It's a fiction.

The United States of America is The New Atlantis. It was created and established by Illuminist Reptoids with ancient bloodline links to Egypt (America is the reincarnation of Egypt, as England is the reincarnation of the old Roman Empire.) It was built and established and ritually coronated in blood, ala the Enochian Keys of Magic - Temple of Soloman Rituals. In 1943, a map was published by the Dept of Defense showing the REAL map of America and was circulated among top brass and reptoids of the time. It clearly shows America divided into ten regions or kingdoms, just like old Atlantis. I used to have a copy of it; it's long gone...

And, FTR, Atlantis and Lemuria, so-called, were not cities, but entire EMPIRES, one predating the other. MU, in the Pacific ocean, was a huge continent, and the only remnants of it today are Hawaii and the Polynesian islands. Atlantis was comprised of three main islands, with ten kingdoms, run by ten of the original 20 Arch-Angels that fell. Posidonis, Daitya, Islan. Each of these huge mini-continents had several cities and communities within them. Posiadonis was divided into 7 different FEMA/KINGDOMS. It was a slave culture, ruled by reptilian princes. Remember Khan from the old Star Trek movie. That story was based on a true event, back in the day. The Atlantis day, that is. Khan in the movie was a Prince Luciferic Soul in a bio-engineered body that escapes hell on earth (WWIII) by fleeing in a clunky gravlev.

Atlantis was ruled by a whole gang of these monsters. These were hideous, cruel beings with a blood lust they never could seem to slake, like a black hole where their hearts should be. Atlantis was hell on earth. Think america, under Total NWO control, and you'll get an idea of Atlantis.

And,. FTR, Eisenhower (a reptoid) Never met with aliens at Edwards. HE IS AN ALIEN! So was Reagan! Reptoids, people... And, he couldn't have met aliens in 1933, because he wasn't president in 1933, but in the LATE 1950s. Get your facts straight, Sherry...

Your "lord" seems to have his facts confused on a great many things, Ms. Shriner. FTR, it was Don, Carol and myself, who, in January 2003, sussed out neo mags for the implant problem. Where were you? Who knew of you? Tell the handlers your links are becoming obvious. Shriner is a fake, because her facts are fake, the dates and times are obviously fraud, and THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANY PRE-TRIB RAPTURE, EXCEPT A FAKE ONE BY THE GOVERNMENT. That means, giving you are pushing that and orgone, is you are with THEM, honey.

Say that again:
THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANY PRE-TRIB RAPTURE, EXCEPT A FAKE ONE BY THE GOVERNMENT. They've been conditioning us for it for years, in Dark Forces Churchianity and music and television. Even Neil Young chimed in with his song AFTER THE GOLDRUSH. He's a reptoid, as well. I met him on the astral plane not 6 weeks ago. He's not human. Kinda sucks, given I really used to dig his stuff back in the 70s...

11/12/2004 11:24:18 am by cbswork

The Greatest trick...

the devil ever pulled was getting you to believe he didn't exist.


Because, after that, anything is possible. Any disinformation. Even ALL disinformation, ultimately has one source.

But, don't think in terms of devil, but in terms of materialism over spirit. Lust over Love. Cruelty over kindness. Selfishness over Selflessness.


Psychics have people close to me believing that reptoids are here to help us...

Are you done laughing? Me too.


Reptoids...hmmm...let's see.

Broken families...
Drugs and abuse of same...
Music that burns the heart petals...
Destruction of the incoming soul's temple: abortion...

Yeah...reptoids are here to help us, all right. And this woman actually believes this, too.


Reptoids are the SOURCE of our PROBLEMS, not the cure for them. That's Mind Control talking. Lots of that around, believe me. That's how it works: setup up a rotten gig on earth and here comes your solution, the reptoids. Only the REAL problem is, no one understands that problem and solution are one and the same thing: Reptilian.

Oh yeah...reptoids also gave us

Prostitution (desecreation of the female temple)

AIDS...(destruction of ALL temples)

MIND CONTROL...(destruction of the human mental body and SOUL.)


Oh yeah, the lady in the previous picture, in the center? She has a MONARCH BUTTERFLY ON HER RIGHT SHOULDER. What a mess...

11/10/2004 04:27:49 pm by cbswork
And you're thinkin' to yourself're such beautiful women.

Yeah...and that's the trap. You have to look deeper than the skin, for a woman's - or anyone's for that matter - real beauty. These women share many features - ALL BEING ELITE. The pointed tip jaw, undercut, scooped face, electric eyes, and very powerful sexual mojo. Because the demons empowering them are sexual demons, and who also bestow other talent gifts.

Not every beautiful woman is a reptoid.

Only certain types. They DO SHARE a very common DNA typing amongst themselves.

I can assure you of one thing - this is for the guys out there thinking dirty thoughts - all that sexual allure will instantly vanish, the moment you SEE THEM AS THEY REALLY ARE.

It'll shrivel you up but quick. I've had their best girls thrown at me this year, and remain standing as witness to their powerful charms. It's devestating. It takes all you have to resist it. But it can be done, then they shift and all that mojo just drops through the floor and leaves the room.

Be careful.

Truly it is said, that beauty is only skin deep...

11/10/2004 02:20:50 pm by cbswork

Van Helsing

Movie out in the video stores.

First, I've been doing a research on the Film Biz ala reptoids, a personal thing. Lots of ANGEL stuff out there, but always with dark side spins. For example, in Angels in America, you have the woman angel playing a Tink, but who has sex with every mortal she contacts. Um...that's a darkside or fallen angel, people. Not Tink, but LILITH. Incubus ritual, and with a woman, too. That's totally a Seth/Lilith gig going on there.

There is a difference. Big One. So, be careful. They are spinning the truth real, but with distortions in the details, overall. My assessment so far in my research. All film companies are now sporting "angels with wings" themes. They NOW KNOW the etheric plane is emerging. People are seing angels. Talking to them. They are already spinning it their way, to control with THEIR kind. BE VERY CAREFUL.

Remember, The Higher doesn't want to fuck you, enlighten you to the wonders of a German Scheissvogell video, get me? It wants you to open your heart and let out the love inside you. That you ALREADY POSSESS. Your sovereignty. Just ranting...


Okay. Van Helsing. Put out by them, played by a cast of entire reptoids. First, see the flick. You'll see reptoids purposely shifting on camera and its not being digitally faked. THis is for real. WHen the lady vampires near the middle of the film try to confront the heroine, they actually go reptoid and film it straight. You see the dilation, star-pattern, ellipsoid, golden brown colors they all have, when in ellipsoid shift mode.

ALso, Van Helsing is an Etheric Warrior. Our family had an eery understanding of the character's plight in the movie. HEre again, they try to shift the blame elsewhere from the Vatican as the source of Darkness, to our SAVIORS. The vatican is the Temple of Darkness, the mythical seat of Baal. Check it out.

11/05/2004 01:11:26 pm by cbswork
In gratitude

Being a complete idiot, I've just realized I've yet to take a moment and thank each and every person who has trusted me with their orgone money. By purchasing these creations, YOU MADE ALL THIS POSSIBLE.

Until this year, the previous four years we'd been - the six of us - living in a one-room hovel, with no insulation or heater in the home. Heat the house by fireplace. House so old, before grounding and fiberglass.

so Thank You for a decent home, the continued ability to gift the world, and for allowing ALL OF US IN THE WORLD, to be witness to the emergence of the Etheric Plane, front row seats.

Again, Thank You.

11/05/2004 11:08:08 am by cbswork

Coming to terms

1st Heaven: Planet's atmosphere, out to the edge of space, or the "2nd" heaven. Includes any and all dimensions within the atmosphere, down to ground level.

2nd Heaven: Outer Space, so-called. Includes all dimensions therein. I recall there are 7 heavens; we know of two.

Mkids: Children/grown adults, under the control of the CIA's MKUltra or Monarch mind control program. Can include other programs by the Navy, Air Force, and various other black programs in the intelligence agencies.

Star Children: Reptoid Elites returning in newer designed bodies, thanks to fifty years of improved bio-science in their dungeons. I've seen many of these about.

Double eleven codes: 11:11 - CIA reinforcing codes for end times programming of sleeper agents. Over four million in USA alone.

Stargates: Reptilian hijack points on the EARTH/SOLAR GRID, allowing trans-dimensional transportation.

ETB: Enhanced Tower Buster.

Dooky-boy: Gay CIA Handler of young boys and girls. Usually reptoid.

Satan: The Beast. Esoteric name - SANAT KUMARA. Lucifer. Sorath. Ahriman. The youth of endless summers. Baal. Bael. Thoth. Set. Seth. Leviathan. The Odd One. Original Cherubim (highest) who betrayed The Most High and opened the door to evil in our galaxy, for the very first time. Convinced 1/3 of our the planet's and systems in this section to rebellion against YahWeh. Banished and cursed to wear the body of a Lizard (and all who "fell" with him, so to say) for all eternity. Losing two centers in the process, some lost much more. This is an actual being. Santa Claus anyone? Old "Saint" Nick? Get it? Saint? He was. He was Cherubim, most high of the Angels. Then...ego, vanity, the thing that caused his fall, is also a favorite device and weapon against humanity - vanity and ego. Created being.

I use these terms interchangeably, even though many of the above are often aspects of the involutionary spirit more than the actual Being Itself.

11/02/2004 07:11:53 pm by cbswork
Orgone is everywhere

you need it to be.

Like many people, I read the Doc's stuff whenever I can, and he mentions the stuff being everywhere and just today got this in from someone, exactly what he was talking about.


Just thought that I would say thanks.
My teenage son and I were making a batch of TB for him to take home to Fort
Collins. He was planning on gridding his house and neighborhood.
He told me that he had seen a piece of orgonite in one of the cupboards in
his biology class. He said that it had gold in it.
Since you are the only one that I know of who produces HHG's with gold, I
pulled up your site and showed him a copy of one of your HHG's. We both got
a big kick out of knowing that your stuff was there.

Know that there is a Biology teacher in Fort Collins Colorado at Preston
Middle School who is making the world a better place for our children.

Took the lovely and very pregnant Mrs. Walters out to dinner and a movie
last week. Jennifer Lopez does a few shifts in her new movie "Shall We
Dance". creaped me out.

Thanks for your blog. I do find myself looking to see who is Human and who
isn't. I find that the more that I open my heart center and let myself be a
conduit for the divine the more I see and perceive.


11/02/2004 12:46:42 pm by cbswork


These are terms I use a great deal, and possibly understanding how "I" understand these terms, may help my few co-researchers visiting here in understanding the intent. See, if you are reading this, know that I write for less than a dozen people, mainly. These people are doers, servers and fighters for freedom. They know who they are. They are also co-researchers into orgone and its VISIBLE effects upon the world; which is my work at hand right now, recording these visible effects. It's my job in the whole thing. As it is all of ours, really. Record, take notes, use your camera. That's all I do, in the final analysis. The rest took care of itself.

Human Being: Created Being. Higher Self, Soul matrix, 7 centers. Humonoid, Adamic DNA. Heart center-fulcrum-being, with potential to Higher, going inward. Heart connection to Diety potential, if pursued in life.

Angel or Deva: Created Being. Of 12 grades or classifications. Manages the first two heavens and physical 3-D. Can be anything from a lower grade, 3 center angel, to a 12 centered, ARCH-ANGEL. They live and move and have their beingness among the seven elements of creation, of which humanity only knows of four, and is learning the fifth, or element of SPIRIT. The previous four being earth, water, wind, fire. The devas manage creation and are the spirit INSIDE matter. The higher angels in each element have TOTAL MASTERY over that element.

Off-worlder: Any being not a native to Terra or Earth.

FED: Any man, woman, or "child" under the conscious (agent) or unconscious (MKULTRA) control of any intelligence apparattus.

Etheric entities: People, beings, light-beings, life-forms, flora, and fauna of the etheric plane. Includes off-worlders, angels, dieties of varying stripes, dead people, living people, dimensional zone shift beings, et al. Can be positive or negative being (negs).

Undine: Angel who serves in the element of Water.

Sylph: Angel who serves in the element of Wind.

Salamandar: Angel who serves in the element of Fire.

Gnome: Angel who serves in the element of Earth.

Reptilian Being (elite): Perfect example is, Lisa Marie Presley. Get pics of her, whenever you can. This should be easy, because she is so very famous. Study her face closely. See the jaw, how it always comes to a perfect needle point? ICE blue, cold-steel eyes or Black eyes, completely devoid of any light. Perfect chisled features, very sexually inviting male or female form. These are the elite in the world, the so-called Jet-Set society. Beautiful to a pain, but always the same, repeatable features among their few types. All other reptilians, grays, hybrids, human sell-outs, bend a knee to this level. Fortuneatly, they are the fewest in number of them all. And, they are the top-controllers in the Dark Game, Bar None, save from the Beast Itself. Their beauty burns up quickly, my research has turned up. The women wear esp engineered and beautiful bodies, but by the time most of them are 35 years of age, they look horrible. Example: Farrah Fawcett Majors, reptoid elite. Five center being. Many have wings, putting them on par with the dracs, which is what they are really, more than reptilian. Both species are lizards, so to humanoids like us, I guess it doesn't matter much. Hive consciousness being, with animal telepathy among themselves and those under their control: grays, reptoids, hybrids, other elites, the possessed, and those under MKultra, with demons installed in their solar plexus.

These are ALL takers of human life, usually infants and children. They kill and eat us to survive: ritual torture of pre-teen virgins. They have 13 bloodlines on this planet, with endless variations, all reptilian. However, they are limited in number to the original Sumerian shitbirds who betrayed LOVE, all that long ago, and earlier, in Atlantis, when they ruled it with their TEN kingdoms from hell. These need to be dealt with. They are the masters of all evil on this planet. They are THE WILL of darkness and how it acts out among our kind. Think about that for a day or so.

They are Fallen Angels. They are Al Pacino, Lisa Marie, Michael Jackson, etc. They are the damned, vampyre. They can take over human beings (who have lost their Higher Self, through some horrid debasing act) but usually are the spawn of a being known as Pindar and and some breeder elite visa-vie the Incubus Ritual - sex with the undead, or a demonic etheric being. Lisa Marie was such a spawn.

Shapeshifters. Can even go completely invisible, right in front of you, and you wouldn't see it, its that fast. Very proficient in all the Darkest Arts. These are also known as Arch-demons.

Reptilian Being (reptoid) : Lower Fallen angels, same as the above. These are spawn from other hybrids, not necessarily elite stock. Reptoid mates with a woman with a great deal of Atlantean DNA in her bloodline and you get one of these things. Lots of that around. Lots. Demonic soul instead of heart center.

Grey: Troglodytes of Hell. What happens when you can get a lower grade angel to betray Spiritos? More Borg than living being, totally under control of Reptoids, and despised by the galaxy as parastic vampires of the lowest order. Droid workers, killers, and very little "self" in their self. Chinese and Japanese breeders are used for Gray Hybrids, as has been the case for thousands of years. Ever wonder why the big symbol of the Chinese culture is a RED DRAGON. That's the Beast, dude. And you don't even want to know about the REAL origins of the Chinese empire, do you? I didn't. I was sick for a week.

They are the worker bees of evil. The lowest thing you can be as a human soul, is a Chinese breeder of grays for the CIA. A specialty, especially in Los Angeles, where over half a million grey hybrids are now growing up all over the county.

Tons more later. But will keep expanding this list all month long.

11/01/2004 10:08:51 pm by cbswork
Reptoids among us

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...

Johnny Depp - a reptoid - playing a human - seeing reptoids. Only in Hollywood.

11/01/2004 09:50:45 pm by cbswork

You know things have changed when...

every time you walk into a place or room, your mind already is sorting out the humans from the rest of the trash in the galaxy.

every time you go out, you find that yet again, it is becoming more and more apparent that the military has assigned you a permanent life under survellience.

you find that wherever you go, only the planet's worst serial killers are counted among those present.

you find angels cloud you in love, always smiling, His presence unmistakable amongst them and their energy, always there, before you can think the thought out...that's one's the best.

Music sessions become concerts for millions...or two.

more and more, you find yourself some witness to this wonderful, yet uniquely horrible reality descending upon the world.

with eyes open you realize how deep is the extent of the control over us by THEM. My God...

a new quality has emerged in your nature, much to your own surprise - warm tenderness, inner kind.

how you wish you had gifted more than you had.

and all that.

11/01/2004 08:18:04 pm by cbswork

Here we have a prime example of the female reptoid, circa 2004. Brittney Spears sex rig, christian cross on neck, lesbian scowl, reptilian, Luciferic hive-soul matrix.

Reptoid from Eastern Europe, inwardly bitching at some woman in Paris for sending her to stalk the Dork. Sorry I don't have a pic of her shifting, but she so completely characterizes the reptoid lesbian predator, even down to the little cross on her neck, the ultimate deception. Very dangerous. Killer.

Note the 1000 yard stare: lymbic based mental bodies often go into park, exactly like a lizard's. But that's not the case at all. Just the meatsack the reptoid is overshadowing, its brain and nervous system is all that is "parking." This particular entity was trying to attach to my sacral center. It didn't work. I blasted her, and that was that.

Something else, too. The place was filled with GI's in their military clothes, mainly human Hispanics and the like. The entire white population of MOUNTASIA, however, was NOT HUMAN. Annunaki Elite and droids, the whole bunch. Every little girl was in a BUTTERFLY costume and just mostly stared off into space. Like someone on prozac or Thorazine. Understand? That's the costumes the kids were wearing. We had Annuk Elite from four different bloodlines represented there yesterday. FOUR... White nordics, eastern European, Owls, the whole gang. It was sickening.

So I blasted them. Until they left. Had the whole place to our selves. Like a ghost-town...

That was pretty cool.

But, if you want to see reptilians and breeders, go to this place in Saugus, Ca. We'd had left our reptoid repellent at home, unfortunately. But, some blasting did things right, as it happens.
Posted: Nov 19 2006, 04:31 PM


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Gifting Report: 12-31-04

Was thinking if there was any direct, physical way to help the folks across the went and dumped a bunch of Aqua HHGs into the drink off Ventura today.

Ran into some elite families out with their Star Children having lunch. Walked into the middle of the place and realized there were only 3 humans there. The rest, well... Anyways, got a very close look at these new model Star Children. I must say, they have these body designs down to perfection. These kids were perfectly constructed, with already perfect features. And eyes too big for them. An extra luciferic light, the others don't possess. I find the whole thing fascinating, actually.

So, started up the chat with them and noticed right off that they were acting I assured them it was all good, come in peace thing, and all that i was just hungy and hadn't eaten all day, and had already spent all morning making orgone and the early afternoon, gifting the ocean. So, the hive mother comes up - she's from poland - and we have a pleasant conversation. They're very fascinated about orgone. And are scared of it, too.

Sad part is, they all acted like i was going to pull out a saber and cut them down. No amount of reassurance got them off their fear vibe. Beyond, that it was an eery, fascinating, and interesting time there in Oak View, Calif. Amazing new hybrids are coming off the line. Wait till you see these. Genetic engineering at its finest, I guess.

Year end...

So, we made it another year, alive, still gifting, and making great strides in the radionics work department. Just the ability to stop gravlevs and reptoids in their tracks and sending packing in the opposite direction, is a kind of victory all on its own. So we have that, at least. And many cool battles on our side against all manner of attacks, as we all can attest.

It's been a hard year, too, with new paradigm issues to deal with. Reptoid thing turned out to be the very worst of surprises: fallen angels.

Quick aside: Every day, run into them, in the public. They just radiate such hatred. Its pretty withering. But, all you have to do is be yourself and they back right off. Blasting is simply a wonderful tool.

Glad the world is finally getting its first glimpses of the etheric plane, the so-called fourth dimension. As you can surmise, once you see what a person, place or thing, radiates, you instantly know the character of the spirit within the form. As these year-long series of photographs have proven out, there is both good and bad out there, in the invisible worlds. It also makes it easier to SEE for sure, who is what and where and why and when. There are no lies in the higher dimensions. You simply radiate for all to see, exactly what you are, warts and all, as they say.

Orgone gifting is still going apace all over the globe as gifters from all over purchase or make their gifting supplies, then get out and do what needs to be done. We're exposing evil in the process, shining light into dark areas that haven't been exposed to the SUN in a very, very, very long while. All of us. Every time we blast, gift, or radiate our sovereign spirit, we strip layers of illusion away in our environment.

Many of us have learned to utilize the agents of Freedom as co-partners in our ongoing struggle against the forces of Darkness. Happily. They don't care what label you assign them, but have great encouragement in knowing they are ALREADY THERE AT YOUR ELBOW, ACTING ON YOUR NEED. Just give that nod toward the heart direction and these things just seem to happen all on their own. Which is cool.

We all know the future, in the 3D world, is going to have in it a great deal of physical realities that will be changing. The previous nice sounding sentence really means the planet is going to go through some heavy times and its already been happening for a few years. Take a hard look at the world and all that is visible is death, destruction of anything noble, and the spirit of materilistic narcissism controls even the best of people. Even them...

Doesn't matter what happens, right? Because it needs to happen so we can get on with the better life we all know in our hearts is going to happen, once we all do our part in this great struggle. Whatever it takes. Far as I'm concerned, anything that can move it along any faster sounds good to me.


Lot of institutions, now revealed to be reptilian constructs for human enslavement, had really mind-punctured a great many people. Believe, it does suck. Some great bands i used to admire, and now? No more... Like that. Each of us will find that on some level, we were had. Then it hits you, we were HAD ON EVERY LEVEL.


The visibility of the etheric plane doesn't give you wisdom you know. The only thing you gain is understanding ALL the forces at work in the whole inner/outer conflict between good and evil. You still don't understand why things came to be this way and all that. You just get to see how bad the whole mess, that's all. You still have to figure out, even if you can function in the higher worlds. Dead people are no smarter dead than when they were when alive, believe me. Channeling dead people is pretty stupid. Ask them why they are trapped and haven't gone onto to summerland or any of the other cool places for kicking it... See? Anyways...

Channeling dead reptoids is even worse, so...


I just don't understand why things have to be so messy. It makes no sense to fight the will of Almight, as the Lucifierc Angels are doing as incarnated reptilians and reptoids. I still don't get it. It seems pretty retarded, even for a retard like me. And I fully understand why the angelic kingdom is deploying in and around every person, place or thing, just for these upcoming battles. And they will be literal Battles iN heaven. As in the first heaven, our atmosphere. Between Vril gravlevs and etheric warrior ships from the Sun, clearing them out. Of course, that's at the end, after the Earth has been pretty much turned into a smoking cinder by not one, but TWO armageddons. One mini one, and the Real One, seven years later. By that time, you are either a complete slave to the reptoids and under their total mind control, or you are dead. They intend no other option for living humans, when the whip comes down. Sucks, doesn't it?

Wish none of this was going to happen. And wish I had some way to pretty it up for you, but that dog just won't, so... Good news is, by that time, if you stay in play at this level, you get upgraded into your new etheric bodies, with fully functional senses in the higher realms. That's pretty cool. Why can't we skip from G right to Z and no do the stuff in between? Yeah...


To be fair, i've also had some pretty pleasant exchanges with some of these toids, where for whatever reason, they were able to keep their hate in check. Once that gets away from them - and of course, the natural response to such an event is to call on Michael or Christ, if they start growing claws and fangs on you (that happens, you know), or if they just do partial shifts - eyes and tail only - you can get them to behave with just your own blasting. Every day, i could post at least two reptoid stories. At least two. I've dealt with all types.

Some can't help it, they are filled with hundreds of demonic spirits. Some are single entities and in total control of their bodies. Most are in between the two, a blend of controlling spirit empowered by multiple demonic astral spirits or damned, as lower center attachments and power boosts for acts involving lust, pain, malice, etc.

They can range from simple demonic idiots, to complex psychotic demons with a Black Soul that knows no bounds. Age and carnage has a lot to do with it. Each has to serve darkness, no questions asked...or else. So, the lot of them are under some kind of constant mortal threat from the controller above them in their hive matrix. Many times, when talking with a toid, you are actually talking with hundreds of them at once, if they all want to tune into the one relating to you. It's damn spooky, actually.

For example, yesterday was at the local hardware store and walked right into a gay male reptoid, who didn't realize until he turned around and faced me, what he was facing. In that instant, at least half a dozen distinct different and visibly so, entities flashed across his face, changing his features, his eyes complete black and pointing in odd directions...then he kept his back to me and covered his eyes with both hands, right in front of a crowd of people...

Like that. Every day. Something weird and wierder.

Point is, the guy had some many entities in him, he could not control himself. He was completely possessed by a literal room of these nasty things. A pure demonic reptoid completly possessed by the darkest of evil astral demons. Sigh...

Then, earlier, ran into this young lady who was able to radiate a kind of nice sweetness, and even a pleasant vibe. And she wasn't human. But also, make no mistake. When its feeding time, they feed, just like all the rest. And you look right into their souls and find you can even chat them up, that really pissess them off. When you start shouting ugly things at them telepathically. Try it. They hate that. Because its turf that was once their sole domain, but no longer.

Human Hand Behind Earthquake?

Human Hand Behind Earthquake and Tsunami? It is Time for Indian Navy to Investigate!

