Don Bradley

An Introduction to CBSwork (Don Bradley)  

by Don Croft

You