December 29, 2004
Balaji Reddy, Special Correspondent
India Daily

Was this an earthquake creation experiment that ran out of control? Many countries are working on methods of creating massive earthquakes as means to defeat the enemy. The technologically advanced countries are working on this project.

If an earthquake and Tsunami can be created artificially and directed to a specific enemy, it can literally create havoc to the enemy. Weather control, controlling tectonic plate movements, electromagnetic wave simulated weaponry are all on the table of many countries.

The planetary alignment can cause many earthquakes all around the world of magnitude the modern mankind has never seen before.

Many all around the world are puzzled with the fact that Tsunamis never happen in South Asia. Also is perplexing is the fact that Tsunamis traveled 1000 miles at a speed of 500 miles an hour and smashed the coastal lines of South and South east Asia where Tsunamis do not happen.

There are technologies on the research table that is used to create electromagnetic effects to release the gravitational effects which can cause this kind massive earth movements.

Another astonishing feature of this earthquake and Tsunami is the amount by which the Kar Nicobar Islands have displaced. The level of devastation simulates 10 or higher Richter scale earthquake.

Was this a show down by a country to show the region what havoc can be created?

We do not have the answers to this. We know many courtiers including India are working on anti-gravity lifters and devices.

No matter what, it can be an experiment that went out of control. If it is not, that is the best news.

But given the level of devastation and given the fact India is a regional power in South Asia, Indian Navy has the obligation to investigate and tell the world what they found.

12/30/2004 01:20:17 pm by cbswork


Get asked this a great deal, so...

Below is just my opinion. Not anything from anyone, or from on-high. Just an assessment, based upon what seems visible right now regarding things.

I'd say were right at the fifth to sixth seals. The four Beasts of the Apocalypse have been released already onto the world and for some time now. The Beasts are dark spirits of Time, formerly of the Abyss, and given life from the deep. This is the point where people have to decide what their life means and then be that, best they can.

You know, to me, it just looks like one humongous battle is about to take place, literal and etheric. And everyone gets a shot at the big arena. Some will be taking a lucky exit, because according to their playbook, they're going for a big one-third of the world's population goes away through catastrophe.

If you look at the point revelations six through eight, you'll see that as soon as the elect (human warriors having agreed to slug it out with the angelic kingdom and other dieties) are locked in, then the pole shift happens. It's all right there, right after the sixth seal. Then it's the seventh seal and then the trumpets.

It's the trumpets that the real nasty business gets underway. So far, according to Feast of the Tabernacle timeplots, we've only had the dark spirits of time animating the lizards and human conspirators, but this all goes overt with the pole shift. That's the seventh seal.

And, they are trying to get the pole shift going, for the fake apocalypse to happen. That's why you see all those 10KM depth quakes going off. That's a planned pattern there.

Doesn't matter, fake or real, the end result seems to be the same: folks dead before their time.


This whole elect business seems to be something having to do with a certain number of souls having agreed to be slaughtered for freedom. They outright, forfeit their lives, horribly so, I might add. Also, the way the sixth seal describes it, its some kind of big event, so I imagine it'd be something you'd know about and wouldn't have to wonder if you were one of these people. This means the event hasn't happened yet, isn't going to happen, or it hasn't happened to anyone I know, including me. I have no memory of being made elect by anyone, anywhere. Have you? Let me know if the big thing happened and what it was like.

That's all I know about that.


not saying the above won't happen. I'm impressed by how much of current history has gone exactly like the books of daniel, john, enoch, others. But, so much of these surviving texts are cut to ribbons, it amazes they even make any coherent sense.

Still, the emergence of the etheric plane wasn't covered by the known bible, to my knowledge. I would be very happy to find out otherwise, though, as it would confirm a great deal for me. And, here the etheric plane IS emerging. No getting around it.

Orgone, the sun, stellar events, etc., all combining to put quite a spin on these times. That's the card game, you know. Jokers and wild cards and special no get to see cards and all that...

Secret cards...

secret players...

12/28/2004 08:43:46 pm by cbswork
9.2 EQ

Christmas day event, the 25th. Some people are trying to tie this into that agency OP thing going around the web last week about something going down on the 27th.

The two are not related. One was a stress acting out on plates, the latter an agency operation, a lightening-rod, to see how these spread in the collective. Not a meteor, either. Where is the certain eye-witness reports of the thing inbound as there are with meteors or any such thing? Someone made this happen.

Anytime the Soul of Humanity experiences an event like that, we all feel it. The hundred thousand dead people in the West Indies felt it, all at once. The angels have been busy, all have been looked after, even the wasted lizards taken out in their bases in the ocean. And notice the smoking gun here now -

Again. As the others before it of note on the ring, the same depth to them all:


That's your repeating figerprint. That means a conscious intent, by SOME power, somewhere. That let's you know someone is doing this. The odds of all the big eqs going off at the same depth are a bazillion to one.


Aussie Bloke: agency op.

German Guy: agency op.

Leider: agency op.

And, anytime a CATHOLIC PRIEST tells you aliens are GOOD and we can trust them, know you are looking into the face of Darkness. Anyone selling this and that's the big illuminist sell-job from the Vatican, is worse than a reptoid or is reptoid.

A human selling out humans to lizards is less than a lizard.

12/28/2004 09:19:34 pm by cbswork


who would have thought this whole mess would have revolved around angels...

It's 2:33 in the AM and here I am, sitting up, watching the rain fall outside the window and thinking about angels. Every night, somewhere between midnight and 4 in the morning, i wake up, make a coffee, and sit and think for an hour or two, about things...just thinking. Nothing else. Every single night, except when I'm really sick.

Angels. What a mess. Good and bad, doesn't matter. It couldn't be something else, it HAD to be a snafu with the matrix-builders of creation, the Devas or Angels. Were things so bad that they had to rebel, not once, but THREE times? And tank half a dozen star systems with them? And spread ALL THAT DAMN MISERY all over, wherever they went?

Madness...that's what it is...madness.

They're all crazy, up on top. They must be. No offense, high or low, but my, how do you reconcile the enormous mess things are in, and on EVERY SINGLE DIMENSION in our grid locale, in this section of the galaxy. There's no place that's not made ugly by all this. Because the pain of the innocent's blood must be made heard and felt, and no divine being anywhere can truly say they are in PEACE when ANYONE suffers ANYWHERE. The stench of evil MUST reach EVERYwhere, for their to be TRUE compassion.

And when you think about it, humanity is practically blameless in this affair. If we had the cards TURNED OVER for all to see, we'd of never allowed the Toids to muck up things so badly with the planet. Shape-shifting little buttbrains...



Still kinda excited about seeing a 3D angel, walking down the road. Of course, we relate with all the varying devas and grades, every day and all the time. But, these guys are different.

They carry the power with them to destroy worlds. Lay waste to entire regions and turn them to dust or water or smoke.

They're perfect to look upon, really. Impressive. No wonder the Sodomites of old wanted to "know them." And it's no wonder Gomorrah, a reptoid nest, was EVAPORATED from existence. That was a good day... It traded in black magic and drugs, as well as other things, in its time.


It's easy to get sour about things, as we, all of us etheric warriors, see too much. We each see so much, and all our souls carry this burden, this heaviness in our hearts. Well, remember some time ago when it was mentioned that Big Mickey was returning to remind the employees who owned the casino?


Even the lizards give these guys a very wide berth. And, they are ALL male, this type. All man, a man's man. Really. Perfect beings.

But angels can look like anybody, so don't go looking for mister wonderful, when angel spotting. First, when you see an angel, you'll know it. On a soul level. There'll be no doubt whatsoever in your mind or heart, at what you are looking at. The angel will make a mind/soul connection with you, the point of spotting one, after all. Everything for a reason.

It's obvious it was no accident we ran into one yesterday. And, it will be the same for you guys, too. Maybe a ray of hope, in your day...let you know it's covered, dude. Always there, always watching, always helping us out, as we try and muddle through this rather nasty battle dumped right into our laps by creation, The so-called, End Times.

Truth is, there are no end times. Just an ending to one kind of fuedal system to be replaced by a differrent one under new management. And, the old employees don't want to quit their jobs. New management means getting a pink slip and they all KNOW IT. Sad part is, we, the customers playing cards and having a good old time, are finding that the two factions are now asking the customers to choose who they want running the Casino?

Turf wars always suck...

And on one level, that's exactly what the play is on Earth.

It's like a card game. The dealer deals everyone their cards. The angels get their cards, the lizards get theirs, and humanity is sleeping face down on the table. The Beast gets a special private no-one-gets-to-see-card and so does Christ. No one knows anyone else's cards, except humanity's because he's on a drunk and was assured by the lizards that, "Go ahead and party, I'll take care of your hand for you." So we did, and are now snoring out loud, face down in the chips. Only the dealer knows everyone's cards.

And the dealer has already dealt the last card for all, face down. And now, we get to see how everyone played their hand.


And you can see, the questions never end. Doesn't matter how far you climb up the ladder of Spirit, you still search, seek, and question, striving for Right Knowledge and Right Path.

The more I see, the less I really understand about things. Every time I get a fix on things, They Peel another Layer off the thing and everything's in reverse. Again. For the Nth time...

I spend, on average because we don't watch tv or listen to the radio, about 10 hours a day, just wrestling with larger issues of creation, causal linkages, and issues of Spiritual Import - as we all do, trying to understand the information we receive. We have to make sense of things, to stay sane. No matter who we are. And it's all so very heavy, much of it.

And some it of, you wish you didn't know. I've been shown things no mortal show ever know. I didn't know that kind of darkness could be possible but shit, what do I really know, after all? And the hours and questions and insights and more questions and some answers and more questions and more questions and more questions...

Isn't it the same for you? Sure.


And think about it. How different would history have been, had humanity known about reptoids?

A completely different realiry on Earth. And you know it, too. See?

And why? Why let them do it to us? WHY?

Why allow the endless pain, carnage and suffering and for thousands of years, at the hands of our "Massahs?" I'll git rite on it, massah...

"Look. We got the humans actually POINTING GUNS at each other!"

See what I mean?

12/28/2004 04:53:38 am by cbswork
Nuke conditioning

MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, the movie, has a few scenes where they keep trying to sell the point: Terrorist nukes are going to light up a US city one day very soon. A great many National Security Sell Jobs imbedded into films of late. The old terrorist buggaboo.

But they're telling it. An American city will vanish in a flash of light soon, because OUR government wants and needs that to happen, to go to its next level of darkness.

BOURNE SUPREMACY, all these films...all selling terrorist nukes on US soil. Then, when it happens, the people think its normal, because they've had the idea of nukes shoved down their throats from all those shows on TV and in the theaters.

12/27/2004 07:26:55 pm by cbswork
Angel in a crowd

Was out and about in Canyon Country with the family, checking out Beale's Cut and other oddities, and upon returning home, here was, much to my surprise, an angel, dressed completely in black, walking down Soledad Canyon Road.

Do you remember that movie, City of Angels, with Nicolas Cage, and they're all dressed in regular clothes, but the cloth is always black? Exactly like that.

"Hey, look...there's an angel."

And then we made the turn and was past him, heading away, that fast.

But, it was cool to see one just walking down the road. I asked him if we could turn around and make his formal, but he said no...

And, he looked exactly like Bruce SPringsteen, circa 1975 era. But, his own look. Magnificent specimen, you know.

Just walking down the street, midday, long black coat like the old cowboys wore. And one hell of a nice smile. And radiant eyes and a brilliant aura and all that.

Was beginning to wonder when these guys would start to become visible as well.


Goes without saying, that if i can get any of these ladies and gentlemen in front of the lens, it's done. Wouldn't that be great? Actual photographs of angels walking on Earth.

And not just fallen ones, either.


Bout time, too. Reptoid this, and reptoid that, farg...was getting sick of the whole mess. It was getting like. Yeah...I get it. reptoids, reptoids, reptoids. We all get it, okay? Any good news we can share with the faithful?

And here it is, walking among us. But, to be fair, they always have. I just have a cool hunch that we'll be seeing more of these folks, and from all kinds of people.

12/26/2004 06:14:19 pm by cbswork
Gifting Report: 12-26-04

Santa Paula, Calif. 30 Enhanced Towerbusters!

Routine grid job, nothing special to report.

12/26/2004 01:05:09 pm by cbswork

More pretty

One viewpoint on the sun's rays?
Consider, the core emits a circle with four spokes, indicating divine love controlling the heart. Plus the twelve petals of the Heart Center, making sixteen. And if you'll look closely, this will be apparent. The center and four mutable spokes of the Central Cross, pus three petals - love, wisdom, knowledge - times four tiers.

Each color represents the dominant color of the sets of petals being activated. For example, if all the love petals are blue, then each tier's love petals, when active, will radiate in a perfect circle outward, its effect upon the systems. Combinations produce hues, because it's always more than just a single quality of energy being expressed, just like with humans - so very many different qualities being expressed, at the same time.

These colors then distill outward again as hues of the rainbow, or the visible light spectrum. The primary colors are the primary aspects of expression through the central core, then a differentiation occurs at each tier of petals, creating a known hue or blend. Red, Green, Blue, etc.

This is also why colors, like in website designs, are radionic. All colors relate to their primary iteration. When you see websites with lots of blood reds, blacks, and oranges, then the owner of that site wants you angry and reactive, see? Because these colors are related to anger and reaction. Why do many so-called Christians seem to love hate colors, have you noticed? Horrid lion totems and blood red angry.

Reptoids - Doors

Yeah, this stuff is spooky. No question, there. You'd have to have a dead heart to not be affected by these images. Imagine how it is in real-time, and all around you. Because that's the reality of things. It goes from pictures to personal pretty quickly, you know.

Still, maybe its a good thing. If people will finally realize their true destiny as sovereigns, i guess anything that can make that happen, this certainly would be one of those things. They hate us for a reason you know. Something they lost a very long time ago and we still possess, most of us. ALso this,

As your eyes develop, you'll see a great many completely normal humans with annuk traits in their features, but you'll see that they don't shift at all, and their hearts are intact and all that. Don't let that throw you - most of the DNA on this planet is corrupted to varying degrees, a Cainnite plan that was long in the making. So...

Also, you'll see angels and humans, both carrying some kind of divine radiance that colors their aura and stems from the heart center petals and core. This also is a good thing. THese are warrior class humans (ELECT) led by various incarnating angels, back for yet another sleigh-ride into battle with the Beast. The darkside has been combing the planet for both of these types of humanoids, hoping to ID them all, for future mayhem. That was the dark and final reason for the internet - they knew freedom fighters could never resist the bait, er tool of expression, and would, "come out, come out, wherever you are!"


It sucks. Anyways.


Thing is, the evidence just keeps piling up and denial gives way to mind-fark. Lizards actually walk among us, running the reality we live, move, and have our beingness in. Little shits... (you can see how warm my relationships are with them, oh well...) Just telling it.

They're just part of the realities that occur when the invisible is made visible, as things are going on now, not just with reptoids. Talking with plants, devas of all stripes, whatever, is going to be a whole new reality the WHOLE planet is going to have to rapidly come to terms with, no question.

And speaking of that, the planet - you, me, the toids - are all slated for a nice big ugly meltdown, right here and very soon. Oh yeah, the revelation of the Great Deception to the masses is a planned-for event they intend to use to declare open war upon those individuals who won't suck on it. Call it the mark of the beast or whatever, the result is the same: slavery, dude.

Basically means, they expect a certain percentage of the population to do a total freakout over their presence and these folks will get wasted outright. Death. Death by Bunda, as they say...

And there's no negotiating the point either because both sides are making the whole thing an either/or deal. Pick one, no fence-thing allowed. So you have to get your head together on that one ahead of time, so it doesn't blindside you and you don't have time to work out how you really feel about such things, higher stuff and all. Of course, you'll be seeing the good guys about, as well as the toids, so you'll know without doubt, a wise choice gets you "out of jail." Not from any pain and suffering, but from hanging in Tartarus for a while, which always sucks.



The women are beautiful, the men are scary...

The women are in power, the men are lackies...

The women can - by guile and craft, dark arts - create seductive charms over your soul that simply overwhelm...

All the time, working a move, sussing you out, playing for an angle, these fallen angels...


Look at the guys eyes on the left. ALL THREE are reptoid, btw.

Yeah...the old star-pattern shift thing, inner iris. You will get star patterns, inner iris, outer-iris, and combinations. Depends upon the bloodline and type of Toid. Saw Bono from U2 in a Jagger vid and all his iris and whites went a solid pool of electric sky-blue and then the eyeballs themselves were practically bulging out of his sockets. And, you could see and SENSE a definite different presence and personality inside Bono when he was singing, that wasn't there when he was just talking and hanging about.

A darker presence...than whatever Bono is, apparently. That's when the room gets cold and you feel like you're looking into the face of pure evil. Bowie did that alot too - channeled some really dark stuff while singing and playing...whatever.

Compare with this famous Doors album cover. Here you can clearly see that Jimbo is one kind of toid, while the other three are of the same bloodline, yet different from Jim. Jims jaw is like a cobra's - just like Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, same stock and parentage. The bandmates have that sauroid, elliptical jawline, like from the movie ALIEN. That's two examples of bloodline expression in reptoids. The cobra breed is far more dangerous than the ellipsoid, mainly because these models are highly bred for strength and proweess, as well as extreme cunning - just out of the box, plus whatever ugliness the entity can get going while alive, deepens the darkness expressed. You can spot bloodline differences. Very dangerous. All killers.

Pointers to noize

Get lots of emails from folks, all helping me.

"This site has the answers!" and its Zeta-talk or similar tripe.


Look. I get my info first-hand. Not by what I read somewhere, but by personal experience. What I see and do and hear and feel and come to know and be. Even if another site had the angle, it wouldn't matter. It only matters what I see and hear. And not taking ANYONE'S word or spin on what I see, hear, and experience. Only trusting MY thoughts, MY senses, MY perceptions. And gifts.

I'm my own researcher. Sure, someone else may be able to plug knowledge holes a little faster, but its always 3rd hand info and very often, that info disagrees with the reality we witness.

Only my experiences and what's going on. Direct, first-hand reporting. Calls it as its seen. The rest is just regurgitating someone else's viewpoint and MISperceptions. And, ALL OF THEM are either repeating what they read somewhere else or are FEDS out doing very bad things to the Mind of the Planet, with disinfo.



There are tons of intelligent people who have read up and are posting all over the boards, everywhere. Some are very close to the truth. Most are liars and pretended frauds. A researcher keeps his own council, does his own legwork and minutia, takes his own pics, documents his own data sets, and listens, listens, listens, to what the images and experiences are saying to him on an outer and INNER LEVEL, where things matter anyway.

Keep it honest, to the point, and what you can basically prove. Speculation sucks, unless its said as much.


Especially evil at this time is all the BLIND BATS that can't see dick, and they're all over the web telling people the wildest stuff about the higher planes, dimensions and the way reality works. Amazing crapola. Ask them this, "show me."

Show me.

No? Just take your word for it, right?

That time is past.

And when they finally get around to SHOWING YOU, its some old CIA crap from the sixties floating around USENET boards. For heaven's sake, if we can spot and photograph and see and function with any and all creatures of the higher worlds, why do you think an old Agency pic is going to fool us? I've got kids with better psychism than any dozen proclaimed psychics I've ever met.

Ask for proof. Any sensitive can use their solar plexus to get a sense of your energy field - how your feeling that day, low energy, whatever. But they have no idea how they are doing that, what they are actually sensing, and how it all relates to the reality of the person. Nor even begin to understand. Because humanity is spiritually blind to the higher dimensions. That's slowly changing, but it hasn't happened yet, except to those with refined senses.

But, we'll all get there, so no worries.


Reptoid tells me they only deal in energies, so forth. Face to face meet thing, a few back.

I understand. It's the only hope they have of breaking out. It's their matrix they want freedom out of, hence atomic energy. The destruction of the atom was a rending or alteration of the creation code, using sound harmonics and metals manufactured to various frequency harmonics introduced during the metallurgical process. This allowed them to tune their cores, plutonium, etc., to the frequency of the spirit within. By doing so, they release the astral and the physical into the same dimensional grid, at the same time. The resultant SUN-LIKE blast is the cracking of the code. Problem is, it destroys everything within the matrix, including the soul element, including a reptoid or luciferic soul. Hence the real danger of nukes is the destruction of vital essence, Spiritos.

You see, in the end, they told you. The matrix movies were about the reptoids very real to them, plight. They NEED to escape the matrix that Yahweh imprisoned them in. That's their current iteration of the rebellion, is cracking the creation codes. The atomic energy constructs of the previous century was work toward that goal, which ultimately failed for them, because instead of the door, death came.


12/21/2004 11:18:13 am by cbswork
The Fed

The Federal Reserve Banking system and who owns it.

12/20/2004 09:15:30 am by cbswork
Nest variations

The reptoids in Valencia just radiate such hate and agression. The reptoids in Ojai were sweet, curious and interested. Was abouts walking doing a miter of xmas shopping - why not - and kept finding curious toids just kinda watching what I was doing - not to spy, a first - but curiosity. "Hey! The freak of nature is here in town, let's go see what he looks like."

So, would come out of a shop, and they'd be gathered abouts. Gwyneth Paltrow walked right up to me, smiled her smile, and kept walking. She's elite and really radiated a nice energy, for a toid. FYI, stranger and stranger...


Eariler, was at Jolly Cone in Meiner's Oaks, having lunch with Nathan and the whole place, all the customers within minutes, was all reptoid. So, me and Nater blast the joint. Within 2 minutes EVERY SINGLE customer in the place left, leaving only us two and the counter help. From packed to parking lot in under 100 seconds.

Blasting really gives you that breathing room one needs to function...


Sunday morning, all the toids were out in the circle below, the families and their "kids." Making noise and being noisy. Then that chat started up, the clicking thing they do. So, twenty seconds of blasting completely emptied the street. The fams that didn't live there, piled in their car and left immediately. The neighbors all went inside.



When a reptoid is blasted, what they experience is a panic attack for that is what I witness, over and over again. If you've ever had a panic attack, it feels like the walls are closing in and YOUR sense of identity and who you are, vanishes. You cannot breath, your chest hurts, your body temperature starts dropping very fast and your skin feels clammy and cold. Then, the cold sweats and heat swoons overtake you, crumbling you to your knees. Every sound is magnified a thousand-fold and hurts the ears. Like that.


and BTW, thank you for that - shopping money and all. FIrst time since winter 2000 I've had ANY kind of funds for ANY kind of gift shopping, even modest expenditures like i did yesterday. Last year, we had our first xmas in years, thanks to the orgone community and this year, we had our first home with running hot water and heat, in four years. It's nice to sleep on a bed for a change, instead of a concrete slab floor with no carpet. It's nice to wake up and not find ice on the INSIDE of your windows. It's nice to be able to see your kids with decent clothes, even though we still only buy used clothes - money isn't that good. Still, better than it was and we're still a family, in spite of everything. Or maybe, because of everything.

So, thanks for that, all your orgone aware folks and customers, for giving us a life. And thanks to you, Don and Carol and fellow etheric warriors, for always being there. Always...

Merry Christmas everyone...whatever that means to you.


A covert war is very often, the strangest of wars. Enemies on the surface, appear friends. And vice-versa. All that noise one use to get in old spy movies now makes sense, when you find yourself in exactly similar circumstances. Except instead of between nations, its between species of humanoid.

Seeing a great many government folks out with cameras tring to plug into the scene. They appear very frustrated. Technology and camera settings aren't the answer. Yesterdays shots were shot without even looking into the viewfinder. I held the camera at belt-height and let rip a few bursts of auto-fire. The rest, takes care of itself. I'm too busy participating in what's happening, and often, forget to even turn the camera on. Like it is for many folks, I suspect.

Of course, each and every time, its that love vibe first. Which is really easy and generally, all the time now non-stop. Most amazing traumas sent my way this last month, that in times past, would have sent me over the mental edge - bad things, bad attacks, bad people, doing tons of bad - but now. Not even the slightest reaction and that cool serenity thing is working out nicely. Once you let that river flow through you just a few times, the floodgates tend to get left open BY THE GATE TENDERS ON THE OTHER SIDE. Yet another new twist in whole deal.


Los Angeles is spanish for The Angels...


From the get-go this thing.

Reptoids didn't infiltrate Hollywood. They created the film business. DW Griffith was a reptoid. Toids didn't hijack this country, they invented it. From the beginning and for thousands of years. Everything we know as reality is something given to us by a reptoid. Nicholas Tesla?

Reptoid, dude. A REPTOID.

It gets worse and worse. In fact, you don't really want to know how bad it is. Not kidding.


Another point, before I sign off for the morning is, seem to be able to hang and converse with them as long as they aren't throwing out hate. Yesterday in Ojai was actually a very nice day out, even surrounded by them. I didn't blast while shopping, just cooled my jets and stayed focused on having a nice day. And, could stand right next to them. As long as they don't start up with their anger-hate flows from the Dark Deep, we seem to be able to stand each other for long enough. Of course, they've had to do that with us for ages, but now, its our turn.

Strange times...


And, as it happens, the coolest thing I've found out this month - and every day is something new - is that there are ANGELS all around us, in human form, pretending to be human beings. Some with families, even. The GOOD angels, from highest corridors of the Most High in Heaven. Imagine that....

And some, don't know they are angels. They actually think they are human. Imagine that...

Isn't that wild?

Black Angus, Valencia

Spooky meeting last night...


Like from a bad B movie, it was like that. Very spooky.


Met someone in Valencia at Black Angus, a place I hadn't been to since 1989. Had to wait an hour for them to arrive, as it happens. So, went in and placed a reservation for a table and the hostess in front of me, looks up - i force a shift on her - and instantly, every lizard in the place stopped what they were doing, like of one mind, and turned toward me. Nothing said. Lots of clamor all around - no one seeing anything out of the ordinary - like that scene from the movie CASINO, where you see all these guys move into place as they are about to cattle-prod a card shark - two separate realities occuring in the same spot.

Of course, from then on, it was firebolts of hate. Emptied the place, not by blasting, but just sitting there waiting. It went from Friday night drunk and packed to the whistling wind in less than half an hour and during peak evening dinner hour - 7 to 8pm.

Actually said aloud as I walked in to myself, "no blasting or baiting...just a quiet evening out to deal with a thing...." Didn't matter. Once they know you know, you are marked forever. The table they took me to was the one closest to the kitchen bathrooms, all noise and shouting. COmplained, got a change...with malice and hate and ALL OF THEM screaming at me as they walked by


Like that. Every one. You talk to your mother with that mouth, honey?'s so you can't go anywhere without the cloud of hate waiting to unleash on you.



Every store I've been into, restaurant or whatever, a lizard was the manager. Every single one so far in Valencia. The entire serving staff of Black Angus was reptoid. All of them.

12/16/2004 08:13:47 pm by cbswork

Posted: Nov 19 2006, 04:36 PM


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St. Paul's catacombs on Malta.

Interesting article on Malta and caverns and such...


The 1542 manuscript, Cabeza de Vaca's "Adventures in the Unknown Interior of America," contains an account which may sound more than a little familiar to the modern fortean or ufo researcher.

In the 1530s and 40s, the Spaniard Cabeza de Vaca and his conquistadores, following the Mississippi River as they explored the North American interior, came into contact with many Native American tribes of varying dispositions, ranging from hostile to friendly. Upon meeting and befriending the Avavares, possibly in the vicinity of the Ozarks or further westward, the Spaniards were told a most unusual tale by their hosts.

According to the Indians, approximately sixteen years earlier the region had been visited by another "bearded" character of unusual aspect. This fellow was called by the Indians "Badthing," or "Malacosa," an accurate appellation given his proclivities. Even though bearded, his facial features were "never seen clearly" or where otherwise indistinct or else clouded and concealed from perception or memory; "he" invaded Indian homes by night, accompanied by a "bright light," and the hair of the inhabitants would "stand on end." Apparently paralyzed against resisting, the poor tribes-people would stand helpless, as, armed with a "blazing brand" or wand of some sort, the creature would rush inside and perform intrusive surgeries upon its victims. This ranged from abdominal intrusions and taking of intestinal samples, to incisions or perhaps partial amputations of arms and legs, which would then been surgically stitched or otherwise repaired. Apparently, as is the case with modern UFO abductions and medical procedures, anesthetic was not a part of the program.

The androgynous ambiguity of this creature was not lost on the Indians, for they said that during this season of visitation, "Mr. Badthing" would appear in the midst of their feasts and celebrations, dressed alternately as an Indian man or woman, which raises the question of a possible quest for genetic material based on seduction. The Indians offered "him" food, but he never ate; they inquired as to his place of origin, and "Badthing" pointed to a nearby crevice in the ground and told them that his home was there, in the regions below.

The Spaniards laughed at the account of the barbarian bogey-man, until the Indians brought forward numerous people who still bore the visible scars of the intrusive or amputation and reattachment surgeries.

Shocked, de Vaca and his men informed the Native Americans that the creature, whom the Indians still greatly feared, was diabolical in nature, but as long as the Christian Spaniards were their guests, "it" would not return, nor be able to inflict injuries as it had done previously. The Indians were greatly overjoyed at this news, and the Spaniards then instructed them in the rudiments of Christian theology before departing.

Who or what was this "Mr. Badthing," or "SeÒor Malacosa?" Like many modern UFOnauts who perform intrusive surgical procedures, he or it was androgynous or, more likely, sexless, its visitations accompanied by a "bright light," and "electrical sensation," a form of paralysis in the victim, the use of a glowing "wand" or baton, and the taking of tissue or genetic samples. Recent human mutilations, particularly a well-documented case in Brazil, found the victim to have been somehow disemboweled completely through a tiny incision near the navel. The similarities to "Mr. Badthing" are more than coincidental, they are nearly identical. Another interesting point is that the location where all of this occurred may be approximately the area near Cushman, Arkansas, near the final home of Richard S. Shaver, and the place where inner-earth researcher Charles Marcoux met his unusual death from yellow-jackets encountered deep with a cave. This happened as he made an attempt to explore "Blowing Cave," an alleged entrance to the underworld realm.

Some recent UFOlogical researchers have pointed out a preponderance of UFO abductions among people of whole or partial Native American descent. Whether this is related at all to the predatory habits of "Mr. Badthing" has yet to be proven, and as his intrusions parallel those of strange underworld and UFO creatures as recorded all over the world, perhaps the case should just serve as an example of how ongoing and intrusive the phenomena has always been.

In our present day, Argentina has been visited by a cave-originating representative of a super-dense, immensely strong hair-covered dwarf or imp-like race, which they newspapers call "El Diablito," or "The Little Devil." This little creep terrorizes children, pets, and policemen, picks up cars, and grunts, snarls and so forth. He also apparently attacked or approached a policeman and threatened to "take him to hell." Upon which the cop apparently left the scene. El Diablito is also credited with besting two full-sized military sentries and tossing one up into a tree.

Of course hairy dwarfs or dwarves are nothing new to UFOlogy or to folklore, but while the Latinos consider him to be an "imp" or "diablito," in terms of appearance and density, strength, and so forth, he more closely fits the Norse description of the dark elves, or the Germanic Nibelungs.

The dero similarity is fairly obvious, as well, as they were often described by Richard Shaver as being "dwarfish" or stunted. The UFO connection ties in with all of these traditions, of course, as the Scandinavian/Teutonic underworld dwarf was a maker of "marvelous" or magical (technological) items, such as contrivances for carrying the gods around (vehicles), weapons like Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Tyre's "mechanical" or artificial hand, and other marvelous treasures.

The "hairy dwarf" UFOnauts do seem to be mostly a Latin American phenomena, although "dwarfish" hairy entities, sometimes called "monsters," have been reported over the years in caves or other underground areas, all over the world. As reported by Timothy Green Beckley in his book "THE SHAVER MYSTERY AND THE INNER EARTH" (Gray Barker Books., 1967., pp. 61-62), and also by the late Charles Marcoux, similar entities were encountered near McCallester, Oklahoma, at the site of an ancient hill or mound, which of course would immediately equate to fairies, elves, trolls and the like in the Old World.

This mound or hill had been the location of many mysterious livestock mutilations, mysterious noises and cries, and the like. The elderly farmer who owned the land considered the hill to be possessed or haunted by evil spirits.

In search of adventure and rumored treasure, three brave fellows decided to check out the hill for themselves. After a bit of searching, they located a small entrance, which they enlarged sufficiently to permit passage. Making their way within, they discovered a large chamber along with a seemingly bottomless shaft, descending into the depths of the Earth. This shaft was surrounded by a spiral staircase of a scale fit for giants.

The three men carefully descended the staircase for hours, until their flashlights began to grow dim. The decided to return to the surface, but as they neared the entrance they were attacked from behind-i.e., from the region of the pit-by a pack of hairy, four and five-foot tall humanoid creatures. These things attacked with claws and teeth, snarling like animals, and managed to latch onto one of the men as the other two escaped. At this point, and as so often happens with discovered entrances to the underworld realm, a cave-in occurred at the entrance, trapping the embattled man inside. Fortunately, he had had the foresight to bring along a .45 caliber handgun, which he used against his assailants. This did not kill them, as they seemed possessed of an unnatural density, but it did slow them down as the bullets apparently "hurt."

Fortunately, his friends quickly dug the entrance clear, and pulled their companion out. To their shock, he was covered with what they described as "yellow blood," a type of ichor from the injured entities inside the hill. After this adventure, the three joined the army to fight in the Korean War, and never returned, as planned, to take up where they had left off.

Researcher Charles Marcoux visited the site many years later, and reported that the entrance was totally closed by "break-down," the rubble of a cave-in.

As recently as April of 1998, in Pisac, Peru, the strangely-mutilated bodies of two people were reported anonymously to the police (Policia Nacional del Peru, or PNP), who found two unidentified dead men with "all of their muscles exposed and not a single gram of fat on them." In other words, Liposuction from Hell.

Local Indians and others no doubt nodded knowingly. Such a "predatory humanoid" has been known for centuries throughout the Andes, where it is called "pishtaco," or "lik'ichiri." One tribe of Indians, the Aguaruna, believe that these creatures are "half-gringos" or pale in color, live in caves, shun sunlight, and suck the body fat from their victims, as well as sometimes "butchering" people like livestock for their flesh and blood.

Are the "pishtacos" symbolic memories of the Spanish conquerors, who worked the local people literally to death at times? Or are they relatives or representatives of the same race or species of intrusive beings from which sprang "Mr. Badthing?" And do "symbolic memories" murder grown men in our "modern" era, skin them, and drain all of the subcutaneous and other fat from their bodies?

Probably not.


The ruin known as Hal Saflieni, on Malta, is among the most ancient and mysterious subterranean sites or structures in the world. Apparently neolithic or even older, the "temple-complex," complete with a buried oracle-chamber from which a speaker could project the demanding voice of a god or goddess throughout the entire complex, is officially composed of three levels. Excavators of the site, in the early 1900s, removed the sacrificed and apparently cannibalized remains of over 30,000 people. The remains of these unfortunate souls had piled up over untold centuries.

According to researcher Riley Crabb, Director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates, and as detailed in his printed 1960s lecture "The Reality of the Underground," the remains of these people were of normal human type and stature. This did not explain the many tiny tunnels, carved from solid rock, which led away from the main, "upper" yet still subterranean chambers, and down and away into darkness. These tunnels are only a few feet in height, and would have been utilized by beings of extremely small stature. Yet there are rumors of and evidence for other types of beings lurking beneath Hal Saflieni, and perhaps the entire island of Malta. In addition to the small tunnels, others of larger size, long-since covered or blocked off, once led away into subterranean catacombs and caverns.

According to Richard Walter's article "Wanderers Awheel in Malta," as featured in the August 1940 National Geographic, and as reprinted by Crabb in his lecture, "Years ago one could walk underground from one end of Malta to the other, but all entrances were closed by the government because of a tragedy. On a sight-seeing trip, comparable to a nature study tour in our own (American) schools, a number of elementary school children and their teachers descended into the tunneled maze and did not return. For weeks mothers declared that they heard wailing and screaming from underground, but numerous excavations and searching parties brought no trace of the lost souls. After three weeks they were finally given up for dead."

In 1935 two schoolteachers, leading a large group of elementary students on an "educational" outing, decided to explore the catacombs and caverns beneath Hal Saflieni. According to witnesses, "as the last student turned the cornerÖthe rope was clean cut." This "accident" was followed by a sudden "cave-in" which completely sealed the tunnel into which they'd gone.

While "caving" or spelunking accidents occur regularly, this event was preceded by another a few days earlier which put the entire matter into a different perspective. As related to Riley Crabb by a Miss Lois Jessup, and recounted as follows in "The Reality of the Underground:"

"What's down there?" she asked the guide, pointing to a small opening off the walls. "Go there at your own risk, and you won't go far," he replied. This was a challenge Lois couldn't pass up. She talked it over with her friends. Two of them decided to stay with Joe. The other three summoned up enough courage to explore with her. "I was wearing a dress with a long sash that day and as I decided to lead the group I asked the fellow behind me to hold onto it. So, with half-burnt candles in our hands the four of us started through that low, narrow passage, groping and laughing our way through. " I cam out first, of course, onto a ledge pathway only two feet wide, with a sheer drop of fifty feet or more on my right and the wall on my left.

I took a step forward, keeping close to the rock wall side. The person behind me, still holding on to my sash, was still in the tunnel. "I held my candle higher and peered down into the abyss, thinking that with this dangerous drop it was better not to go on further without a guide. Then I saw about twenty persons of giant stature emerge from an opening deep below me. They were walking in single file along another narrow ledge down below. Their height I judged to be about twenty to twenty-five feet, since their heads came up about half way on the wall on the opposite side of the cave. They walked very slowly, taking long strides. Then they all stopped, turned and raised their heads in my direction. All simultaneously raised their arms and with their hands beckoned to me.

The movement was something like snatching or feeling for something, as the palms of their hands were turned down." By this time her friends back in the passage were becoming impatient of the delay. There was a tug at the sash. "Go on. We're all getting stuck in here. What's the matter?" "Well," stammered Lois, "there's nothing much to see." She took another hesitant step forward, her candle in her right hand, her left hand against the cold rock for support. but it wasn't on a cold rock wall, it was on something damp and wet, AND IT MOVED! "Then a strong wind came from nowhere and blew my candle out! Now I really WAS scared in the darkness. I yelled to the others, "GO BACK! GO BACK! Guide me with my sash. I can't see!" "They pulled me back into the low tunnel and we backed up all the way along the passage into the larger room." Lois was relieved to see her friends and Joe, the guide, again. "Did you see anything?" one of them replied. "No, my candle went out," she replied with finality. "There was a strong draft in there." "Let's go," said Joe, looking at Lois, and she returned his glance eye for eye.

She knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that at one time Joe had also seen those giants. There was an expression of caution in his glance which held her to silence. "Out in the hot Malta sunshine again we thanked our guide and as we tipped him Joe said to me: "If YOU really are interested in exploring further it would be wise to join a group. There is a schoolteacher who is going to take a party exploring soon." Lois left her address with him, suggesting that he have the schoolteacher get in touch with her; but she never heard any more of it.

Some few days later one of the friends of the Hal Saflieni excursion called her on the phone. "Remember that tunnel you wanted to explore in the Hypogaeum?" Well, it says here in the local paper that a schoolmaster and thirty students went exploring and apparently got as far as we got. They were roped together, with the end of the rope tied to the opening of the cave. As the last student turned the corner where your candle blew out the rope was clean cut. None of the party was found because the walls caved in." Miss Jessup was shocked by the news, but it only strengthened her own resolve to say nothing of what she had seen and felt that unforgettable day in Hal Saflieni.

Some months later her sister came to Malta on a visit, and insisted on touring the famous Hypogaeum. Reluctantly, Lois went along, retracing the same route but this time with a different guide! She awaited that fateful opening with a dread expectancy as they worked their way through the corridors and rooms to the lowest level. The entrance to the tunnel was boarded up! So giant, hairy humanoids, described long before "sasquatch" and his various relatives became the center of tempest-in-theoretical-teapot debates among hominid postulators who ignore an underworld connection (largely out of realization that there own theories may have to be modified), were seen and described in detail by a frightened young woman. A few days later, a large group of children and at least two adults disappeared in the SAME cavern, forever. "Surely," the renowned cryptozoologist may pontificate, "if these creatures were actually seen, then they represent an unknown hominid which is wholly part of the natural (i.e., 'surface') world. They can be handily categorized, fit into neat bestiaries of our own devising, and explained away. They are not seen over-running Malta in their full, towering, twenty-foot height, because they only come out at night and crawl around on their bellies in order to avoid detection."

According to Crabb, Miss Jessup described these subterranean beings in the following manner, her description embellished with Crabb's own interpretation of their nature: Actually, Lois found the giants of the cave hard to describe because of their covering which seemed to be like long white hair, combed downward and shaggy looking. Their heads were unusually elongated at chin and top with large features, and the hair on their heads fell about the shoulders like a draped monk's cowl. Lois found the Heindel drawings exciting because "the currents in the desire body" sketches were the first to resemble in any way the cave dwellers she saw on Malta. Nor does her description of them correspond to Shaver's Deros, hideous dwarfs or trolls who might very well have carved that portion of Hal Saflieni now open to the public. this conflict in sizes and types very well illustrates the point I made earlier, that the underworld is peopled with beings of many sizes, shapes and varying degrees of density, from the completely physical to the completely invisible. Which leads to our next section.


Adjustable or varying density seems to be a trait or ability shared by apparitions, unknown humanoids, and some "cryptid" creatures. UFOnauts are said by witnesses to be able to "alter" their own physical density, pass through solid walls and doors, yet also become completely physical when they wish or need to be so. In 1987, a group of Russian cosmonauts aboard Salyut 7 reported to their mission commanders that they had been visited while in space by gigantic, nebulous beings, which they called "angels." These beings, beside whom the cosmonauts and their vessel were but insects, smiled benignly, enigmatically, and perhaps somewhat amusedly at the tiny human interlopers into space. Vladimir Solevev, Oleg Atkov and Leonid Kizim went on record as saying, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels." Of course, traditionally "angels" can alter their density at will, becoming solid and visible, solid and invisible, or ethereal and visible, as the mood strikes them. When taking on a human form, as in Old Testament accounts, they are approximately of human size and apparent density. UFO entities are often described in similar terms.

According to Bill Moore and Charles Berlitz, the late paranormal researcher Gerald Light was invited to a top-secret meeting at Edwards Airforce Base in 1954. Here, apparently for the sake of eliciting an opinion from him, Light was shown a variety of captured "alien" aeroforms or craft, as well as some of the entities who were "instructing" the military in their operation. According to a letter from Light, written to researcher Meade Layne of Borderland Sciences Research Institute (and reported by Berlitz and Moore in their book, The Roswell Incident), these beings were capable of altering their physical density at will, as well as their visibility. He referred to them as "etherians." They could appear as solid and "real" as a human being, or "fade away" by degrees. One section of the letter expresses Light's horror or shock at seeing these beings for himself, and the effect of their reality on the usually unflappable military men around him: '"To watch strong minds flinch before totally irreconcilable aspects of "science" is not a pleasant thing. I had forgotten how commonplace such things as the "dematerialization" of solid objects had become to my own mind.

The coming and going of an etheric, or spirit, body has been so familiar to me these many years I had just forgotten that such a manifestation could snap the mental balance of a man not so conditioned. I shall never forget those forty-eight hours at Muroc!"' Previously in the letter, Light refers to these "other" humanoids in the following manner: "During my two days visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our air-force officials-with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions."' The key term here is etherians, but the ability to manifest in a "solid" physical form does not go unnoticed. Many entities, from the recent evil dwarf in Argentina called "El Diablito," to El Chupacabras, the "Hopkinsville Goblins," the Jersey Devil, and a wide variety of hairy humanoids of many sizes and descriptions, exhibit characteristics of extreme density, invulnerability to shotgun-blasts, bullets, shovels, vehicle impact, and other blows, and an unnatural strength or musculature which seems to enable abnormally high jumps, leaps, bounds, or speeds. This strength also enables them to rip into animal pens as if they are made of paper, or to escape any confines or snares which are set for them.

If examined logically, this variation of density becomes a clear characteristic of at least some anomalous entities, although not of all. If, as evidence overwhelmingly indicates, "El Diablito" and El Chupacabras, as well as many of the others mentioned, have a deep subterranean or "cavern-world" origin, then this increased density and strength may be due to an origin or ongoing habitation at pressures much greater than those which exist in the surface world. So where do the other, less "animal-like" beings, specifically angels and UFO entities, tie in? Unlike the others, they seem to be able to alter their physical density, vibratory level, or distance between their constituent atoms at will. This may very well be an attribute of beings of "spirit," but they are also physical when it suits them to be so.

Reflecting upon the giant angels as seen and sworn to by the cosmonauts, one has to note that, in an area of almost zero pressure and far from the Earth's most powerful electromagnetic and gravitational pulls, these beings were "greatly expanded" in size. Could it be that, upon reaching the surface of the planet, whether in a visible or invisible state, they would be naturally "compressed" to human size in some way, perhaps due to the electromagnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth? Conversely, is the super-hard or seemingly preternatural density, impervious nature, and excessive strength of more animalistic entities evidence of their subterranean origin at higher pressures, or nearer to a deep region of greater magnetic or gravitational force?

Some beings are apparently capable of altering their density at will, and these types seem to be initiators of encounters, the intentional interlopers and manipulators of human lives. The other category of entity seem to be types of purely physical creatures, yet evidence would seem to indicate that these beings may very well be in the service or at the beck-and-call of those with more "spiritual" density-altering abilities, and almost certainly of some sort of subterranean origin. The same can be said, perhaps, of other humanoid races or specie, particularly those who are interested in human and livestock genetics and flesh.

When anomalous entities are examined in the light of the foregoing theory, scientific reality and common sense seem to merge with the mystical or the outrÈ, to present an explanation which reconciles these things to our own physical reality. If this "variable density," or even organic densities different from our own are maintained, controlled, or otherwise affected by electromagnetic fields, or the EM field of the Earth itself, then this would explain much in terms of traditional beliefs about such beings. In many folk traditions around the world, iron is believed to have a particular efficacy against the influence of underworld beings. This is as true in Celtic and British folklore as it is in some Japanese and other accounts.

Much of this data is discussed in HIDDEN NEIGHBORS, which is a section in the book CAVERNS, CAULDRONS, AND CONCEALED CREATURES. After careful consideration of some of these accounts and beliefs, and taking into account many apparent electromagnetic connections which exist in regard to hauntings, UFO activity, ley lines, "places of power," and so forth, it seems that perhaps iron has a disruptive effect upon electrical or electromagnetic fields and the stability of some degrees of density which are utilized by the more "etheric" beings. When one considers that we are all, in effect, electromagnetic creatures, this makes some degree of sense.

The Highland Scots, Gaelic Irish, and the Norse were especially aware of this connection, and it's mentioned by Robert Kirk in The Secret Commonwealth, wherein which he in fact states that not only iron, but some "ultimate lodestone" in some depth of the north is most greatly feared by the "subterraneans." Does the electromagnetic field of the Earth present an underlying explanation or connection which provides a logical "unifying field" for things like telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, reincarnation, and so on? We know that the human brain is a radio transmitter and receiver which is also highly electromagnetic in nature and activity; the most powerful naturally-occurring electromagnetic field that we know of, and which we all bathe in constantly, is that of the Earth itself. Some "hauntings" are thought to be imprints or recordings of extremely emotional events in the environment, and this is an electromagnetic phenomenon which has often been measured with electronic equipment. Perhaps "ghosts," perceived "memories" of reincarnation, and "insight" or clairvoyance are all recordings, "stored data," or accessing of information which is naturally held in the electromagnetic field ("akashic record") of the Earth.

By the same token, "places of power," mystical locations, ley lines, vortices, and so forth all are distinguished by a much higher-than-normal electromagnetic field. This concept doesn't negate any clairvoyant knowledge, experience or even a reincarnation memory in any way, but perhaps people who are of such a sensitive, "receiver" nature can consciously or subconsciously "load the data," which is stored somehow in the electromagnetic-physical matrix of the planet, as their own and replay it nearly perfectly. This may be due to something distinctive to their brain structure, and may part of the reason that UFOnauts, fairies, elves, succubi, incubi, and other beings exhibit interest in specific racial or cultural groups. Often these groups are those who exhibit higher-than-average extrasensory or precognitive abilities, which the Highland Gaels of Scotland called "the Sight." There seems little doubt that "things of spirit," and of some things which are connected to "spiritual" mysteries and anomalous entities, exhibit some sort of electromagnetic connection. The "disruptive" power of iron on subterranean "fairies," the alleged interest of modern UFOnauts or "reptoids" for sources of natural magnetism or high-voltage power-lines, and other mysteries may be brought into a more logical perspective if we view ourselves all as being rather like programs and subroutines which "run" on the electromagnetic (multi-dimensional) and physical hard-drive of a spinning dynamo that we call the Earth.

This perception of other regions on the electromagnetic spectrum may also explain some aspects of abduction experiences, out-of-body experiences, and "astral" travel. Lucid dreams which take on an "astral" tone may also be due to one's brain tapping into another spectrum of reality which exists on, or possibly within, our planet. George Wagner of Cincinnati, Ohio, relates the following "dream":

"Although I've not had an "old hag" experience, I HAVE had a couple or three nightmares that went FAR beyond the usual breed. These experiences were the most terribly frightening I've EVER had, asleep or awake. It was as though I had plugged myself directly into the electric light circuit of evil. A friend asked me how I'd compare the evil of these dreams with, say, an extremely frightening horror movie. I answered that you'd have to multiply by many thousands. '"Look! He SEES the Demon-Bishop!" In the worst of these dreams, I found myself led by people I knew and trusted into a large, almost cavernous room.

A huge and monstrous infant sat in the center of this chamber, an immensely fat baby weighing many tons and at least six feet high even in its seated position. It was naked except for an incredibly filthy diaper and a soiled and stained bishop's miter on its head. The infant held a bishop's crosier. The end of this staff was a human skull which seemed to be alive. The eyes glowed red and the jaw nattered and chittered all sorts of soundless blasphemies. There were also tiny, "living" skulls all over the miter on the baby's head. The crowd which surrounded me worshipped this monstrosity. Huge black flies crawled over the baby's body and circled in festering love-orbits around it. It was STRONGLY impressed upon me that if I too worshipped the baby, I could also become one of these dreadful black flies. [Hey, what a deal!] (This whole tableau struck me as violently as a sledge hammer blow. Waves of evil rushed at me, gushed at me, like lava from a volcano. And the whole scene was filled with a tremendous BUZZING sound.

Ever since this dream I've been certain of one thing: evil BUZZES.) Now the evil became truly unbearable. I KNEW that the God of the Bible, of Jacob and Moses, of Mark and Luke and Paul, was a most impious myth. The Demon-Bishop was indeed God and I must go down on my knees in abject adoration. One knee touched the ground and the other was less than an inch from the surface. I knew that in a second or two I would be damned forever. So I tried to call out to Jesus Christ. But my tongue seemed to fill my entire mouth, so that I could manage nothing more than a croaking "Yedus Ki! Yedus Ki!" '"Listen to him!" the crowd cried out. "He still believes in that moth-eaten old fairy tale!" But "Yedus Ki" heard my prayer and I awoke in bed. My bed seemed to be rolling up in down, like a rowboat passing through rough breakers.

I immediately leaped out of bed, and the entire room seemed to be lurching up and down, like a crazy elevator (I assume this was all an inner-ear disturbance.) My mattress was SOAKED with sweat. I even squeezed drops of water out of it. But I then flopped back into bed, fell immediately asleep, and slept like a baby until morning."

The "buzzing" sound which Mr. Wagner relates as being an integral part of his experience, he has also felt at other times when something "unusual" seemed to be occurring. He's not alone; UFO abductions and encounters, out-of-body experiences, "old hag" or "succubus" attacks, and many other strange phenomena are accompanied by sensations of buzzing, vibrating, or even powerful or paralyzing electrical and vibratory sensations. Did George Wagner leave his body, as he seems to think he might have done, and was his consciousness or personality "somewhere else," beneath the ground?

Folkore or religious connections jump out here. First, one of the chieftains of the fallen Seraphim (and perhaps one of the Nephilim or Anunna/Anunnaki) is the demon Beelzebub (Hebrew "Ba'al zebub," or "Ba'al, Lord of the Flies"), who has the traditional title of "LORD OF THE FLIES." Second, Beelzebub is also the demon of GLUTTONY, eating, drinking, and sexual excess. He's often portrayed as either a giant fly, or as an obese, huge creature. This sounds precisely like the thing in George's dream. The 'obese' baby of huge, gluttonous size, controller of all the "flies" who were damned or captured human souls, seems likely to have represented or been no one other than the personality who is traditionally known as Beelzebub. The "bishop" reference or title would be indicative of a "hierarchy of mockery" which is in place, in which the structure of the Catholic Church is mocked.

The demonological connections of the symbolism simply fit together too perfectly to be "coincidence." George seems to think that this experience has something to do with his proximity to a "window region" for strange phenomena, UFO sightings, unknown creatures, and paranormal activity, the region where Ohio, and heavily-caverned Kentucky and West Virginia come together. Perhaps not coincidentally, this region is also the haunt of "Mothman," the "Hopkinsville Goblins," and other strange beings.

The "disoriented" motion or sensation experienced by George upon awakening is also not unfamiliar to others who have experienced an "altered state" of consciousness, and been abruptly returned to the body. This may imply that the electromagnetic component of the mind which is the "personality," the "soul," or something comparable, is out of alignment with the physical brain when first "pulled back into place." And underlying the entire account is the "buzzing" electromagnetic sensation, a clue at the very least to the nature of the phenomenon, and perhaps a clue to the layered realities of varying densities which are beneath, above, and around us, and always have been. Perhaps "ET" should stand for "Electromagnetically Transmutable," and an "imp" should be called an EMpÖ.
-The End -

Article Copyright 2001, Wm. Michael Mott

12/17/2004 12:05:23 am by cbswork

Reptoid Baiting

Once you realize the gravity of the situation and how bad it is, there's the coping thing, the "help me understand this mess, God?" thing, and the, "what can I do?"

Right. Okay. YOu need to get to that place. The place of, what do we do about it.

If you can spot them or are sure of one or many, go for the one CLOSEST TO YOU IN YOUR LIFE. Then blast them, twenty times a day. Every fifteen minutes. Tape a pic where you hang or even a note with their name, written underneath, "Please Blast the shit out of me! Make it burn!"

Get in the love mode, let 'er rip.


Because, you see, that person closest to you is the one whose been manipulating you, creating disaster, farging you at your most vulnerable, and the whole time, you're thinkin' these were natural events, the other person the victim, too, and all that. ANd the whole time, it was THEIR finger on the trigger. And every time. It sucks.

Then, you know the world is theirs. If you could change things, it would only be into yet another 'toids playground, and they'd be WAITING for you, right?

So...strap on your six-guns and get to work. It's the only way to regain some reality and FREEDOM.


Twenty times a day - or fifty. Keep the pressure on, never stopping, ever.


If you take and composite all these reptoid pics put up here, with them shifting and all, you can then use these thumbnails to help your mind develop profiles of potential 'toid candidates.

Yeah, and from now on, calling them 'toids. Only because they hate that one even more. Be lucky it didn't get further translated into "turds." Anyways...

Once you can see prevailing bloodline characteristics they all carry, and there are about 13 different annuk types, so far in my research. Distinct, separate bodies and caste system. For real. Fritz was more right than he knew, apparently.

Advise the above, so you can kind help your radar along. Of course, if you aren't sure, just blast them. Watch what happens. But you have to blast correctly, OR IT DOES NO GOOD. That warm vibe, plug into god, use His Power, and let fly.

It's the only I have right now, to help, really. Just blasting. Get their attention, make them heel and obey the true sovereign on the planet, see what happens.

In summary, ratchet up things, because they are.

12/15/2004 12:07:30 am by cbswork
Reptoids hate

being called reptoids. Hate the word, other than the HUMANOID link it gives them. It goes without saying most of the DNA on the planet is corrupted. See varying strains of Annuk bloodlines all around, and coincindentally, it appears to be the same 13 types of expressions, hence, the bloodline link again showing up. This fits. Each bloodline "might" have some distinctive qualities - more agression, stamina in one, beauty and the arts, in another type. It appears to be the case, which also translates downward into their varying caste sytems: beta or sex models, soldier models for the military, and so on.

I know...very pretty. Very. Once you understand finally, what you are looking at, and, get your eyes awakened a bit, which WILL HAPPEN...then you start going back over your life and seeing how many hits play on the old hit parade. I can confirm at least four former girlfriends WHO ARE MOST DEFINITELY, REPTOID. So, you can't tell, unless you can now see them, or they shift on you. No way you'd know, unless they did that. A bitchy, self-absorbed personality also accompanies these beta/actress models. FYI...

Ever hear of the expression, "man-eater?" Or amazon woman? These coloquiallisms really hint at a darker reality. Of course, feminists will tell you I'm just being sexist. Let me tell you...the feminist movement is ALL REPTOID. ALL OF IT. All the top people and shakers. Steinem, Allred, the whole Hillary gang...


Was at the Trader Joe's here in Reptoid City (Valencia) wiith some of the boys and we walk in and find THE WHOLE CROWD, ALL LIZARD. Within 30 seconds, we emptied the place to less than ten souls. Blasting gets them everytime. Manager comes out, frantic, then sees us and leaves the building.

Point of the story is really two points. One, blasting is wonderful. Clears the decks of non-humans but pronto. I like that. ALOT. Two, reptoids are here.


And, let me tell you. They own the properties we rent and lease. All of us. We are, every single truth seeker in the world, in pocket with them on usually, several layers and levels. No matter where I look, the controls go back so very very far in time...thousands of years...

Your job, your bank, your loan, your life, a reptoid is in control of it, on one level somewhere. And usually, fifty somewhere's as well. This is no-shit, as we used to say.

And the very moment you are capable of sussing them out on your own, then everything changes. Because you are now communicating and living in a world, with an alien species aware THAT YOU KNOW AND CAN ID THEM AT WILL. THis is a massive paradigm change in your life, believe me. Massive. Because all your relationships change, because their meanings change. Think about it...heavy.

It's massive because they treat you differently. And you better not play the ass-kisser or they'll hate you beyond words. They only respect the declared sovereign. Only...any other relationship with them only breeds scorn, contempt, and the darkest of malice you can't imagine. And, you'll be functioning differently with them, because your boss is no longer human. Or your school teacher. Or your girlfriend...

And unless you can handle that, you'll go insame. Raving... Total schizoid split with reality. Which you don't want. So, you have to already be prepping your head about how you'll handle lizard-human day to day things, because that's exactly what you will have to do. As my family had to do, this last year.

And pretty soon, they'll be in our face. They know its coming, better than we. The etheric shifts and all-is-made-visible thing, you know?


First change, in my mind, would be, how all the norms and givens we've accepted as facts of life, will all change, once we see who'se been serving these ideas and traditions up to us. The military, banking, the whole smash are all realities we accept because the power structure maintains that. When that structure is demonstrably not the same as the people beneath same structure, the structure MUST FALL. Simple logic, really. So, that's a first. And, they'll want to keep those structures in place. Lots to think about, as you see lizards walk down your street at night...

12/15/2004 12:47:15 am by cbswork

National Treasure

Here's the national treasure - reptoids.

You can see her lizard head and neck -annuk elite. It's a stunning beauty that burns very brightly for a short time, then tanks fast, once the Beast withdraws his power they plug into. When that happens, they hag-up pretty fast. Hags...heartless women who pretend to love, but are incapable of any love, other than superficial physical love, which they HOPE you'll believe is one and the same thing. It's not.

These people are freaks of nature, not beauties to behold. Believe me, once their charms drop, they have NO POWER over you. They can wiggle and shake and put on the moves, and wear seductive clothes, and work up all the mojo they want - does them no good. Once you understand you are looking at a walking lizard, then these charms mean nothing to you. Study Di's face closely. This is Nephilim, elite. High-breeding on the plains of America, then shunted off to some Illuminist family for upbringing and inculcation into the dark arts, so they too, can ply their trade of damnation.

Very dangerous, very evil.

Gary Webb R.I.P.

Gary busted open the whole CIA selling drugs through LA street grangs - the crips - and his series of articles actually forced CIA director Bennet, I believe, to come to LA and apologize to the black community.

They say suicide. Right. Found dead in his home, gunshot wound to the head, etc.

Yeah...let's not look too closely at those ligature marks around his wrists, eh? Or the angle of the pistol - fired from left rear.


Gary had tons of street creds. Meaning, his credentials on the street were superlative. He busted open the thing, and became a known name in the Truth Community as a fighter. No doubt was working on something, which, with his "creds" would have drawn untoward attention to a certain company. Bet his files are already gone and HDs missing, along with any note journals.

12/12/2004 12:07:59 pm by cbswork
Talking in star language

Star systems showing up in pics?

Dieties emerging from the Sun?

New arrangements in the matrix?


Well, you didn't think it would be all bad, did you? No way. Whatever the darkside is doing, fully-on the good guys are throwing down as well. Just not as visible, until we learn TO SEE THE WORLD WITH THE EYES OF THE HEART.


Yeah, even "I" know the rants have been preachy these last few...well, could be worse. Just trying to keep things on a reporting beam, but even a retard like me can get caught up in the Big Love Message that is also part and parcel of this whole smash. Sorry about that.


"You don't talk like someone who knows what's going on?"

I am the man of my times and age. Not Greek, not Roman...American. We all reflect the culture of our times, in our speech. I write exactly like i talk, without editing, to keep IT HONEST. My actual words, not thought out and edited nicely...

All you get is me, and that sucks, eh? I understand. Lodge a complaint, I would, and get me fired, for heaven's sake. Not going to pretend to be something else...too much of that out there already, dude.

12/12/2004 11:55:29 am by cbswork

You say these monsters will be stopped, but then indicate its in humanity's hands?

Well, regardless of the oppresser - reptoids, ideologies, and energy-archetypes - humanity still has to learn to obey the God within, the heart, and "move along, little doggie." Reptoids are going to run their course. Christ and the angelic hierarchy are going to do what they are going to do. Various star systems and dieties are going to do what they do. In spite of all this, we still have to struggle with CHOICE and ACTION OF THAT CHOICE. A choice not visible in the daily life is a choice never really taken TO HEART AND LIVED. Just given mental place in the mind/soul body.

There actually is a difference.

You can't fake this. LIke with feds, faking it gets you nowhere, because we CAN SEE YOU for what you are, dude. Pretending to be an etheric warrior doesn't make you one. Only you make you one by right action. WHatever right action is to you, not me nor anyone else.

bla bla bla

12/12/2004 11:54:01 am by cbswork
Hey, dude...long time...

no see. Finally, eh?


Remember this sunset pic from yesterday? Look at it again. You'll see that the sun is actually someone's head. You can see His neck, shoulders, body flowing downward from there. Also, look at the bright dots around the coronal aura - they are actually stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere at night. So, you are looking at the Sun and the stars about. Yet, you are also looking at a figure, with a nimbus of Glory around His head.

You can see Ursa Major in the upper right, various planet's and other systems, etc. These pictures are very often, more than just pictures.

Isn't this stuff wild?

See, all is looked after. And don't worry about the reptoids. One burp from the Sun (CME) and this planet can be turned into a floating cinder, if that's what's needed to end this ongoing tragedy.


Also, these aura shots? Still emit the SAME energy in pic form, when ANYONE looks at them, as they did when the original release, was released. And why? Because the Sun is the ultimate radionic symbol, dude. That's why the MAIN SYMBOL of Dark Forces, is the left-hand spinning spiral, the black sun, or Vril. In opposition. This is THEIR opposition. They have their symbols and WE HAVE OURS.

Cool, yeah?


Eight is the number of Christ, numerologically speaking. Fits, doesn't it? Four syllables; two letters each syllable; a consonant, and a vowel, totalling four pairs in Eight, the Complete Octave in music.


Sure, the etheric reporting has shifted of late into the nature of what is being seen on the etheric: TWO very powerful forces collecting on one battlefield and the what, why, when, and who of it all. Also, how that battle is translating downward into our human kingdom, the kingdoms of other star systems and races, as well as the hidden kingdoms on Earth NOBODY knows about. And some of it, you don't want to know, either. Like, old Atlantean genetic experiments, not human, not animal, but a farged up blend. Think Yetti and the dog-faced boy and you'll see how that DNA has played out down the centuries.

Just reporting what is seen. If things were otherwise, I'd be reporting on whatever that otherwise would be.

Yeah, ultra-powerful etheric beings can be slightly intimidating to mere mortals, until they learn they are NOT mere morttals, but Divine Beings, set upon Earth with the powers to actualize something very wonderful in the Universe. Once that is truly KNOWN within one's core and until that becomes a visible fact in the eyes, speech, soul...i'm thinking, things stay...vague. Unclear. Confused.

12/10/2004 09:31:46 pm by cbswork
Whack out the humans

Why haven't they killed off the human species, being in total control and for so very long?

They were restrained by divinity with powers only of PERSUASION, acting solely as TEMPTORS. Until the last days, when even these limits would be removed. When William comes to power, its total war.

They could only influence - and by any means necessary short of physcial coercion. If these divine restrictions didn't hold them in check, we would have been wiped out thousands of years ago, long before our times and time. And all that.

And think about it...

You have on one hand, an entire class of beings - Nephillim, fallen angels - with powers over the etheric, can shapeshift, telepathic communication, empowerment by the heaviest of dark forces as needs be, etc, etc, and on the other hand, a bunch of blind, 3D only humans who want to be led by ANYONE with a fancy smile (Bush proved that, as did Reagan) and a tenuous thread at best connection in the heart center with anything decent. Of course the reptoids are going to be in control. Outmatched in every class.

People...YOU ARE DEALING WITH ANGELS, this little war of ours. Angels are the most powerful beings in the universe, doing the bidding of the creation, the matrix, we all function in. This class of beingness is higher than any other lifeform of creation, Save humankind. They've realized their powers, humanity has not...yet.

And, as humanity realizes its own divinity, then and only then, will this shit stop.

Because until the sheep decide to embrace that tenuous thread, this crap will just keep going on and on and on...oh yeah, this ALL HAPPENS AGAIN IN THE TINY SHORT SPAN OF TIME WHICH IS A THOUSAND YEARS. Not a very long time, even for the astral plane. Will seem like a week. For real.

So, its up to humanity. Do it now, or reset, repeat. Reset, repeat. Reset, Repeat.

And it completely sucks that it's taking this long, too.


And know HOW MANY TIMES we've had this whole reset, repeat thing going on? Should be ashamed of ourselves. We act in complete discordance with our own highest good, and every time.

And yet, be so very much, beyond wildest dreams. Amazes, really...

12/10/2004 08:51:03 pm by cbswork

“Your Papers Please”

US adopts National ID: Homeland Security Now In charge of Regulations for all US States Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates

By: Jonathan Wheeler

In a chilling act more reminiscent of the now defunct Soviet Union or the Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler, the United States Congress passed legislation yesterday that requires the States to surrender their regulatory rights over driver’s licenses and birth certificates to The Department of Homeland Security.

The massive US Intelligence Reform Bill weighed in at over 3,000 pages and though unread by individual Members of either the House or Senate nevertheless passed all of the legislative hurdles needed in order to become law.

President Bush lobbied hard for these provisions, only objecting when Senator Sensenbrenner attempted to require these same provisions for illegal aliens but which the President opposed. This provision was dropped from the final bill.

Beginning in 2005, the Department of Homeland Security will issue new uniformity regulations to the States requiring that all Drivers Licenses and Birth Certificates meet minimal Federal Standards with regard to US citizen information, including biometric security provisions.

Added to currently existing Federal Laws and Supreme Court rulings American citizens when born will be issued a Social Security Number that will be included on their Birth Certificates, along with DNA biometric markers. All birth certificates will also be registered in a Federal Government database maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. No child will be allowed enrollment to schools or be entitled to either State of Federal Government benefits programs without first presenting a certified Homeland Security registered Birth Certificate.

Drivers Licenses will also contain DNA biometric markers and include the holders Social Security Number and be required for receiving and applying for all State and Federal benefits programs. Previous Supreme Court rulings have also upheld State and Federal Law Enforcement authorities right to request Identification from any American citizen, for any reason and at any time as not being violations of their, the citizens, constitutionally protected rights.

Major Banks and credit card companies have applauded the adoption of a National ID system as being important to counter fraud and increasing instances of identity theft. National ID cards with biometric markers will eliminate them from having to issue Credit and Debit cards, which for the first time in US history have surpassed the usage of checks and cash. Utilizing The Department of Homeland Securities centralized federal database, Banks and credit card companies will only require the presentation of a citizens Driver’s License to make purchases as all of the persons financial information, including credit and cash balances, will already be known in ‘real time’. (The combining of Homeland Security and Banking databases on citizen’s balances and purchases, along with their past and present purchasing information, has been allowed under previous Federal Laws including the Patriot Act.)

Also included in this bill is a law to require The Department of Homeland Security to establish a separate ID system for citizens to use prior to boarding airplanes, and which is eerily reminiscent of the Soviet and Nazi regimes dreaded Internal Passport.

Never before in our history have the words of Benjamin Franklin been so correct when he stated: "people willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both".

Today, December 9, 2004 will be one of those moments in time that future historians will look back on and pin point as being the day that the United States of American, and as it was founded by its forefathers, ceased to exist.

12/10/2004 12:20:42 pm by cbswork
STAR TREK: Insurrection

"He must rebel against Starfleet and lead the insurrection to preserve Paradise."

"The Battle for Paradise has Begun"


The above from a DVD box, latest Trek flick.

Visible and in your face, the nature of the forces at work in this global conflict. Battle for Paradise? Excuse me? This ring a chord with anyone. Imagine what the film plays like, considering the entire cast isn't human.


Yes, it is the battle for paradise.

It looks like the reptoids have now refused the olive branch 3 times. So be it...

12/11/2004 10:06:20 am by cbswork
Rock and Roll sacrifice...

>Last night the drummer for Pantera was shot and killed on stage while
>performing. A marine went awal/crazy got a gun, got up on stage shot the
>drummer then started shooting into the crowd. A cop finally killed him
>before he killed a hostage. Total five people dead. Sounds like demons
>on a rampage with this marine. And suspiciously like a live human sacrife
>infront of the concert viewers for added energy.


Pantera is all Reptoid, regardless of their new name as a band. They were cashing in the the new moon rituals and alignment empowerments they received last solstice, now in December, as the Rolling Stones did at Altamont, on December 6th 1969, where five people also died in front of the stage by hell's angels stabbing and shooting people to death, and other means. It was the first public snuff film by a rock group, Altamont.

Same thing.

This is High Finance, in the world of darkness. New Moon, Solstice, GM crossover, etc, etc,. This is why all the TOP rock bands have members, also reptoids, who are slain for the ritual empowerment of the dark work that band was released onto the world to do - which was and is - turn the young into the undead.

And, the dead guy gets the honor of dying for Satan. For them, its that simple.

Of course, they CAN'T refuse of the honor, or their death is a THOUSAND times worse and no prestige in Hell, later.


George Lucas was at Altamont...helped film it. Say no more, eh?


some info here on altamont, but actually, there's tons available somewhere out there.

12/09/2004 02:44:12 pm by cbswork

>but let me ask you this:
>1. Is it possible that God will protect you from what you are seeing in
>the future? Do you think what you see set in

The outcome is set, the path to that doorway, freewill. The outcome has
already happened...on THE HIGHER PLANES. That's how we know. It now is an
event taking place on the lower astral, etheric, and dense physical plane.
Yeashua has returned. He never left, but now commands IN PERSON. However,
flux of CHOICE is still occurring in the eternal NOW. For human and fallen

12/09/2004 02:30:59 pm by cbswork

The work...

Oh, what'll you do now, my darling young one?

I'm a goin' back out 'fore the rain starts a fallin'
I'll walk to the depths of the deepest dark forest
Where the people are many and their hands are all empty
Where the pellets of poison are flooding their waters
Where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison
Where the executioner's face is always well hidden
Where hunger is ugly, where souls are forgotten
Where black is the color, where none is the number
And I'll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it
And reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it
Then I'll stand on the ocean until I start sinkin'
But I'll know my song well before I start singin'
And it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard

...a hard rain's a gonna fall


always use their stuff and turn it around.

12/09/2004 12:59:08 pm by cbswork

I only discuss the work, AFTER I HAVE FINISHED. You get the gifting reports, AFTER. No one knows where I am going and why. Even my family, until WE ARRIVE AT DESTINATION. When I take one of the boys with me, its always, "Dude, where are we going?"

"You'll know when we get there, duder."

Like that.

12/09/2004 12:55:58 pm by cbswork
Getting things done

The chicken is certainly the wisest of all only clucks AFTER the egg is laid.


Moral. You don't talk up what you are going to do, you do it. Don't dissipate the energy or give over your plans. Remain silent.

Only way to get things done. Clouds of Death video - me and the crew never referred to the job, which took ten months, ever in email or on the phone. Only in person, and everytime in a different place, never twice. We planned it like that. Same with the chemtrail protest music. Nothing was said until all the tracks were in the can. Nothing ever said on phone among the musicians.


Shutteth thy mouth, please...and you'll get things done. Only tell people WHO HAVE A NEED TO KNOW DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE TASK. Anyone else? WHy open your trap? Ego?

You want to make a big splash in the big ocean, keep your moves to yourself.

Posted: Nov 19 2006, 04:43 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 11-December 05


Many good wishes sent my way these past few dayws.


Bless you all, really.

12/09/2004 10:56:51 am by cbswork


In '99, I wrote a book, never published, entitled America: 2000 and Beyond. In one of the chapters therein, it was discussed how one of the three main KEY POINTS before the 4th Reich implements America's "final solution" was the passage of a National ID card, with biometrics and retina scans. And RFIDs.

And has passed the house. The Reptoids will rubber stamp this in the Senate. This will all happen before the winter solstice. FYI.


UPDATE: December 7th at 7:38 p.m.
The U.S. House passed the conference report on the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act by a vote of 336 "ayes" to 75 "noes." Vote Tally


December 7, 2004

If you were a member of Congress, would you vote "yes" on a 3,000 page bill that you never had a chance to read? Most reasonable people wouldn't. Most reasonable people would want to read and study legislation before deciding how to vote; especially legislation as monumental as the intelligence reorganization legislation or the so-called 9/11 bill.

And monumental it is. The legislation would greatly affect various intelligence and military agencies and procedures; financial systems; international relations; not to mention civil liberties. In addition, the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation will cost $14.4 billion to implement between 2005 and 2009. That's $14.4 billion on top of the normal annual budgets for the various governmental agencies involved.

Yet this monumental legislation will be voted on by members of Congress without those members having had time to read, let alone study, the bill. It's just after 2:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, December 7th. The U.S. House is expected to vote on the 9/11 bill sometime today or tomorrow. But at this moment, there isn't a copy of the final bill available for House members to read.

So, is there a provision in the bill to establish a national ID? No one seems to know. Or at least the people who do know aren't saying. What else is in the bill that the select few in Washington are keeping secret? Who knows? Anything could be...and that's the point.

Remember how passage of the Patriot Act was handled? Members had only two to three hours to read the final 400-page bill before they had to cast their vote. The legislation that created the Department of Homeland Security was handled in the same way.

So, here we go again. Everyone is talking about this monumental legislation as if they've read it. News reporters, commentators, political analysts, think tanks; 9/11 families; and yes, members of Congress are busy sounding off as experts trying to convince the American public that Congress should pass it. Have any of these people actually read it? Their opinions are just based upon someone else's opinions that are based upon other people's opinions and so on.

The House version of the intelligence reorganization bill is in two volumes. Volume 1 is 1,778 pages. Volume 2 is 1,586 pages. How many pages are in the final conference report and what exactly has been added or deleted at the last minute? Well, as of 2:00 p.m. ET, the final report is not available for members to read. But the vote on that enormous bill will be held within hours.

We urge a "no" vote because we believe the bill has a national ID provision in it. In addition, we urge a "no" vote, simply because members of Congress should know what the bill says in print before voting on it.

12/07/2004 10:22:41 pm by cbswork
Reptoids from the past

Common feature to them all - scales and wings. That means one thing, and one thing only: FALLEN ANGELS. Vampyre. Undead. And, all these old arch-demons are all back here on earth today. All of them. Just one is bad enough, but the whole gang? Big fight on our hands...


Atonement, being at one.

The blood atonement was FOR ALL BEINGS, with a heart center. Not just bible bangers.

Divinity works for the many, not the few.

Spirit of Love and Truth in your heart - doesn't mean being a limp-wristed do-nothing - than you are "saved."

And saved means you are going to make it, at the end, and not have to suck on evil for another few thousand incarnations. Be a mean dickhead, with hate for anything of Real Love, and my, the only thing you've saved for yourself is some downtime in Tarturus. Oouch....


Been to many churches, checking them out. For the most, the Baptist churches i've seen are ALL cia. ALl of them. Mkids and reptoids, the preacher and congregation.


You don't go to a building and listen to some idiot for know God. You live goodness from your inner church, your heart. That's where God is.

12/07/2004 01:46:22 pm by cbswork

Here's what I know.

Golgotha is an actual place in Jerusalem. It exists. There is a crack running down the middle of it, where they put all the crosses. The crack is real.

Underneath that crack, thirty feet down, is THE ARK OF THE COVENANT, with Christ's blood covering it.

They crucified Yaeshua, right over the Ark.

Four angels guard the ark, there is a tunnel leading from the Temple on the mount to the chamber under Golgotha. THe four angels look just like you and me and DEATH to anyone who approaches the chamber, as thousands of reptoids and human dupes have found out the hard way.

Golgotha was a blood atonement, not a saving grace for christians. The ark is the permanent atoms for the planet. The reptilian presence had changed the grid lines of Earth, and human beings, from circles to square lines, in perpendicular. That was the hijacking.

WHen Longinius pierced Adonai's side, his blood flowed down, an earthquake creating the crack, and his blood flowed down over the Ark, raising it to a NEW level, beyond the ken of the reptilian races.

That's the esoteric record on the Christ event.

Check it out.

12/07/2004 01:10:48 pm by cbswork
King Arthur

Hollywood Video has listed on its big board, the release King Arthur on December 21st, the solstice. The big, last day for rituals by the dark side for the year, save for the last new moon.

King Arthur...already setting up the brain-dead to accept their future messiah.

Arthur is the reincarnation of Sanat Kumara, Satan, the Beast.

12/07/2004 01:03:21 pm by cbswork

Would friends and coworkers kindly put up on three boards each, links to the blogs and pics section? The deceptions must be stopped. They are gearing up and so must we...

12/07/2004 01:00:21 pm by cbswork
"St. Clair" and greys

This lilith droid is spinning the bible.

check out her latest post and pic



See? Greys pretending to be God, arriving in soupcans. DO NOT GET ON THAT SHIP.

Worst mistake your soul could ever make. People pushing the greys and reptoids are our saviors hopefully will have the worst time of it in Tartarus.


And look at the picture. RIght hand down - clsoing off higher love, hand chakras. Left hand up, right UNDER THE SOLAR PLEXUS, THEIR center of highest power. Is this the Christ you want?

You can have him them. I'll take the real deal, whose already visible in the etheric. FYI.

12/07/2004 12:19:54 pm by cbswork
The OP for the guns

has started. There will be hundreds of local terrorist attacks all over the eastern seaboard, then out west. East first, then west. As its happening. Arsons, bombs, shootings. It started on the full moon. On the New Moon, a biggie. Within that 72 hour period. Unless we can expose it.

Like now...

12/07/2004 12:17:39 pm by cbswork
Reptoids and Christ

If you'll notice, the first books and stories in the New Testament - the one's they left slightly intact - is how Christ meets the Pharisees in the Temple. His very first words are



From his first words, he's telling you the nature of the battle. First words. Check it out.

and wake up.

12/07/2004 12:12:10 pm by cbswork

And by this agreement to be raptured, you have given them permission to "rapture" you.

What does rapture really mean? Have you thought about it at all?


The horrors coming to this planet are already here. Have been here for ages. They are setting us up for the big slam.


BTW, to get the guns, Mkids and reptoid handlers are starting a kind of subversive ground war against innocent civilians, not the government we notice. This will build to a quick crescendo. They still need to get those 80 million plus weapons out there.

If you have some, keep one or two to turn in - the ones you bought legally from a gunstore and they KNOW you have it, because of all those forms you filled out when you bought it. The ones to hide are the ones you bought private sale.

Why weapons?

So you're just going to stand around while they rape your wife and daughters? Really?

"I love ya, honey. So' I'll just hide in the oleander bushes while they rummage through the house, find you and the kids, and have you for lunch."

If that describes you, than you are not a warrior, but a coward. See, we all have to die. You are born, then you will drop the physical body ONE DAY... But, did you ever stand up and do the right thing in the face of overwhelming odds?

No? Not once?

Then, maybe the above future is yours, as a last chance to prove that at least you'll stand up for your family. Many, many people will be hiding on those days, hoping not to be found, as their families are taken away and slaughtered...

12/07/2004 11:51:58 am by cbswork
Most of the Rapture

stuff is by what Paul writes about, and that's what modern reptoid theologians hang their hat on. His words. He's a reptoid. His name is Master Morya. His last incarnation was as King Akbar, in India, considered the most lethal Killer King ever of that country. He still wears the body of an Akadian, hence his name, one of the original Sumer Arch-Angels who betrayed Christ, milleniums before that principal came to atone the etheric web of the planet, and us, with the blood atonement on Golgotha, a very real event that took place.


There is nothing I can find about Born Again Christians getting a free ride out of hell (the cleansing of earth.) You're here? You'll stay here for the whole ride. ALl of it.

Only after...after the work is done, then, many souls will move on to other work, some will go to one of the first heavens, for some much needed downtime with decent souls. Some will stay, be reborn to new parents, starting civilization over again - reset.

But, the only rapture I know about is the fake one. With gravlevs and the Ascended Masters informing all, just extdend your hands to the sky and we'll beam you aboard...

...because, "damn, we're hungy and we just love baby blood, more than anthing! Bring your kids!"

Anyone advising you that Christ is in some soupcan gravlev outside your house and to just come out and get onboard. They are your enemies. PUnch them right in the nose, for they are sending you to a fate more horrible than you can imagine, like this:

Rows and rows of tubes. All filled with humans. Not dead, not alive, but fully conscious of everything that HAPPENS TO their bodies, as bodies parts are cut-out for reptoid use, and their functions replaced, like an advanced dialysis machine, for the various systems, until the machines can longer keep you in stasis. By that time, you've been so cut to pieces, feeling everything, living in a shrinking shell of a body...

...that's your rapture. And, boy, are the fundies pushing this bigtime.



Do not get on that craft. It's a Vril job. They are reptoids. Once inside, you'll spend every moment of every moment of every moment until you expire in TOTAL PAIN.

12/07/2004 11:24:14 am by cbswork
The Bible and the MOW

Masters of Wisdom...really, just reptoids and from the beginning. Fallen angels. Haters. You know...


The head of the Rosicrucian Order is a reptoid by the name of MASTER KUTHUMI.

The head of the Lucis TRust and Theosophy is MASTER MORYA AND DK.

MASTER HILARION is in charge of the I AM group, along with MASTER RACKOKZI, also known as the Counte De San Germain.

Master Kuthumi was one of the three kings came to poison Christ. Oh yeah...POISON.

Master Morya was PAUL in the BIBLE. You can find several admissions to this in the Agni Yoga faction (fire yoga) and in Helena Roerich's biography.
Her husband, Nicholas Roerich, has a house in the Nagas region of Tibet, where the dark lords call home in Wesak Valley.

Alice Bailey confirms the above in her books. Helena Roerich confirms same; Mabel Collins, same; Annie Besant, same; etc, etc, etc,


Now, which books in the bible did "Paul" write? THrow those out. That's the hijacking of the New Testament.

I've known about this for years, and its discussed OPENLY in the Rosicrucian and Esoteric Section of the TS, by members. I know. I was one.



12/06/2004 07:02:33 pm by cbswork
Gifting locales

The best way to find out the hot spots where you live is always where their lodges of darkness are:

Churches, esp Mormon
Pillars or Obelisks

They put these in places where they put them for a reason. Here's what I did. It may work for you.

Get a big map of the state or county you live in. Tack it up on a wall, so you can see everything at a glance.

Put pins for every location mentioned above.

Look at the patterns these make.

Your pattern line crossings are your grid ley-lines, within the larger global grid.

For example, Los Angeles skirts a major line, but that line has been cross-intersected on many points, creating vortexes, which, of course, show up as special features in the geology.

12/05/2004 03:20:56 pm by cbswork
The beautiful people

yeah...very pretty.

Then you remember that shot of Yoko.


Don't forget. When they come at you, they come using one of the seven deadlies - as in 7 deadly sins, ala bible. It's the same in any culture or idiom. The doorways into the lower centers are the same because its how we're made.

Find out what these seven deadlies are on YOUR OWN and that way, you can figure out how that relates to your circumstance - and weaknesses. Which we all have in varying degrees. They'll also come at you doing combinations, especially that.

They love combinations, one-two punch thing.

Sex with Vanity. Hit you there. That's a heavy.

With others, it can be any other kind of combination. Ego, pride, hate, whatever.

But always the seven. Always. So, if you're watchful for that, aren't in denial about your particular, um...flaws...then you'll be able to allay these attacks when they come.

12/05/2004 01:53:29 pm by cbswork
Scott Peterson

I was walking by a TV abouts and here was this guy on the tube, a killer just sentenced. Apparently, this was the case of the missing wife, the psychic finding the wife, and then the arrest, trial, and conviction? If I have that right.

So...flashed into his aura for a second and realized the whole world was feeding energy into and through him. Paused, and checked him out.


He's a reptoid. He's a television sacrifice. The whole thing is a setup, just like OJ. A circus event, to distract.

See, these guys consider it an honor to be sacrificed for Sanat Kumara. It gives them prestige among the inmates in Tartarus, where they know they are going anyway.

Understand this. Reptoids HAVE NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER about the real play, life after death, or how things work. It's humanity that lives in darkness of knowledge, not them. They KNOW what the play is because they function simulaneously on three dimensions at once, in FULL CONSCIOUSNESS.

12/05/2004 03:04:10 pm by cbswork
Motley Crue

All reptoids...
Here is Nikki Sixx, bass player for the Crue, chatting it up in an interview.

Vince Neil's right eye keeps turning completely black. When that happens in hisinterview, he tries to turn his face or eye away. At the same time, his left eye goes honey-brown ellipsoid. In fact, every single person in this shot is a reptoid. Every single one. And what images do these lizards present to us? Riding down Sunset Blvd, naked in a hot tub, drinking hard liquer, and having orgies later on - which was what they were going on about in the interview. These images are then held up as IDOLS for the rest of us to emulate. Why have one wife, when you can whore around with dozens of eager and nubile young babe-o-ramas?

And what young 16 year-old guy can resist the power of that image, as his loins are ragind with hormones and girls and love and my! Then, add in the black magic mojo, the imbeds, the demonic astral denizens just hovering o'er head waiting for someone to BUY INTO THE THING and then...they have you. They have you...its very seductive. It trapped my generation pretty good. I remember those guys from back in the day. My band Glass Mirraj was gigging on the strip in 1983, right when the Crue were at the height of their success.

Glad I got out. Aren't you glad you did, too?

Meeting reptoids

Was getting a haircut on wednesday at the local barbar (Seco cyn and Bouqet cyn)(all reptoids and cia) and the guy cutting my hair began to relay this story about how he went "hunting" for beavers in Oregon. (Beaver is code for Human Beings.) He finished regaling me with his exploits, went silent for a few moments - letting the weight of the message sink in, which was, "I can't wait to kill you." Then, assured I'd received the intent, smiled and asked, "so, what do you do?"

"I hunt lizards. I find them and shoot them. Whenever and wherever I can. Happily so."

He didn't bat an eye. Didn't ask what a lizard was, anything.

"You're finished."

"Yeah...I'll be seeing you later."


Had another meeting with two on Monday, in which we all put our cards on the table. They showed me pics of their craft (saucer Vril jobs ala Meier, I laughed and laughed. Mostly they lied constantly.

Know this. They are scared of something. THere is something out there that terrifies the crap out of them. Good.


My. I've tried. Tried to establish communication to solve this paradigm issue without bloodshed. As in, "We're here - you're here. Can this be fixed to everyone's betterment?"

First, they Don't Want To Get Along. They HATE US. We represent a visual image of this deep hate for divinity. All they want is to play us, not work it out. Any cooperation is a tool to get in deep in learn from an opposition that is increasingly beyond their ken to understand or deal with. The hate and rage and malice that radiates from them every time I see one, is incalcuable.


The owner of the establishment there on Seco canyon is this illuminati witch with a face so hideous, Randy started crying the moment he saw her. Reptoids apparently own better then 80 to 90% of all the businesses in Santa Clarita. Everytime I go into a business around, there's a lizard, running things, treating the humans like crap and with a contempt and scorn that just amazes. These poor humans think they just work for an asshole. They don't understand that their a-hole boss isn't human and loathes them beyond words. FYI.


I tried the ambassador route. Twice. See if anything BUT war can solve this problem. All they want is the following:

1. To rule Earth.
2. An end to the Yaeshua Presence on Earth.

The only reason they haven't got what they want, is because divinity has a vested interest in this planet - its a prison planet for farged up souls -

They need us. We are the reason the planet still exists and wasn't turned into an asteroid belt like Rahab. We are the very aspect of creation here that DRAWS in Love, the very bane of their existence.

I don't know how this is going to be resolved, short of total war. Reason: it's THEIR want. Not ours, not mine. They want total war and against all human soul matrixes. Anyways...

12/04/2004 02:10:58 am by cbswork

Doing something about it

"What can we do?"


How should I know?

You can get some basic food supplies and all that going, water, etc. That's just for shut-offs. The real worry is Patriot Act II and Martial Law. If they enact that BEFORE the pole shift, then who cares. We're all dead.

If the shift happens before Martial Law, than anything goes...because it all goes "alien" and next-level, which will change the paradigms too fast for THEM to react in time. See it?

It's that simple. For me.


Aside from the above, get whatever healing of the heart that is needed and make every day as if it were your last. You'll live better anyways, that way. So that's a good thing.

Keep your hands and legs inside at all times, bumpy ahead for all.

12/03/2004 03:21:34 pm by cbswork
The word on the "street"

This is what I've been


They are going for the big sacrifice. They are going to sacrifice, in assassination, their top, visible man. Can't say the name, cuz of the SS (secret service legalisms) penchant for any perceived threat, even a fictional one like this, toward one of their clients. Reptoids protecting reptoids. The SS. Anyways...

This will be a double event, coinciding with an attack on one of 13 cities so designated. Right now, its a moving shell game, because of keeping their very own competitors overseas from knowing their real moves. Like a 13 card monty. Understand?

The blood sacrifice will tie to the solstice or the first of the Sabots of the new year. One or the other. Even as late as the equinox, but no later.

Use the emotional outpouring of grief of the hit, plus the casualty rates of the dead, to create a kind of super-black-magic empowerment of their next 18 month cycle. Which they need, because things are unravelling for them a tad. I hear.

Sorry about your field, Mister...

12/04/2004 09:56:29 am by cbswork
Shorthand is

See, they knew, by setting up the thing with revelations and that whole play, that everyone would be expecting a global bad-guy. Can't very well have your main antagonist taking the fall in the first act, so you become BOTH protagonist AND antagonist. The fall guy (President Cheney appoints Arnold as his VP) takes the rap for being Hitler, and Prince William plays the role of the world redeemer. That's the play. Everything has to fit to that. Study the Feast of the Tabernacle timelines and the whole world stage will make instant sense.

They own both sides, just like in our last election. That's the fake apocalypse/armageddon script. The real one cames in behind that, when WIlliam gets the shit kicked out of him for good and all.

12/03/2004 02:34:25 pm by cbswork
Tidal lock...

Okay...remember last summer, about six months ago? We discussed the tidal lock of these perturbations as being a kind of saving grace. They might be all over, but they were all over "together." Which kept things in balance.

Now, we know this lock no longer exists. We have the photographic proof that such a lock has vanished. So what does that mean?

See...that's the thing.

What does it all mean...


Here's my deepest thoughts on this, given what I know. The following may seem completely out there, but hey...when isn't it, eh? Knowing that, and having our grains of salt ready for consumption, here's my take on the whole mash. Direct and to the very point of it all.

We have a serious problem. There is a rather large planet-sized object between us and the sun, very nearby and its creating conditions upon this planet that are causing other effects, which are two-fold. These are:

1. The sun is compensating the Dark Force by releasing greater amounts of higher etheric energy. I've recorded these releases, faithfully, a full blessing for all the world, and beyond... This is why astronomers are seeing all these visible changes on other planets, like Saturn, Jupiter, and various moons.

2. This dark influence is now in control of our planetary di-pold field. Damn...

Cross your fingers...


If the earth is a rotating sphere, on a gimble that revolves around a star, and the moon is functioning under the same principles, except its star is our planet, then the forces affecting the earth must affect the moon. And this is demonstrably so. The game is definitely afoot.


This object - star, moon, asteroid, whatever makes you think you know - is waiting for the collapse of our magnetic field. That will do several things, I believe:

1. Create a solar vacuum, whereby they can use that rend as a transfer point inside the Van Allen Belt, gaining access to our planet.

2. This di-pole shift will collapse during the polse shift, already being set into play by the very presence of the object, plus the Sun factors mentioned previously. Both are changing the earth, this object and our Sun. Both. Don't forget that, it's important.

3. Invasion.

4. Release of Vril invaders, at same time, from Inner Earth. The Naggas, Agarthi factions will make their play then, from the South Pole.

5. This will all occur during armageddon, as these invaders ACT OUT their roles in the FAKE DRAMA being enacted by the Owl factions, Elite, and others to simulate Christ's return, using the setup created ala Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria.

FOr all the play, this all must happen by equinox, 2005, to meet theri endtimes 2007 playbook schedule. Because, see, the fake antichrist still has to rebuild the third temple (2006) and so on. Then kaboom.

Straight. As I know it. You can, of course, come up with your own spin on what's happening. Whatever works for you, works for you.

Now, back to work...

12/03/2004 02:04:04 pm by cbswork

Sun and the Moon

The data sets on the sun/moon perturbations seem to indicate a parabolic dip, that is occurring about every 72 hours or so, sometimes 96 hours. The sun rises in the south, the moon rises in the East. The sun rises in the East, the moon is rising in the South.

This means that the orbital or tidal "lock" that exists between the sun, earth, and moon exists no longer. The sun and moon no longer follow a dual path along the ecliptic, as has been the case for thousands of years. That has changed.

After studying and recording this phenom for a solid year and longer, I've satisfied myself that this is so. And, If you've studied the moon pics closely when the moon is rising in the south, and the sun in the east, you'll see a secondary terminator slighty cutting across the moon, in oblique angles to the earth/moon terminator visible on the moon's surface.

That means a secondary planetary body, to create that 2nd terminator. Look at my moon pics again, very carefully. Didn't say anything for a long while, because i didn't want the research interrupted. But the evidence is now out, and a little math and basic physics tell everything we need, just from these pics.

Gadzooks! What next?!

12/03/2004 12:01:48 pm by cbswork

Posted: Dec 9 2006, 08:11 PM


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01/20/2005 08:33:59 pm by cbswork
Col Dan Phillips and Maverick

This guys is named Lt. Colonel Daniel Phillips. He's been dogging researchers for years and is wholly evil. Be careful, orgone vendors, because he pretends to be people he is not, under guises to get inside and hurt groups. He did this to chemtrail researchers in 1999 through 2002 and he's back working the orgone crew.


This is one of his email handles

Bert Conroy aka

I have been researching your products for a while and
doing some poersonal research for some weird cliud
happenings here in northern Florida. I'd like to
order some of your products to use here just south of
Tallahassee. Ted Turner is one of my enighbors and he
owns a big plantation like place. His helicopter is
doing soenthing weird and I want o dilute its effect
on what is happening here.

I'd like to begin ana coount and have you send me some
hanggrenades and orgon generators. Can you help me?

Bert Conroy

01/20/2005 04:24:51 pm by cbswork

More sheriffs

Visited by the local constables....

for my website content.


Seems the boys in grey want me to take out the website content that has to do with detail regarding people and survellience, near as they were letting on. Hard to say. One was listening and trying to communicate, the other was trying to be divisive and adversarial. The one who refused to take his sunglasses off inside my house, so "I can see your eyes."

Good cop, bad cop gig. I prefer the good cops - they at least let you finish your sentence.

I taped the whole thing, with THEIR RECORDED CONSENT AND PERMISSION.


In the main, the intel I received is looking solid on this. It's a complaint by an "alleged" NSA operative to locals, to stop blowing the family cover. The person who made the complaint, was the same black woman who attacked Angelbaby in the Ralph's store, back in August. Same lady who beat her up, calling her a "white bitch - cracker!" All over the store...for ten minutes. Beat the shit out of my wife...


But, the real play is they appeared to be going for a "mental instability" angle, getting AB to take opposite positions to my declarative statements.


I'll take out the plates and names of locals, only served its purpose at the time and is no longer relevant. I'll be doing that FIRST THING in the morning, if any pics and stuff y'all want, they disappear tomorrow.

Because...if I don't, then we have to tangle with the legalities of the 1st Amendment. Which is what this is all about.


They're also claiming that "blasting" is a threat and against the law and all that. Blasting...can you imagine. When I explained blasting to them - putting a person, place or thing in the temple of your heart and sending them love energy - they acted like i was talking about Smallpox.


If this happens again, I'm suing. This is so very difinitely a 1st Amendment issue with A PUBLISHED AUTHOR AND JOURNALIST.


The truth is...getting to close to the truth...the dangers of journalism in the 21st century.

01/20/2005 11:27:11 am by cbswork
Sheriffs are coming again...

they'll be here at 9:00am this morning. The usual stuff applies. I've had these experiences before.

In my previous life, I was a reporter for the Glendale Newspress and LA Times, as well as 23 magazines nationwide. Before I quit in disgust with all things machine, back in '96.

Today, however, it's lookin' like its time to start doing a series of articles for IndyMedia and other outlets, starting today. And every week until this noize stops. Wehere Gary Webb left off, it's time to pick it back up. Because all this harrassment is all about FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The 1st Amendment. Which, after Patiot Acts I and II, doesn't really exist anymore. Or why else do you think they would have the temerity to go after a published journalist whose ALREADY sued the LAPD just for this kind of stuff, many years ago...

Ten bucks sez Homeland Security has a cubicle in the sheriff's office In Santa Clarita Valley. And ten bucks sez...

01/19/2005 04:23:41 pm by cbswork
What THEY fear

Sheriffs are coming, the Sheriffs are coming. Three boys pulled out of class and interviewed and we're NEXT.

This is what they fear from the dork. This. Because homey can produce Arch-Angels, on call. That's why.


Valencia Sheriffs

See, when they want to take you down for being independent to the cause, this is how they do it...


I just got call from my son Nick's, mother. The local Valencia Sheriffs just now pulled my son out of class and asked him,
"What does your father do?"

"What does he know about six-fingered children."

"Tell us about your home life?"

"and so on..."


Interviewed my son without parent's consent. Which, before the patriot act, WAS AGAINST THE LAW.

I'm asking every and all etheric friends to send protective blasting, prayers, and protection, they come.

01/19/2005 12:56:27 pm by cbswork
Blue Beam

Angels in the sky...big Jesus talking at you, all manner of spectacle...

They've actually tried versions of this noise on me and mine last year. Several times. Here's what we saw and did. Starts like this, from the many times we witnessed the testing - or what we believe to be the testing.

1. Chemsoup overlays, at varying altitudes. Almost always 5,000 to 12,000 feet. Then, when there is total soup saturation, here comes:

2. HAARP freqs. You can see the ripples in the clouds, like washboard stuff on the old roads. (I personally do NOT believe haarp causes road washboards. Because...have many historical pics from all over the world from the 19th century showing same effects, long before cell towers and satellites. BUT, I did note that in every instance of these washboard roads where, there were HI-tension power lines within a few miles. In every case. And in the old pictures, too. Power lines in the background... I could say that, the etheric energy form of electricity which produces long-standing waves, which travel perpendicular to the path of the power line, travel for MILES in the earth. Every time you see these big power lines, check the roads for a few miles around - the dirt roads - they're all washboard. Every one. And since the telegraph and electricity since the early 1860s...about when photography also emerged - think US Civil War - even in those old shots, where telegraph poles are, you have washboard roads...FYI. Check it out.

3. Then the lizard shapes and wraiths come in, giving the whole soup a LIVING energy form. Point three seems essential to their plans. I've seen all manner of sky hijinks by the Navy and Air Force, but it lacks life and substance. When they populate the chemsoup with these demonic wraiths, the chemsoup "feels" alive and this is so, becuase the chemsoup has a dark, primal consciousness to it. The wraiths themselves are just soul-stealers, and stupid, with goofy expressions and demonic faces. But, they give the soup a "living energy" feel. Now that the soup is shifting and moving like a chimera of sliding forms and faces, then...

4. The images start appearing....

And guess what? We found just by blasting these images...




Also, we find the main projection and control of energies in the chemsoup/HAARP matrix to be controlled by these GOLDEN BALLS, placed on various hilltops around the country. There is one on the ridge, and at night, it looks like a fixed star, sitting on the hilltop. It's a tower with a huge GOLD ball on top. Financed personally by Jay Rockefeller himself, I hear tell...


I haven't seen a shift from the armageddon script they've been riding on all along, but they also included a very well-known alien invasion, commented on at length here and other places. It will be black triangles and Meier Vril jobs, the lot of them. The Black triangles are Lockheed/Honeywell/Martin Marrietta jobs in concert with Northrop and Rockwell. TR3Bs and "C" class is already being tested. And these have no discernable energy signatures, so...

The alien thing is easier, imo, to deal with than any other religious scenario, like rapture and all that. I know of no rapture happening. But, anything can happen, I suppose.


Aliens can be blasted. Their true motives and intentions revealed. So, it's really not that big a threat, again imo, to people who are strong within themselves. Just face the beast and fire off a load from your heart. Either they'll glow or fry, depending...

Their HAARP/BLUEBEAM stuff is pretty lame, IMO. It's so obviously a technology display in the sky and it DOESN'T HAVE depth. Until they started filling them with wraiths and what-not, it was laughable to watch. You'd have to be pretty simple-minded to fall for that stuff up there. WIthout the wraiths, their moves are so very 2-dimensional looking up there...

I don't doubt they'll be having some success with bluebeam. There is a percentage of the population that is so blind, it doesn't SEE chemtrails. So, when the PTB finally decide to tell the people to "look up in the skies!" at newstime on TV, they'll see a chemsoup whiteout with Haarp.

Funny thing...years ago, there was this book out, ANGELS DON'T PLAY THAT HAARP or something like that. Anyways, years later, fallen angels and all that, reptoids...I'd say that book title was inspired.


I hope they try a HAARP show.

Think of all the etheric warriors on this planet with the skill sets to stop that... That show doesn't have a chance. Because these people will be there to stop it, make it fail, PULL BACK THE CURTAIN FOR THE REST OF US.


Proved it many times, here and on the old dork site. Before and after pics. Chem whiteout before - an earnest blasting session, calling on friendlies and such - and 20 minutes later, blue skies for 50 miles in every direction.

Bluebeam doesn't have a chance against the power of spirit. Keep that in mind as you hear about these plans of deception. Remember: There ARE people and others around, waiting to break their mirrors and windows, when the day comes. We have big rocks; can throw far; aim accurately. And, all over the world...

The feeble-minded will have the hardest time, never having lived outside the mind control that is our modern civilization - TV, RADIO, FILM.



Think of our atmosphere as the bottom of an ocean. Imagine that the air is in fact, water, and your mind will make the necessary image. Now, on the ocean, you have creatures we call BOTTOM FEEDERS. They eat the crap and recycle it. All ocean waste ends up on the bottom, and these "fish" will always be found there. Our atmosphere, like an ocean, also has entities whose job it is to clean up debris. You can see them on battlefields, sucking all the life force out of the spilled blood of human beings, before it gets soaked into the ground. Wraiths are there, too, snapping up hybrid soul matrixes, taking them to tartarus. There is all manner of LOW etheric life on the bottom of BOTH oceans, you know. Not all of it is pleasant...

Or friendly...These are energy feeders. Created to clean up the etheric and lower astral planes, just like ants do on our surface, and lobsters and such do on the ocean floors.


In fact, the little retards are constantly testing this stuff over the Mojave. I'll head out one day and get some shots.


Regards the devil and all that...

Hey, I didn't put out that shit, i just collect the evidence and present it here. And it goes all the way back. Truth is, considering the sheer volume of evidence gained in just the last year alone, I've enough to fill out hundreds of pages of pictures and commentary. I'm mainly going for a "look, here it is in 1978, 1945, 1822..." And have done so. With PROOF. That's what you get here. Proof first. Here is the evidence. THEN THE COMMENTARY.

Not the other way around. Or like it is mostly on the internet - just mouths and NO PROOF EVER. I'm tired of taking people's word for a thing. SHOW ME. And that's why. I talk about what I can prove. Even though there is 98% more out there, in those instances, you'd have to take my word alone and THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. NOT ANY MORE. THOSE DAYS ARE PAST. IF ITS REAL, LET'S SEE IT. It not, then we just have your never-ending say-so? Forget about it.

same beings...same lizards...same Nephallim.


Here's another piece of very good news.

All this orgone, right? Well, what in the hell do you think is raising up the very molecules and atoms of your heart, eyes, skin, body?



You got orgone? You're getting the "eyes."

And, so will every one around you.

That's why all the prozac and fluoro-based narcotics to stultify the two hemispheres, over the limbic. As the etheric raises and becomes visible and IT IS, btw, everywhere, all OVER THE PLANET. Many folks will go nuts. See things out of the corner of their eyes, at first...

sense and see energy forms...prana...

feel thoughts before people speak them...

see the truth of life, not guess at it...

This is the gift, you know. It's called gifting after all...

And that's why we all gifted so hard for the last three years. To give that gift we have, to you.

Enjoy...and be not deceived by liars and thieves abounding. You'll see the truth of things for your own self.


how long does it take? That's up to you, as always.

Are you responding to these energies or reacting to them. Are you becoming nicer person and more honorable, or vicious and cruel? Which is it? Because it indicates which center is actually in power in your body, heart or solar plexus.

Then, there's what you are doing. Your food, lifestyle choices, potions and alcohol, like that. Red meat every day, twice a day with a want to look at that again, there. See? It's about the choices you make and for what reasons.

Because our lives are all different, but they ALL HAVE THE SAME ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS. We are confronted with varying grades of Right and Wrong, a hundred times a day, AND WHAT IS OUR CHOICE. REALLY. BE HONEST. IF YOU DID A DAILY REVIEW, HOW'D YOU FARE?

See, it's the same struggles with income, family, social issues, and other things, ALL OF US. Because our choices on these things are being looked at very closely. Look, she was overpaid five dollars and she kept the money. Look, he slandered his friend, then shook his hand... Look, that man ignored his son... Look, that man turned a cold heart to a daugther not his own... Look, he stopped and saw beauty and shared it with his sons... Look, that girl was thoughtful and put a rose on her sick mother's pillow... Look, that little boy shared his candy... Look...


01/17/2005 12:24:34 pm by cbswork

"Why do you need to follow anyone, even a Christ, if you are such a sovereign as you claim?"


Personal choice, really. I found myself many times under the most greivest assault by dark forces - and photographed them and published them here and on the old dork site - and when all seemed lost, there was Christ, evicting the lot, taking home, healing my wounds. Him or Michael or Uriel...

Now that's quite a claim. And sadly, UNLIKE my previous stuff, you'd simply have to take my word for it this time. I didn't have a camera with me on the astral plane...

But mainly, you get pics and proof here, and little claim-making.

And, before long, i'll have pics of some stuff to back ALL THIS UP. You wait and see...


But then, the relationship became more than that. After the 3rd or 4th time he helped me out of a jam, I really just started tuning into Him and kind of well, fell in love with his radiance. I just can't get enough of that love nectar of His. I know it sounds sick, but its the simple truth, for a light-boy like me... And you too. We are all light boys and girls, we just don't know it very well.

Then, whenever I needed anything, there was that frequency of his, coming from INSIDE me. From inside my heart, not outside, like before.

And that peace...

Look, I don't know from chrstians or christianity, which is mainly a creation of Dark Forces. But the being is real. And, HE's the One whose on the job here, like No One Else.

Unless, of course, you can point me to another Etheric Being on this planet with a greater LOVE than Yaeshua...I'll go there RIGHT NOW.

Just point me in the right direction...


01/17/2005 12:06:19 pm by cbswork

Just going to keep making orgone, staying off boards and out of people's plans and public doings, and shoot whatever happens in front of the camera. If I can shoot it and it's of interest and of the etheric plane, it'll get up here. As usual, I'll keep the commentary on the shots to a minimum, because, it's better for you if YOU decide with your own eyes and heart what you are seeing, not what I'm saying. I'll provide a basic road-map - because so very many folks have asked for one - and the rest is up to you.

And that's how it should be, anyways. You decide what is valid for you and what is not, not me. You decide the veracity of the pics and what they are saying to you.

Regards my pet research projects. What does it matter to anyone what interests me? You know what really sucks for many folks? The fact that when you follow a line of research, it often times makes things visible others would rather stay hidden. But, let's see where it all goes. If the truth trashes all religious systems - even wiccan ones or anything, christianity, et al - than we have to adjust to that. I'm not saying it will. But who knows where this all will lead, really.

So far, the highest good I've found that's working on humanity's sole behalf is this Sun of Righteousness, Christ. All the angelic kingdoms revere him or are terrified of him, depending upon the nature of the angel...indeed.

So, I follow Christ. He's the brightest star in the celestial far...

Simple for me. I simply track that which is VISIBLY the brightest and warmest star in MY WORLD. The one I function in. Probably not your world or the world of many others, only Mine.

You have your life, I have my life.

I leave you free to believe as you must and I FULLY EXPECT THE SAME FROM YOU.

01/17/2005 11:44:26 am by cbswork
Croft and I are parted...

Yeah...I saw the apology. But, also, this morning, he sends me two emails calling me a FREAK.

This guy hates me. He cannot find any place on the web or in email by anyone, where i have slandered him.

However, i have a FILE FULL of emails penned by him where I am mentioned dispargingly. I've always let these slide. What he does in private is no concern of mine.

When he broke his WORD TO ME, then I put my foot down. I have NEVER asked him to change any words in any of his articles or posts, ever. Only, to honor his ORIGINAL AND SOUL-BINDING WORD he gave me in my home, to my face. That's it. That's all. Can say anything he wants - anyone can. No censorship. This isn't about my name being public.

It's ALL ABOUT honor between friends. And when you fuck that up...see...these things really matter. You may think right relations, your word, and doing the right thing DOESN'T matter, but I've always found the opposite to be true.

THEY DO MATTER. They completely matter. More than anything else in the world.

And he tells me to grow up and I'm being a freak?

I'll take right action over lies and slander as a life-modality any time, over that, Don...

Fare thee well, sir.

01/16/2005 11:43:40 pm by cbswork
Christmas Tree Deva

A few weeks before Christmas, went to the local tree farm - they grow them right there on the lot, orgonite zone since 2002 - and, because we have the space, picked the biggest tree on the lot; about 12 feet high. Invited it to come home; it said yes; away we go.

So, last week, down the tree goes and gone away to Christmas Tree Heaven... Today, at sunset, take a pic.

So, look inside the boxed area. You'll see that instead of the kitchen cabinets that normally would be in that shot, there is instead, a shot of the top of our departed Christmas tree, with the windows behind the tree, exactly like it was in the living room, over the holidays.

Thing is, the tree died and went away, but the deva stayed. It's way of saying, "Hi."

I often think of tree devas and the like as family pets, you know. That sounds terribly wrong, but it's meant in a way of varying degrees of spirit. They from us, in our respective kingdoms. They have a very basic - like/dislike thing going on with people. They either instantly dig you or hate you. When they like you, you'll find your plants live longer, healthier, happier, because...maybe you're giving them a nice smile when you look at them, make sure they are tended to and watered and all that. They reward that kind of attention from the great divine being with unbridled affection. This deva generally goes into a seed somewhere else, being something else. Instead, it asked, was granted, and now hangs here, waiting to "graduate" into the roses out back? Here's hoping, big guy...
Something else for you all, the walrus was Paul...
Also, this teach us? Notice when these high-frequency etheric shots are taken, the physical plane almost shifts to black, and in broad daylight. This happens because at the moment the pic is taken, I/we are no longer on the physical plane, we are in both dimensions at once, in a sense. So, when you look at a higher sub-plane of the etheric as the sun shots ARE, then you'll understand the mystical truth of spirit, that the lower dimensions are invisible to the dimensions above it. The more you are in ONE dimension, the LESS you are in the other.

This is how walking through walls is done, btw...

Just shift into your etheric body enough of a mass degree to retain control over the physical and the body can then be moved UNDER THE LAWS of the dominant plane of beingness, in this case the etheric. FYI.


The Luciferian Legacy

Reptoids begetting the merovingian lineage? Good research piece, and he sports the mark of cain, the cruciform sword as his symbol... Cainnites, reptilian-human hybrids, the "other" jews of antiquity alive and well and we know them today as...



The Luciferian Legacy

“[The] Serpent is also the wise word of Eve. This is the mystery of Eden: this is the river that flows out of Eden. This is also the mark that was set on Cain… [and] this serpent is also he who appeared in the latter days in human form at the time of Herod…”

- Hippolytus

The Mark of Cain

A few years back, workers toiling in an underground chamber beneath a medieval cathedral in Geneva, Switzerland uncovered a strange mosaic tile floor, thought to be of great antiquity. The mosaic depicted an icon beloved by the Merovingians: the Black Sun. The Priory of Sion claims that one of its principle commandaries is in Geneva, and if so, this may be it. For hidden away in the cathedral’s recesses, far from public view, is one of Christendom’s strangest set of relics: a plate and cup connected to the legends of Cain, Solomon, Christ, and Lucifer.

In an ancient variation on Biblical tradition, the so-called “mark of Cain” - believed to have been inflicted upon Adam’s first son - is said to have been caused by a stone that fell from Lucifer’s crown during the war in Heaven and bounced off Cain‘s forehead. According to this lore, the mark was in the shape of a red serpent. The jewel from Lucifer’s crown became a sacred relic, and was handed down dynastically from father to son, eventually coming into the possession of King Solomon. He hired a master craftsman to carve the huge stone into a plate and drinking vessel. According to this same legend, these very utensils were later used by Christ at the Last Supper. This story, bizarre though it may be, is emblematic of the unambiguously Luciferian symbolism that recurs constantly in regards to lore of the Grail bloodline - symbolism that has been consciously cultivated by the Merovingians throughout their history.

The Melusine

Among the most overtly Luciferian lore relating to the Grail bloodline is the strange saga of Melusine, a woman said to be half-human and half-serpent. Her father was reputedly Godfroi de Bouillon, former King of Jerusalem (or “Defender of the Holy Sepulcher”, as he preferred to be called), and prime mover behind the formation of both the Priory of Sion and the Knights Templar. It was due to de Bouillon - a descendant of Jesus Christ, King David, and the historical figure of Lohengrin - that the Templars adopted the Cross of Lorraine as their esoteric emblem. This symbol is known in Germany as the Cross of Lothringen, or Lohengrin (the origin of the name “Lorraine”, and was said to have been emblazoned upon Lohengrin’s shield. Godfroi was succeeded as King of Jerusalem by his brother Baldwin, who in turn was succeeded by Fulk the Black, a member of the prominent Angevin dynasty. It was Fulk who married Godfroi’s daughter, the mythical Melusine. As the story goes, upon her betrothal to Fulk, Melusine made a very unusual request. She agreed to marry him, but only upon this strange condition: that one night per week, on the Sabbath, she was to be allowed absolute solitude and privacy. On this night her husband was neither to speak to her, nor to enter her bedchambers. Fulk agreed to the bizarre codicil, and by all reports they shared a very happy union for the first several years.

In time, however, Fulk’s curiosity began to get the best of him. He wondered why his lovely bride required time apart from him, and what exactly she did on those nights. Unable to resist the temptation, Fulk burst into her bedroom one of these nights, only to be confronted by a terrifying visage. His wife had transformed herself into a figure that was half-serpent. The entirety of her lower extremities took on the appearance of a massive, bluish-white colored snake. Melusine was so horrified at being discovered that she keeled over dead. It was said that her ghost (in half-serpent form) haunted the site thereafter, and could be heard late at night, slithering about behind the locked door.

In a variation on this tale, Fulk was said instead to have peered through the keyhole of his wife’s chambers on one of her private nights. Inside he saw Melusine sitting in a bath, her body covered with scales from the waist down, her legs having turned into the tail of a fish. Deeply disturbed by what he had seen, Fulk was eventually compelled to question his wife. Upon learning that her trust had been violated, Melusine departed, never to be seen again.

As bizarre as such tales are, many European monarchs took great pride in citing Melusine in their family trees. In fact, according to Sabine Baring-Gould’s Myths of the Middle Ages, a number of royal families altered their genealogies in order to claim descent from the “illustrious” serpent lady. Her story became wildly popular in France, Germany and Spain, and for a time was seldom out of print.

In the early, happy days of Melusine’s marriage, she gave birth to a son, Geoffrey de Anjou. Geoffrey would eventually grow up to be the first Plantagenet King of England. Present at Geoffrey's birth was Bernard of Clairvaux, the famous Cistercian abbot, and yet another founding father of the Knights Templar. Upon first seeing the baby Geoffrey, Bernard made this strange pronouncement: “From the Devil he has come, and to the Devil he’ll return.” Though the Melusine saga may have been a beloved tale in parts of Europe, such was not the case everywhere. The tale seems to have been equally well-known in England, but not equally well-liked. In his book The Conquering Family, Thomas B. Costain writes:

“The counts of Anjou and their lovely but wicked wives gained such an unsavory reputation over the centuries that the people of England were appalled when they found that one of them (Geoffrey) was to become King of England.”

This notwithstanding, the House of Plantagenet provided England with some of its most noteworthy monarchs, many of whom admitted to having a soft spot in their hearts for their mythical matriarch, Melusine. Richard the Lionhearted even cited his purportedly Luciferian heritage as being the reason why his family “lacked the natural affections of mankind.”

The story of Melusine had such an impact on the French psyche that to this very day in some parts of France, “Melusines” (ginger cookies shaped like a woman with serpent’s tail) are sold on May Day. The fact that so many people have seemingly taken this unusual tale at face value seems rather unfathomable to the modern mind. Stranger still, why would a family putatively descended from Christ and King David so publicly include in their family tree the figure of a woman half-human and half-serpent?

It would appear that due to the highly improbable nature of this tale, it has been dismissed entirely by scholars and historians as pure folklore. Yet the members of this family (the Grail family) are no strangers to the adroit implementation of symbolism. Never has their use of symbolism been gratuitous. It is employed to reveal to the initiated precisely what it conceals from the uninitiated. And the imagery associated with Melusine is very specific in its connotations: it refers to the patriarch Adam’s first wife Lillith, who is depicted in cabalistic tradition as a naked human female with a serpent’s tail for her lower half. For us, this suggests that the Merovingians were consciously trying to keep alive an esoteric tradition - one which holds great secrets relating to the true nature of their sacred bloodline.

Lucifer’s Children

Conventional wisdom has it that the Grail bloodline is sacred because it came from Christ, a man still considered by much of the world to be the true son of God. And yet the dynasty of kings who descended from this bloodline were known as sorcerer-kings, some of whom hinted or even stated outright that they were in fact descendants of Lucifer. A number of authors claim this thesis is true, but they are predominantly hardcore Christian conspiracy theorists, and stop well short of explaining why they believe this, or of giving any tangible details to substantiate their claims. Says author Fritz Springmeier in The Bloodlines of the Illuminati: “In typical Gnostic fashion, descendants of the Merovingians claim to have the blood of both Christ and Satan in their veins.” Given the fact that this theme (or a variation of it) recurs with some regularity, and given that it would appear to be consistent with the sort of dualism which permeats the story of this bloodline, we began to wonder if there might not be some traditions from which such a notion could have arisen. At length, several were discovered.

Firstly, let us recall that this bloodline descended from a figure who equates with the biblical Cain. In certain rabbinic lore, we come across the very interesting notion that Cain was not the son of Adam, but of Samael. It was thought that when Samael appeared to Eve as a serpent, he seduced her. The fruit of that union was Cain. Samael was a fallen angel, essentially the Judaic Lucifer. If the Merovingians knew of this version of the story (which they no doubt did), and believed it, it could be the basis of their alleged assertion that they possessed the blood of both Christ and Lucifer. This notion is expressed in a famous poem by Charles Peguy, which states:

“The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine,

Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein,

Both the source of grace and the clear fountaine;

The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine,

And the same artery and the same vein,

And the same blood and the troubled fountaine.”

Some apocryphal versions of the story of Cain proclaim that he was the son of Adam and Lillith, not Eve. Before becoming Adam’s first wife, Lillith had been the consort of God before coming to Earth as a fallen angel. The full details of her story are probably too well-known to bear repeating here, but it is interesting that of the two alternate traditions concerning Cain’s parentage, both involve the Luciferian Nephilim bloodline. Also of interest is the fact that the lily is known to have taken its name from Lillith, and the heraldic device emblematic of this bloodline is the fleur-de-lys (widely accepted as symbolic of the lily). Could not this symbol, viewed within this context, in fact be the Flower of Lillith?

The Lillith/Samael connection is also pertinent in regards to our investigation because both Lillith and Samael are traditionally held to be the parents of the demon Asmodeus.1 Not only is Asmodeus the dominant image (shown mirroring Christ) in Rennes-le-Chateau, he is said to have played the central role in building the Temple of Solomon, the edifice from which the Knights Templar took their name. The recurrence of this strange figure in Grail lore has long perplexed observers, yet it would appear that both he and the descendants of Cain may in fact have shared a kindred ancestry. It is even said in some traditions that it was Asmodeus whom Moses called upon to part the Red Sea, and not God. Though portrayed as a demon or devil figure, his name reveals that he may not always have been viewed as such, for “Asmodeus” translates simply to “the Lord God.” (“Ashma” means “lord”, and “deus” means “god.”

Luciferian imagery is implied the presence of “the Elohim” of The Book of Genesis, where they are quoted as saying: “Let us make man in our image.” The word “Elohim” is translated simply as “God” in the King James Bible, but it is clearly a plural noun, as plural words in the Hebrew language end in the letters “im.” In fact, “the Elohim” are widely believed by many researchers to be identical with the Nephilim, the fallen angels known as the Watchers in The Book of Enoch. It is believed that “Elohim” comes from the much more ancient Babylonian word, “Ellu”, which means “Shining Ones.” This phrase has a distinctively Luciferian connotation, because the name “Lucifer” literally means “lightbearer.” And the descendants of Cain, who were the deified kings of Sumeria, were sometimes called “the Ari”, a term which also meant “Shining Ones.” The Sumerian pictogram for “Ari” or “Ar”, as noted earlier, is an inverted pentagram, a symbol long associated with Lucifer. And the phrase “Shining Ones” would be a very apt description for the descendants of Enoch’s fallen angels, who were said to have hair as white as snow, pale eyes, and pale skin which seemed literally to glow and fill the room with light. The Sumerian Ari are almost always depicted as wearing crowns bearing horns, and some of their descendants were reputed in legend to have had horns. For instance, the most famous statue of Moses (that of Michelangelo) depicts him with horns atop his forehead, not wholly inappropriate for someone who may be a blood relation of Asmodeus. Theologians protest that they are not horns, but merely rays of light. Yet even rays of light suggest a Luciferian subtext. Alexander the Great declared himself the son of a god, and he too was said to have horns. In fact, to this very day, if you talk to people in certain Iranian villages (who speak of his invasion as though it happened last week), they will tell you in all solemnity Alexander had horns, and that he wore his hair long to cover this up.

One cannot but admit that Cain seems to have engendered his own tradition, as evidenced in a strange Gnostic sect called the Cainites (named after the race of Cain’s descendants). Like the Carpocrateans, the Cainites believed that no one could be saved except by “making the journey through everything.” Epiphanius describes them as a group “consecrating... lustful or illegal acts to various heavenly beings” as a sort of sacrament. Interestingly, many scholars compare them to Satanists.

The extent to which the Merovingians knew of these alternate traditions is uncertain. Whether or not they believed in them is more uncertain still, yet it remains likely that they both knew about these traditions and took them quite seriously. To this very day, the coat of arms of the capital of the Merovingian empire, Stenay, bears an image of the Devil. In fact, the original name of Stenay was “Satanicum.” And the area Rennes-le-Chateau also contains many geographical references to the Devil. In addition to the Asmodeus statue at the church, there is an ancient stone monument in Rennes-le-Bains called “the Devil’s Armchair”, and there are hundreds of years worth of local legends pertaining to the appearance of the Devil on numerous occasions.

Seeing that this Luciferian legacy played such a prominent role in the Merovingian mythos, we wondered if traces of it could be detected in the Bible and other related texts. In short order, we were able to discern an abundance of such material. What caught our attention the most were a number of stories which seemed very suggestive of the idea that certain key patriarchs were descendants of the Watchers. Take, for example, the story of Abraham, the first proselyte ofonotheism, and a figure central in all three major monotheistic religions. His birth was, according to apochryphal traditions, foreseen in the stars by none other than King Nimrod, who felt threatened by the birth of Abraham, and effected a “slaughter of the innocents”-type scenario, in which 70,000 male children were put to death - in an effort to neutralize him.2 Consequently, his mother fled to the wilderness to give birth to him in a cave. As author Louis Ginzberg states in Legends of the Jews, upon Abraham’s birth, “The whole cave was filled with the light of the child’s countenance, as with the splendor of the Sun...” Compare this description with that in The Book of Enoch, where it was said that Lamech’s son Noah, “...illuminated all the house, like the Sun; the whole house abounded with light.”

A further indication that Abraham was of the Nephilim bloodline is that according to this version of the story, Abraham’s mother left him in that cave alone for twenty days, and upon returning, she did not even recognize him because he had “grown very big.” He was as large as a full-grown man and could both speak and walk - surely an indication of some divine supernatural ancestry. In fact, later chroniclers state unambiguously that Abraham was a giant. Like certain of his illustrious forebears, Abraham was also a great builder. Legends of the Jews tells us that:

“[Abraham] built a city for [his sons through his slave Hagar], surrounded by an iron wall, so high that the sun could not shine into the city... Also Abraham taught them the black art, wherewith they held sway over demons and spirits.”

Here we have a preeminent biblical patriarch as a practicioner of black magic, the forbidden art taught to man by the Watchers. And Abraham is not unique in this regard. Later figures such as Moses and Solomon were also said to be sorcerers. If three of the most important Old Testament figures were practicioners of the black arts, might not one reasonably conclude that an occult doctrine or tradition was perhaps central to the creed that eventually evolved into Judaism, and later Christianity? We will explore this idea (and the figure of Abraham) in greater depth later on, but first we will revisit the story of Jacob.

It was the tale of Jacob’s Ladder that provided the point of departure for most of our subsequent research, and we have since discovered alternate versions of the tale in which the symbolism is much more vivid. For example, in an apocryphal book called The Ladder of Jacob, 1:1-6, we read:

“He found a place and laying his head on a stone, he slept there, for the sun had gone down. He had a dream and behold a ladder was fixed on the earth, whose top reached to heaven. And the top of the ladder was the face of a man, carved out of fire. There were 12 steps leading to the top of the ladder, and at each step leading to the top were human faces, on the right and on the left... and the face [on top was] one of fire... [and was] exceedingly terrifying...”

The ladder in Jacob’s dream could be construed as representing a direct lineal connection between God and man, or the sons of God and man - the Nephilim patrimony of the twelve tribes of Israel fathered by Jacob. The “exceedingly terrifying” face of fire at the ladder’s apex is assumed to be God, although it could certainly be deemed a Luciferian apparition as well. The notion that the ladder represents the descent of the twelve tribes seems to be borne out by the twelve steps of the ladder, one for each of Jacob’s future sons. We find support for this idea in The Legends of the Jews, which tells Jacob’s story in greater detail.:

“Jacob took twelve stones from the altar on which his father Isaac had lain bound as sacrifice, and he said: ‘It was the purpose of God to let twelve tribes arise, but they have not been begotten by Abraham or Isaac. If now these 12 stones unite into a single one, then I shall know for a certainty that I am destined to become father of the twelve tribes.’ At this point a ... miracle came to pass; the twelve stones joined together and made one, which he put under his head, and at once it became soft and downy like a pillow... He dreamed a dream in which the course of world history was unfolded to him.”

The dream of Jacob’s Ladder is both a memory and a prophecy. It both foretells the coming of the twelve tribes, and alludes to their fallen angel lineage. In a bizarre addendum to this story, Jacob annoints the stone that served as his pillow with oil descended directly from Heaven, and then God casts the stone into “the Abyss” to serve as the cornerstone for his temple. But why would God want the cornerstone for His temple to be in the Abyss? Could it be because Jehovah’s Sumerian prototype, Ia, was known as “the Lord of the Abyss”?

The Serpent Messiah

One of the oddest symbols used frequently in reference to the Grail bloodline, and often in wildly unexpected contexts, is that of the serpent. We are all familiar with the serpent of Genesis, as the premier villian of Christian theology - the Devil himself. Consequently, the serpent has come to be viewed as emblematic of evil. How then are we to explain the strange episode, found in the Old Testament and in apocryphal Jewish legends, in which God instructs Moses to consturct a magical bronze serpent, the mere sight of which would save Israelites and bring death to their enemies? In some versions of this tale it was said that this serpent could cure men bitten by poisonous snakes. Others went so far as to say that it could actually save their souls. Biblical scholar James Kugel, commenting on the story, said this:

“The bronze serpent fashioned by Moses greatly troubled ancient interpreters. After all, a man-made object that had to power to cure snake bites if one simply looked at it - did this not smack more of magic than proper belief? What was worse, this same bronze serpent was later said to have become an object of idolotry in itself.”

The explanations arrived at by ancient interpreters are less than satisfactory. They claimed that it was not the snake which saved people, but God, and that by beholding it, they were beholding Him. But this fails to explain why a graven image was made to portray God, or why God would be symbolized as a serpent. Every conceivable aspect of this story is utterly in variance with what we know about orthodox Christianity or early Judaism. Another version of the tale, related in The Letter of Barnabas, says:

“...the Spirit, speaking to the heart of Moses, [tells him] to make a representation of the cross and of him who was to suffer upon it... Moses therefore made a graven serpent.”

This is very bizarre indeed. Not only do we have God represented as a serpent, but Christ as well. And it gets more interesting still. In the cabalistic science known as “gematria” (in which words are reduced to numbers), words sharing the same numeric value are viewed as having an identical essence on a higher level of meaning. In gematria, the words “messiah” and “serpent” can both be reduced to the same number: 358. So in cabalistic terms, the messiah and the serpent are one and the same.

For some gnostics and early Christian sects, the serpent of Genesis was viewed not as the villiain of the book, but as the hero. It was he, after all, who brought divine wisdom to man. God had told Adam not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, for if he did he “would surely die.” But Adam and Eve did eat the fruit, and they didn’t die. In other words, God was wrong and the serpent was right. The serpent told the truth, and God had lied. Certain Gnostics and Christians thought that this was surely the intended subtext of Genesis. Evidence that they may have been correct can be seen in what amounts to an Aramaic pun. In this now-dead language, used at the time of Christ, the words for “serpent” and “to instruct” are nearly identical. The serpent had instructed Eve to eat of the Tree of Life, and in following his advice, she gained wisdom. Viewed in this light, how could the serpent not be seen as the hero of Genesis?

As previously noted, in Jewish apocrypha, there is a story in which Eve is seduced by the serpent of Eden (Samael), and it is he, not Adam, who fathers of Cain. Could this strange tradition have something to do with Moses and Christ, possibly Cain’s descendants, being connected to serpent symbolism? Perhaps. Both men were obviously privy to the traditions connected with their family - traditions that have not come down to us through mainstream Christianity. Some sects, such as the Ophite Gnostics, have promoted theologies which explicitly identify Christ with the serpent. According to author Stephen Flowers in Lords of the Left-Hand Path, these groups felt that:

“Christ came as a manifestation of the light-bearing serpent... The serpent brought humanity knowledge (gnosis) of good and evil (Genesis 3:1-7), and can further aid man in getting the fruit of eternal life, thus making man like God, or like Christ.”

Though this is purely a philosophical abstraction, it is interesting insofar as one would not logically expect to find even a single tradition in which Christ was identified as a serpent, let alone several. Yet the examples from Moses, the cabala, and the Ophite Gnostics would seem to indicate that people had some concrete reason for making such a connection. We know that for many years following the death of Moses, the bronze serpent made by him became a sacred object of idolotry for the early Israelites.

In some schools of esoteric Christianity, it is thought that the cross of Christ is synonymous with the Tree of Life. There is even a very old Latin motto which, when translated, states: “The wood of the Cross is the Tree of Knowledge.” If the cross of Christ is symbolically equal to the Tree of Life, it follows that Christ would likewise be emblematic of the serpent who dwelt in that Tree. This may explain an otherwise inexplicable but nonetheless common alchemical motif: the crucified snake. Though in the context of Christian iconography, this repreated identification of Christ with the serpent appears to make little or no sense, if one looks to religious ideas prominent well before the advent of Judaism, the symbolism is a perfect fit.

In many ancient cultures, such as Egypt, poisonous serpents were venerated. In Chaldea, they were symbols of God and of the Sun. This has caused some scholars to misconstrue the Chaldeans as being superstitious “snake worshippers”, but such is not the case. The serpent as a religious icon embodies a very high degree of sophisticated symbolism. Serpents are perhaps among the most earthbound of creatures, and yet were identified with the Sun. For the Chaldeans, this would have signified the union of Heaven and Earth, or spirit and matter. This is precisely the symbolism inherent in the notion of Christ: an intersection of attributes both heavenly and earthly, both human and divine. Because serpents shed their skin, they were associated with the idea of death and resurection, of rebirth and immortality. Once again, these are the same ideas central to the mythos of Christ.

A vestage of this so-called “serpent worship” can be found in an obscure Judaic sect called the Naasenes.3 The Naasean doctrine posited that God was a primordial hermaphrodite, as was Adam. The sect chose the serpent as a representation of God because it was thought that snakes possessed both sexes, and thus the power of self-generation. It was a creature like unto God. Is it possible that Christ, the serpent messiah, was a Naasene? Perhaps. It can be shown that the moniker “Jesus of Nazareth” is a misnomer, since the town of Nazareth did not exist at the time of Christ, which is why some protestant churches now refer to him as “Jesus the Nazarene” instead. The authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail have speculated that Jesus was a Nazorean, another obscure Jewish sect of whom Samson was a follower. But given the serpent imagery found in alternate traditions of the life of Christ, might not the “Naasene hypothesis” be every bit as likely? After all, it was prophecized that the messiah would take the form of a serpent as early as the time of The Book of Exodus.

That there is a conncetion between the Naasean tradition and that of Chaldea seems highly likely. Chaldea’s deified kings were associated symbolically with both the Sun and the serpent, and were viewed to be “sons of the Sun”, or sons of God. The solar/serpentine motif shows up in the names of many ancient gods and kings, including some central to our own investigation. The name “Marduk” can be translated as “Son of the Sun” of “Son of the Lord”, as “duk” means both “sun” and “lord”, but “mar” can also mean “serpent”, giving this title the alternate meaning “Serpent of the Sun”, or “Serpent of the Lord.” As you may recall, the name of the South American tutelary deity “Quetzlcoatl” is also said to mean “Serpent of the Sun.” In ancient Egypt the word for “serpent” was “sir”, which allows us to translate “Osiris” as “Sun Serpent Lord.” And the name of the Chaldean tutelary deity “Oannes” can be translated into the nearly identical “Sun Lord Serpent.” Furthermore, you will recall that the South American god “Noach Yum Chac” (obviously connected with Noah) is supposed to have written a text titled Proof that I am a Serpent.

Though the serpent imagery is obviously mere symbolism, it nonetheless constitutes a symbol central to the identity of the Watchers and their offspring - one taken seriously by them, as it would later be by the Merovingians. Could it be a symbol of their heritage, derived from some illustrious (or perhaps sacred) forebear, a figure intimately connected to the idea of the solar serpent, perhaps one of the Chadeans’ deified kings? It is quite possible. If this were the case, it would explain the legend of the serpent fathering Cain. You will note that the serpent heritage which was such a matter of pride for the god-kings of other cultures was a cause for shame in the context of Judaism. In the Judeo-Christian version of events, the Original Sin is miscegenation, not disobedience. Could it be that the woman presented in all monotheistic religions as the primordial matriarch was in fact seduced by a Chaldean king? The name “Samael” may hold some clues. It consists of “Sam”, which means “Sun”, and “ael”, which means “Son of God.” So Samael is a serpent who represents both the Sun and the Son of God, precisely the symbolism associated with Chaldean kings. Is this the reason that Cain, a man remembered by other cultures as a mighty king and a builder of great cities, was villianized and written out of the Old Testament almost entirely? Very possibly so.

It is assumed that Cain’s bloodline disappeared from Biblical events at the same time he vanished East of Eden, and that subsequent patriarchs derived their descent from Adam’s “third son”, Seth. However, a close examination of the genealogies connected to Cain and Seth reveals that such may not be the case. Except for a few extra names added to the list of Seth’s descendants, the two genealogies are nearly identical.

Cain’s descendants are: Enoch, Irad, Mahujael, Methusael, Lamech.

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Seth’s descendants are: Enos, Cainan, Mhalaleel, Jared, Enoch, Mathuselah, Lamech

The correspondances should be obvious: “Jared” is “Irad”, “Mathuselah” is “Mahujael”, and so on. Both lists contain “Lamech”, and both contain “Enoch” (with an additional “Enos” to further confuse things.) It is as though the authors are retaining the true history, yet falsifying it just enough to throw off all but the most attentive reader. And indeed, the similarities have not passed unnoticed. Many Biblical scholars have commented on these odd genealogies, some suggesting that the one descending from Seth was an obvious fabrication, and that such a figure probably never existed. Cain had to be written out of Jewish history for some reason, but this task must have been quite difficult, because he was a very famous figure in the ancient world, known for having erected great cities across the length and breadth of Sumer and Chaldea. He built Ninevah, Erech, Agade (Akkad), and Lagash. He was looked to as a founding father by nations and cultures that seemingly had no connection to Jewish history. He built Babylon, and Babylonians were generally viewed as the natural-born enemies of the Jewish nation. Curiously, he appears to be a figure both central to Jewish history, and perplexingly outside of it.

There is perhaps more written in the Bible about Cain under his guise as King Nimrod of Babylon than there is written about Cain proper. The historical figure of Nimrod can, as we have shown, be conclusively identified with Cain, and like Cain, he is another character roundly demonized in the Old Testament. (He is also portrayed as having lived long after the time of Cain, something we clearly disagree with.) In early Jewish and Christian texts he is depicted as a fierce tyrant, a giant who hunted humans, and a king who “waged war against God.” But in the kingdoms he left behind he was worshipped as a god centuries after his death, and later kings would claim to be Nimrod reincarnated.

The Chaldean Connection

The genealogy of the Merovingian bloodline has for centuries been shrouded in mystery, and yet, we have been able to definitively trace it back to the Shepherd Kings of ancient Sumer. Subsequently, we have managed to fine-tune the focus of our investigation further still and many indications (both ancient and modern) seem to suggest that the role played by Chaldea was of pivotal importance. For instance, in The Book of Genesis, we are told that the Biblical patriarch Abraham was “a Chaldean from Ur.” For most readers, this seemingly insignificant factoid would undoubtedly slip by unnoticed, but to the student of ancient cultures, it is pregnant with portent, because Chaldea was known to be a Mecca of astronomy, astrology, and the black arts. So much so, in fact, that the word “Chaldean” in many ancient cultures was synonymous with “sorcerer.” Even so far away as Northern Europe, their term for sorcerer, “galdyr”, was rooted in “Chaldee.” The authors of Genesis obviously did their utmost to distance the figure of Abraham from the occult traditions of Chaldea, yet Abraham still appears to be an occultist both in biblical and extra-biblical texts. Note the following quote from Pseudo Eupolemus:

“Abraham excelled all in nobility and wisdom; he sought and obtained the knowledge of astrology and the Chaldean craft... he traveled to Phoenicia and dwelt there. He pleased the Phoenician king by teaching the Phoenicians the cycles of the Sun and Moon, and everything else as well... [in Egypt] Abraham lived in Heliopolis with the Egyptian priests and taught them much: He explained astrology and the other sciences to them.”

From Artapanus:

“Abraham... came to Egypt with all his household to the Egyptian king Pharothothes and taught him astrology.”

And from Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews:

“...before the coming of Abraham, the Egyptians were ignorant of these sciences, which thus traveled from the Chaldeans into Egypt, [and then] passed to the Greeks.”

It is clear from these quotes that Abraham travelled far and wide not to preach the gospel of the “one true God”, but rather to spread the wisdom of the Chaldean craft. These Chaldean sciences seem to echo the teachings of the Watchers, and pertained to geometry, astronomy, and the movements of the planets and stars. Compare the lore of the Watchers to what Philo records about the Chaldeans:

“The Chaldeans exercised themselves most especially with astronomy, and attributed all things to the movement of the stars, believing that whatever is in the world is governed by forces encompassed in numbers and numerical proportions... seeking out the numerical arrangement according to the cycles of the Sun and Moon, the planets, and the fixed stars… .”

The parallels between the Watchers and the Chaldeans become greater still when viewed in the light of a tradition cited by Eusebius, who wrote: “Abraham traced his ancestry to the giants. These dwelt in the land of Babylonia. Because of their impiety, they were destroyed by the gods.” So there you have it. These two traditions (of the Watchers and of the Chaldeans) sound so identical because they are identical - one and the same. Were the Chaldeans the descendants of the Watchers, and executors of their tradition? Such an idea is certainly reinforced by the fact that the Hebrew word for “Watcher” is “Ir”, which sounds similar to the name of the Chaldean city “Ur”, as well as “Ar”, the Sumerian word mentioned previously that is symbolized by the pentagram (and means “Shining Ones”. Also, the Watchers were called specifically, “the watchers of the heavens”, a very appropriate title for a people (like the Chaldeans) so preoccupied by astronomy. Could it be that Ur was the primordial city-state of the Watchers? Very possibly. Ur is considered so ancient that to the modern mind it has become synonymous with antiquity itself. All of this would appear to suggest that Abraham’s status as a Chaldean from Ur may indeed be very telling. It also seems that Abraham is far more than merely a man who “traced his ancestry to the giants.” Remember, it was said that “Abraham excelled all in nobility and wisdom.” In ancient times “nobility” did not refer to a man’s demeanor - it meant of noble birth. And as we will ultimately reveal, the figure known as Abraham was of very noble birth indeed.

For the time being however, we will continue our study of the Chaldean saga by looking into the story of King Gudia. Though one of the most illustrious of the Sumerian/Chaldean monarchs, Gudia remains a relatively obscure personage in terms of mainstream history. Gudia was both priest-king and architect, a builder of great cities and temples, not unlike Cain/Nimrod. And it just so happens that Nimrod was Gudia’s patron saint, as well as having been his ancestor. Gudia was like many of the Old Testament prophets, in that he was prone to dreams and vision. In one such dream, Nimrod himself appeared to the king, revealing to him the blueprints of a temple he wished to be erected in his honor. Upon waking, Gudia lost no time setting in motion plans to construct the Temple of Nimrod, a structure that would eventually be seen as one of the most magnificant edifices of its day.

The reign of Gudia witnessed a flourishing of culture and civilization in his region. He wandered the full length and breadth of Mesopotamia (and often beyond) to amass lumber, blocks, and precious metals for his many projects. He not only built new cities and temple, but rebuilt old ones as well. Ruling from his capitols of Lagash and Ur, he preferred not to be seen as a king, but rather as a priest and prophet. He was known simply as the “Good Shepherd”, and may in fact have refused the title of king (although his name does appear in the King’s List.)

Of all the many kings that reigned over Chaldea or Sumer, only a handful of their names are known outside of specialist circles, or from readings of the Old Testament. Those that come to mind are Sargon, Kamurabi, Assurbanipal, and a few others. Why, then (or how) could a man of Gudia’s stature have simply vanished into the mists of history? A possible answer was suggested upon reading that in Gudia’s time and culture there were no letters equivalent to “G” or “I.” Substituting the closest equivalent to those letters results in something both startling and altogether unexpected: Judea.

Is it be possible that Judah, the son of Jacob from whom Jews derive their name, could in fact have been a Chaldean priest-king? Are Gudia and Judah one and the same? Turning to the Old Testament in search of information that would either corroborate or disprove altogether such a bizarre thesis revealed passages so scant and so strange as to be of no help whatsoever in either regard. Further searches in Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews and Louis Ginzberg’s Legends of the Jews proved equally fruitless. How could a man from whom the entire Jewish tribe adopted their name be so little documented in three such major works documenting Jewish history and folklore? It was both perplexing and mysterious, like trying to conceive of a New Testament that featured only a half-dozen off-handed references to Christ. It defied all logic. And it seemed that logic was the only means left to pierce this apparent conspiracy of silence.

So it was that the ancient Chaldean King’s List was consulted again, the reasoning being that if Gudia and Judah were the same figure, perhaps other names in close proximity on the list might have a familiar ring. Four lines above Gudia on the list was a king named “Irarum.” Though not precisely identical to “Abraham”, it was the only name on the list with so familiar a ring to it. Remember that these names were not only spelled and pronounced differently from culture to culture, but also often in the same culture. Irarum had a son named “Dar”, who also went by the title “Asahk” (literally, “Son of God”. Asahk’s son was “Khab” (or “Khabulum”, and his son in turn took the royal title “Akhab” (“Son of Khab”. He in turn fathered Gudia. So if we take into account the sound of these names in their respective order, we arrive at something quite extraordinary:

“Irarum” is the same as “Abraham”

“Asahk” is the same as “Issac”

“Akhab” is the same as “Jacob”

“Gudia” is the same as “Judah”

So with one notable exception (the extra figure of “Khab” or “Khabulum”, we find in the Chaldean King’s List an almost perfect reflection of the Old Testament line of patriarchs.

At this point it is virtually impossible to ascertain what any of this really means. Were the Chaldeans all Jews? Were the people who called themselves Jews really Chaldeans? Were both merely different nations or tribes of an essentially Sumerian populace? Could it be that the so-called “Shepherdic Jews” were not so named because they had been shepherds, but because they claimed descent from a priest-king known as the “Good Shepherd”? Remember that this was the same title used to refer to Christ, who acted in the capacity of a priest-king without a throne. Christ, too, is said in some early traditions to have been a Chaldean, an idea we will explore in due course.

The Chaldean tradition, and its secret gnosis, is intimately linked with astronomy, astrology, geometry, architecture, and magic; all topics central to our ongoing inquiries. But there’s more. It was said that Gudia practiced the “Chaldean rite” of bull sacrifice - a practice that passed from Chaldea to Egypt, and eventually, to many parts of the ancient world. Significantly, this rite is said to have originated in Atlantis, and Gudia, like the Atlantean kings, kept the sacrificial bulls in his own palace. Further, when Gudia’s ancestor appeared to him in a vision and gave him specifications for the construction of a magnificent temple, the building thus erected was a seven-stepped ziggurat. Legend tells us that an identical structure once existed as the royal palace on Atlantis.

By reviving Atlantean architecture and religious ritual, Gudia seemed to be trying to build a bridge between the past and the present, or to reconstitute the past in the present. His chosen title, “Gudia” (“Lord/King Ia” harkens back to Sumer’s first deified king. Within two centuries of his death, Babylonians worshipped him as the “Divine Gudia”, and put statues of him in their temples. The reign of Gudia is reckoned by some scholars to have been around 2400 BC. By the time Judaism began to coalesce some 900 years later, Gudia and his illustrious forebears would have become mythic figures in an oral tradition. Though there is little proof beyond what we have presented to link the figures of Gudia and Judah, there are references to Judah being a ruling king in rabbinic lore, including descriptions of a crown, royal scepter, and royal signet ring. And although orthodox Judaism seems to have rejected most of what constitutes the Chaldean tradition, there are indications that these ideas were preserved on a sub rosa level, to reemerge later in a most unexpected context.

Christ the Chaldean

And did those feet in ancient time

Walk upon England’s mountain green?

And was the Holy Lamb of God

On England’s pleasant pastures seen?

- William Blake, Jerusalem

As the above lines from William Blake’s 18th century poem Jerusalem reveal, the tradition that Christ came to England is one that is both widespread and long-standing. Indeed, Roman chroniclers began referring to it as early as the reign of Tiberius Caesar, who died in 37 AD (only four short years after the presumed date of Christ’s own death). It was in Glastonbury, Cornwall, that the first Christian church was built, purportedly by Christ himself.

For those unfamiliar with the story, it is well-documented that Christ’s uncle, Joseph of Arimathea made frequent trips to England in the course of his travels as a tin merchant. As the story goes, Jesus often accompanied his uncle on these journeys, and ended up spending a good deal of time in Cornwall during his well-known “lost years.” It was here that he conducted the early years of his ministry, and legend records that he constructed a rather large house for the habitation of his mother, Mary. It was this house which, pursuant to the crucifixion, became recognized as the first Christian church in the world. And this first Christian church was known by a number of names, such as “the wattle church”, “the old church”, and perhaps most significantly, “the Culdee church.” In other words, “the Chaldean church.”

In Thomas Campbell’s Reullura, we read:

“The pure Culdees

Were Alby’s4 earliest priests of God

Ere yet an island of her seas

By foot of Saxon monk was trod.”

In E. Raymond Capt’s marvelous book The Traditions of Glastonbury, he states: “The first converts of the Culdees... were the Druids of Britain, who found no difficulty in reconciling the teaching of the Culdees with their own teaching of the resurrection and the inheritance of eternal life.” In addition, the Druids had long believed in the coming of a messiah - a messiah named “Jesu.” They also shared the Chaldean preoccupation with sacred geometry and astronomy. And too, they had the odd habit of referring to God as “the ancient of days.” Clearly these two groups’ traditions had a shared origin of some sort. Capt continues:

“Culdees are recorded in church documents as officiating at St. Peter, York, until AD 939. According to some church authorities, the Canons of York were called ‘Culdees’ as late as the reign of Henry II (AD 1133-1189). In Ireland, a whole county was named ‘Culdee.’ The names ‘Culdee’ and ‘Culdish’ cling tenaciously to the Scottish church, and its prelates until a much later date.”

The Culdee phenomenon appears to be little known, little discussed, and even less understood. Nonetheless, over the centuries a fascinating number of theories and legends have become attached to them: theories and legends that are all the more fascinating in that they seem to overlap with much of our own research. What follows are some of the fundamental assumptions held about the Culdees, as collected and preserved by Arthur Edward Waite in his New Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

The Culdees were Druids.

They were identical with the Chaldeans mentioned by the prophet Daniel.

They were priests in Assyria and can also be traced to Babylon.

They were Casideans, Essenes, Therapeutae, and Magi.

Beneath their cloak of Christianity they concealed a secret doctrine.

They were mathematicians and architects at the time of the early Roman emperors.

They were the builders of King Solomon’s Temple.

The Culdees of York were all Masons.

They denied the personality of Jesus - meaning the historical personality - and also the existence of the Devil.

The Culdee monks were the schoolmasters and architects of their time.

It was thought that the historical allegory of the Round Table, as well as the quest for the Holy Grail, referred in mystical terms to Culdee rites.

If the foregoing statements are indeed accurate, it would appear that there was the presence of a Templar-like fraternity in England for a full thousand years before the advent of the Knights Templar. And not just in England, but throughout the British Isles. The Culdees had commandaries, schools and churches in Wales, Ireland and Scotland as well. It is said that despite pressure from Rome, the Culdees remained a very strong presence right up to the time of the Norman conquest5, which began in 1066. The timeframe here seems highly significant, as 1066 is only a few decades before the founding of the Order of Sion and the Knights Templar by Godfroi de Bouillon in 1090.

Is it purely coincidental that an organization whose history spans over a thousand years should essentially vanish, and in a matter of mere decade a group whose outlook seems nearly identical should emerge in another part of the world? Most of what the historians assert about the Culdees is incredibly similar to what was said of the Templars. Let us compare: both groups were said to possess a secret doctrine which they concealed behind the facade of Christianity. Both groups denied Christ in a sense. Both groups were architects. And both groups were associated with the Holy Grail, as well as with Solomon’s Temple.

There definitely seems to be a continuity of belief, purpose and action between the two groups. Certainly the mystery surrounding both groups appears to be the same mystery. But if these two groups represent different manifestations of the same esoteric tradition, it is not simply a tradition whose origin came about after the crucifixion of Christ. The tradition can clearly be traced to the Chaldean King Gudia, and further still to his role model and patron saint, Nimrod/Cain.


1 “Asmodeus” contains that root word, “Az”, that was yet another title of Cain.

2 According to Louis Ginzberg, Nimrod did this because he feared Abraham “would rise up against him and triumphantly give the lie to his religion” - a polytheistic cult in which Nimrod himself was worshipped as a god.

3 “Naas” is the Hebrew word for “serpent.”

4 England was then called “Albion.”

5 In other locations, such as Ireland, their influence remained strong well into the fourteenth century.

by Boyd Rice

01/14/2005 04:48:11 pm by cbswork

Reciprocity or Balance

Setting off nukes in the Indian Ocean was a mistake. This mistake is being balanced. It was mentioned regarding Aussie Bloke, if the bad guys started setting off nukes, the deva kingdom - specifically the Undine branch - would flood all their western US bases. It's in the blogs here from summer, and on my last two posts at EW from earlier last week.

So, in the below photo, you can see a HAARP attempt at the blocking of the weather system, and then a massive UNDINE the size of three alaskas appears INSIDE their square, blowing the storm right into the westerns, in spite of every effort by Dark forces..

Look inside the'll see it's RIGHT EYE, nose, and out of its mouth, a clockwise and counter-ckockwise spinning vortex of storm expanding into the ENTIRE WESTERN SEABOARD AND STATES. At the widest part of the round funnel coming out of the angel's mouth, is yet another destroyer angel, with perfect wings, alighting on the continent, the New Atlantis. You bet there's snow in the Mojave, every base is getting a nice drink...enjoy.

Dude...they were warned NOT to do this. They should have listened. I can't stop the flooding...the bases must drown. This is how it works, folks, in the big stage of life....


Don't let this angelic kingdom stuff freak you out. With the etheric becoming visible, you'll be seeing a lot of this kind of stuff, battles in heaven between opposing groups. Look at the pic again...the black square that shifts into a pentagram...then the emergence of a right-eyed angel, blowing right through their moves with no effort at all, still delivering the thing...right into the heart of darkness, the Pacific Northwest....

What you are looking at, mainly, is a HAARP attempt at blocking justice and that attempt being brushed aside. Because...meant every word. If they say they'll drown you for doing this, you should take them at their word. These kind of angels are incapable of lying, so...

Telling you...there are two very visible groups of beings fighting it out on our globe...dark forces, the lizards...and...well...God.


Your word is who you are. Break it, and so do you. As they are one and the same things. Once one breaks, so must its reality in the person.


You know, thing about the Pacific Northwest as a focal point is those two big lizard nests, one in Seattle and the other in Shasta. The whole tri-state region is one vast connected series of smaller nests, UGs, or bases. All connected to the two big centers as stated. That's the heart of darkness...


I know the loss of life sucks. I spent most of the day today, out among various different flood counties. The ongoing devestation is amazing and painful to watch. Saw bridges knocked out. Rivers, overflown their banks. Snow piled into the sky on every sing hill and mountain top in five counties. Every single major and minor highway around LA is closed from flooding. And storm is expected to double again in power and last still a few more days...making it the worst storm in recorded California history extant...

01/09/2005 11:52:44 am by cbswork
Don Croft's article on me

So you'll all stop asking, answer this once.

Admin of Etheric Warriors sends out a week ago, a notice about making membership more available to the masses. Provide public contact info or your gone from being a member. Advised Admin to delete, because I'm already at the limit of public access I'm comfortable with. (dangling participle)

Admin posts article mentioning my full name, not my nome-de-dork, cbswork. Email admin, please change it to cbswork. Doesn't happen, Was told had to ask specifically. I had. Asked again. So...

What's left of my privacy is a big deal for me and having it abrogated by afriend without any asking of me first just was a pretty crappy thing to do. And instead of an apology, some stuff about NOT LOSING me. Losing me to what? Sanity? Fairness? The right thing to do between friends?

So, that's what that was all about over yonder with the appearing and disappearing posts everyone keeps asking about.


But I understand the causations here. Look...I don't want the limelight in the orgone movement. I shun contact, answer 3% of my email, don't meet folks, like that. WHat you see is all I'm comfortable with giving and I have a fmily you know...with REAL children.

Don't feel threatened by the photography, for that's all it is: an idiot with a camera. The rest is just so much babble, as anyone knows, anyways...

So, relax. I sell some orgone, I keep my mouth shut, I take pictures. How can that be a threat to anyone, anywhere, in the orgone movement? I try to be supportive, when practicable but am busy. And don't chat with anyone I haven't known FOR YEARS AND YEARS. Because, look at what happens...


So, i am no longer a member of Etheric Warriors. Not only was my name mentioned in a post, but was distributed over the internet. Just delete my account, not coming there again. Not if my friendship means THAT LITTLE to anyone.

and thanks for sending it out on the web, too. That was an especially nice touch. Making sure the friendship ends for good? It's what you want, it's what you keep acting out for a solid year: passive/agressive resentment towards your friend. What did I do to you, to make you hate me so very much?


And folks wonder why I shun contact...

01/07/2005 02:37:10 pm by cbswork
Predictions vs Plans

As anyone knows whose been on the board thing, i don't give predictions about anything. I report plans. Plans that have been set in motion. on this site and the old dork site...

Recall the old aussie bloke thing, and i was informed it was an intent by the Illuminists to set off nukes in South Pacific, and that there would be repercussions if that happened.

It's not about predictions. It's about causal relationships between two opposing groups of etheric beings, fighting it out on our planet.

01/06/2005 06:18:34 pm by cbswork
Lizards among us...

The following article is disinformation. First, they dangle the truth - black triangles being protected by the military that come from UNDERNEATH the ground...NOT FROM OUTER SPACE. Second, black triangles are homegrown jobs, not stellar creations. The trotting out in the story below makes it sound like they're aliens hooking up with the rational and advanced Indians, to save us.

This is a scam. A fiction. ALL governments are reptoid. The TR3Bs are reptoid. The lie is these are from outer space, either our saviors or our assassins, depending upon which type of lizard entity gets the bad guy role, probably the dracs.


"In Ladak, for example the locals clearly point out the everyday phenomenon of large triangular spacecrafts coming out below the ground and Indian security forces protecting them."

01/05/2005 03:08:52 pm by cbswork
More un Tsunami

01/05/2005 03:42:56 pm by cbswork
Two Blonde Lizzards

Neiman Marcus online.



Visible and in our face.

01/04/2005 09:15:04 pm by cbswork
Sunset and gravlevs

Gravlev in center of cloud. All the cloud shots today have BLACK TRIANGLES in the clouds. Andy at CTbusters wanted a rain-free day, so I asked, and we had sunny/cloudy skies all day. Filled with Gravs, doing the usual bad things. Watchers, the whole gang, cessnas, all of them. Spent a full 25 percent of my time, just blasting alone. Just to get anything done.

Another rainy morning...

It's been raining all night and morning...a strong, gentle rain, very pleasant. Everything outside is cold and gray; everything wet.


Things like the Sumatra quake, with its 15 after shocks all over the region at the same depth, 10KM, not the various odd depths they changed it to later. I copied the original output screens of the reporting sites, as it happened. They all reported a depth of 10km, and two of them stated their richter readings were in excess of a magnitude of 9.2, which is a phenomenal amount of energy. Phenomenal...when you think about how the richter scale works, which is every number is 100 times greater in energy than the number before, being an exponential equation.

And, many newspapers are reporting quakes all over the globe, but the USGS site is NOT showing them on their charts and graphs. Means they are hiding the data. They don't want you to know how really bad it is, because it is VERY bad, earth-wise right now. We ARE IN THE BLENDER, here. The sun, moon, star systems are all over the canopy. The earth is reacting to these stresses. The governments are also playing games with these stresses. Annuk warbirds are firing plasma weapons directly into our Sun. They have no idea what is about to come out of that SUN, to lay waste to them, fact... That's YOUR life support system they are firing energy weapons into. If that candle goes out...SO DO WE and everything else in the system. It's the same kind of silliness as when they tried to light up Jupiter, to get a second sun going...that didn't work out for them, either. Lots of their plans just don't go. Because it simply is not being ALLOWED to happen. There actually is a higher power and the outcome of this conflict has already been decided. It just needs to happen now on the physical plane, so the experiences are grounded in the human chalice, our Soul. By living out our choices, we make real the divinity we seek to express. IMO.

They're trying to create a wormhole gate opening between the shadow of the sun's energy and a mirror energy foci on earth, to get inside the Van Allen Belt. Be glad this stuff doesn't work, because that warbird is FOUR times the size of Earth. A literal deathstar, just like in Star Wars. See, it was the truth in reverse, like was stated previously, those Lucas films. He's a reptoid.

Check out this site for the original data sets.

01/02/2005 10:13:08 pm by cbswork
Battles in the 2nd heaven

And compare the figure eight seen here, with the figure eight seen in the clouds earlier in today's shot.


It's about to rain again. I had two trashcans out back, with the lids off and empty. Last week's rains filled them both, TWICE. ANd they say the storms coming are going to be twice as much and that the current storm was due to hit yesterday morning, but it hasn't yet.

New Year's day, asked our friends if they could move the storm inland to the Sierras (where the whole state could then benefit from the deluge and not just SoCal) and then let the thing go? And since that time, the heaviest, most broiling cloud and weather systems have been just sliding by, and not a drop. Until they hit the sierras, where its raining. Isn't that cool? Just a coincidence, I'm sure, but a happy one.

So, finally, its going to start raining here, to ease up the pressure in the east... Every reservoir around here is full or filling fast, by my survey so far. That's actually really good news, in a drought world. It also means the water tables are rising, which fubars underground bases i also hear...


One major Earthquake and every toid from the past with agency credentials comes out of the woodwork: Scallion (CIA), Dames(CIA), Sean David Morton...

All agency. Every prediction they ever made, failed misreably. Don't tell you've all forgotten these clowns back between '92 and '99? The big earth changes bugaboo that everyone was being BS'd about? Remember these guys? Every prediction a failure. Not a single hit, the lot of them.


Sure, I'm not surprised about the Sumatra Christmas quake. Look at what's going on with the sun and the moon and tell me if this doesn't affect the planet? It must. Laws of Nature demands that it must. Don't need a pyschic for that, just a working brain.

Posted: Dec 9 2006, 08:20 PM


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Moon...southern transit

...last night. Each night this last week, the moon has made a track from East to West, generally following the ecliptic of the sun. Last night, the moon barely made over the tops of the southern hills, then sank like a rock.


Get the feeling something really amazing is about to happen? Worldwide?

Me too.

04/25/2005 01:28:37 pm by cbswork
A tale of Two Sons

Once upon a Time...

There was the great and noble King who had two sons. Both sons were given a kingdom to reign in and prosper. First son in the North, the second, in the South.

After a time, reports came in to the King of how things were going with his children. As regent in his area, one was doing well, every citizen enjoying their rightful measure of honesty and prosperity in the sons' Northern kingdom.

The other was not doing so very well at all. Things were a complete mess. The citizens didn't know they were ALL heirs to the King, being direct descendants. Chaos, economic despair, war, death, disease, and all the ills of life, they lived daily. So, King asks the First Son if he wouldn't mind so very much, looking after his Brother's kingdom in the south, so all the children could learn they were descendants of the Most High King of the Land, and regain their rightful state as citizens do in his kingdom.

The first son surveyed the Southern Kingdom as his father did before him and declared, "I shall send out mine own sons, from mine own first house, to go into the Southern kingdom and help the lost brethren who do not know they are DIVINE SONS AND DAUGHTERS of the Great King of us All."

And he did.

04/21/2005 11:50:25 pm by cbswork
Busy Day...

If I had to use one single phrase to explain how this whole thing is going to move forward, then "love and compassion" would be that phrase. We certainly know that any other track leads to the same business as before: divisiveness, error, and suffering.

Let me ask, would it matter, in the end, what point in your life things turned around and you found the way within your heart? First day or the last, not the issue. All that matters is that the adjustment was made in due course and soul firmly seated upon the inward path. And it's different for each of us. Some at 8, others at 74. Some Adamic, some hybrid, some Lizzy.

And here's another happy thought worth considering. If Divinity sees the children that strays the farthest from home, the ones NEEDING THE MOST LOVE AND COMPASSION, then it might behoove us to follow that example in our own lives, with others around us...

...human, lizard, blend.

Every day is a winding road...


Hating other religions is just darkness hiding under the guise of Love. Hating the folks attendant to their culture's home religion - born into, taught to revere God in their native tounges - is simply EVIL.

And LOVE phonetically uttered backwards is?


So anything that is the inverse of love in any hateful form of hate, is evil. Very simple once you see it. ANd you can see which folks spend a great deal of time slamming and slandering everything they see wrong. It's one thing to expose the hand of darkness in our world, it's quite another indeed, to lace that exposure with a heavy bromide of deep-seated hate for others...

...the ONLY real SIN, that of SEPARATIVENESS. Dividing our planet's inhabitants along any line of division, is that sin. Because anything that separates two people into enemies is the most visible and ugly act in OPPOSITION TO LOVE.

Joe the Rat

As he's known by the mob.


Joseph Ratzinger, nazi/lizzy dark prince, makes Pope. This pope will be terminated by his own people, and replaced with A MONSTER. And the monster will have his day IN THE SUN.

Then, he gets whacked out, as Italy burns, Rome burns, as well as most of the Med.

Joe the Rat's days are already being decided upon, by his KINSMEN.

and he not only knows it, but is happy to taste his own blood on his lips, as his last thoughts as the poison burns a hole between the lining of his stomach and his lungs, is ALMONDS on his lips. He'll see fruited trees shimmering in darkness, as he passes.



When Petro Romanus arrives, evil spreads quickly.

04/20/2005 03:11:33 pm by cbswork

Stopping attacks

This actually works quite well, the technique. Doesn't matter what label one uses - the Redeemer, The Lamb, Christ, Christos, Jesus, Yaeshua, etc. It's the ONE frequency in the universe that actually terrifies the parasites.

See link.

04/20/2005 01:28:44 am by cbswork

Happy thoughts

ATM cards that go missing in the mail, for weeks...and still no show, 2 iteration.

ATM cards with NEW banks that don't work in ATM machines...

MONEY ORDERS, stolen from mail...


If these things didn't happen daily, we'd wonder what's wrong, eh?

04/08/2005 05:22:03 pm by cbswork

Suns and Sons

Remember 1980? Reagan gets shot, all that? Mt. St. Helens lights up like a roman candle, sometime later?

Considering how it all works, let's consider this:

Banda Aceh on the 26th and After Easter, created events, to tie into the whole Lodge of Atlantis thing they have going. But the real target has always been THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Said it before. The tie-in on the two Indian Ocean quakes were to dry-run the Big Event and measure Tsunami workings in REAL TIME. Everything keys to Sun symbology because as one king falls, ANOTHER arises. They use the energies of these planetary and human shifts to fuel their next level, whatever it may be at the time.

So, we have a Solar Eclipse on the Ring of Fire, or abouts that on April 8th. The passage and burial of a Sun King (Pope JII was born on a Solar Eclipse, became most powerful Black Pope of his age, 20th century, etc.)

So, I'd be scouting for a South Pacific event, to use the occult energies of all previously mentioned. And probably between the May 1st sabot and the Solstice on June 21st. That window.

We'll see...

Something else could turn up, take its place. We'll see. But, they wouldn't dream of missing this - too many years, lives, and hopes all bent on this succeeding. They have everything in place, occultly speaking.


BTW, they're going to be shouting its a comet and all that, god punishing us. Well, it's someone punishing you, and even though nothing happens without the Father's permission IN REALITY, this one has their boss on the trigger, not ours. FYI.

...that being said.

It may happen that there would be something coming after that, to adjust things. Like the created event, it would be the same thing in balance: WATER. Like the Great Lakes, or worse. THat event would be from on-high, because this is what darkness calls down, when it does what it does.

Imagine a rock half the size of LA county slamming into The Biggest Lake there. Out of nowhere. Now, that works because if the finger of death comes from Atlantis, then Atlantis pays the bill, later. Can't do it in the oceans - that punishes non-combatant countries, innocent of all charges. But the Great Lakes...that keeps things right where they need to be...exactly so, if the rock comes in FROM THE NORTH.


04/02/2005 12:18:35 am by cbswork
Well said...

04/01/2005 11:59:08 pm by cbswork
Sun King passes

Well...guess they went for the dirt-nap job after all...looks like the Pope is being evicted. Sacrifice thing, their deal, not ours. He'll be getting a personal escort to the Dark Place, until he's given his baggage to hoe for awhile. Very Long While.

That aside.
Here we have a great deal. Angels, lizards, various etheric stuff, and all the usual stuff. Liz is as 7:00, inner rings of the Sun.

7 Days...

The central point of it all - life - is once we seek "God" within our hearts first, then we can see GOD everywhere...

Posted: Dec 9 2006, 08:23 PM


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Final farewell from Cbswork

05/22/2005 02:01:49 pm by cbswork
For The Record

As I won't be around later to say these things, here they are up front.

No one is in contact with me, regards internet and orgone or anything. People will claim I left them my secret biz secrets or whatever, or they have "news" from the dork. It will all be lies.

Now, the web site terminates in about a week, so anyone who wants orgone, now is the time.

I will be homeless. No home. Shower, roof, hot stove, or clean clothes in the dresser. The money went away, it has stayed away...again. It's simple math. These destabilizing tactics only serve to create a climate of further mistrust between myself and Lizzies who "want to be my friend."

As well, any "public releases" by myself for later whatever, simply do not exist. I have nothing written down, anywhere, that is of any value to anyone. Going to simply go away now, and try to find a miter of life somehwere, while I can. Even if only for a very little while.

Not taking addy's with me. No point. People I don't know, don't need to know. People I know, I know all too very well. And there it is.

Kinda want to keep following that "leave me alone or else" track for a while and would rather be happily forgotten by this and/or any other community out there.


Anyone claiming I am the reincarnation of this or that old-timey "saint" here to save the world, is probably heavily medicated.


Enjoy the Pole Shift, the EQs on the coast, and the nice big "alien" invasion scheduled up on the books. It won't be pretty.

05/11/2005 12:15:16 pm by cbswork
Shipping to

US and Canada ONLY.

Going to stop accepting MOs on the 21st, and all online orders on June 1st.

Dorksite will then be disabled.

Many thanks for the orders in the last two days. Allow me to pay off the dentist, some local bills, and exit free and clear.

As far as I know, I'm not moving TO anywhere. Just the gutter...

Even though it might be thought to extend the hand, going to try to get out of this mess on my own, without that. See what happens. I've been homeless before, so it's the old bag again, you know. Some faces from our past have a hauntingly familiar way of storming back into our lives, knocking down our worlds and embracing us in ways we'd rather not, frankly. Homelessness is one of those faces, just not a friendly one.


And good luck with everything, life and all that.

Mind the mindfields out there.

05/09/2005 11:40:01 pm by cbswork
Going out of business SALE

Everything half off, existing stock, etc.

Need to have any money order type orders placed by no later than May 21st, so I can get that out to you.

Mail to

Don B
323 E. Matilija Ave
Suite 110-275
Ojai, CA 93023


Moving again. That whole business.

05/02/2005 09:35:14 am by cbswork
Spring Cleaning

just cleaning out old stuff, bored. Should have new format and material up by July at the latest...or not.


UPDATE: The pics and verbage are gone for good. Please don't ask "where did they go?"

They're gone. That's it.

Be well.

Posted: Dec 9 2006, 09:17 PM


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user posted image
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Posted: Dec 9 2006, 09:20 PM


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Posted: Dec 9 2006, 09:23 PM


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Posted: Dec 9 2006, 09:26 PM


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Posted: Dec 9 2006, 09:32 PM


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Posted: Apr 6 2007, 04:15 AM


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DB (Cbswork) New ORGONE Web page.

I’m happy to announce that DB has an orgone webpage hosted and provided by Vaccination Liberation . : )

Added new products are Towerbusters and Sun Stars (formerly Implant Killers)

Printable Order Forms:

user posted image
Enhanced HHG -
"Various excellent gemstones, crystals, just like I've always made in the past. Very beautiful creations."
$50 each + $5 shipping = $55 total
3 pack each $125.00 + $10 shipping = $135 total

user posted image
Record Keeper HHG -
"Various excellent gemstones, crystals, just like I've always made in the past. Very beautiful creations."
$70 each + $5 shipping = $75 total
3 pack each $175.00 + $10 shipping = $185 total

user posted image
DB's Special Creation -
(formerly Reptoid Repellent)
"Various excellent gemstones, crystals, just like I've always made in the past. Very beautiful creations."
$35 each + $5 shipping = $40 total
3 pack each $100.00 + $10 shipping = $110 total

user posted image
Enhanced Tower Busters
"a good product with attention to detail and PROMPT service."
size and shape may vary from pictures
12 each $15.00 + shipping 7.00 = $22 total
36 each $40.00 + shipping $12.00 = $52 total
50 each $50.00 + shipping $16.00 = $66 total
100 each $90.00 + shipping $32.00 = $122 total

user posted image
Alum shavings
Quartz Xtal
Coloring stones
Brown epoxy resin
size and shape may vary from pictures
1 each $20.00 shipping + $7.00 = $27 total
5 each $80.00 shipping + $15.00 = $95 total
10 each $150.00 shipping + $25.00 = $175 total

user posted image
Sun Stars (formerly Implant Killers)
1 each $50.00 each shipping + $7.00 = $57 total
3 each $135.00 shipping + $10.00 = $145 total
A MUST HAVE in today's world!

The SUN STARS (formerly Implant Killers) We take three neodymium magnets, half inch size, and wrap four tibetan crystals with copper wire, around the neo mag plug. The bottom of this array of mags and xtals, is an amethyst and garnets for healing the tissue of any residual toxins. Healing gems and stones are placed in the base to make the process as "healing favorable" as possible.

Send Postal Money Order to:

D. Bradley
4820 Burgoyne Lane
La Canada, CA 91011
*Donations are always accepted and appreciated.

Go to page to see the rest of the products. biggrin.gif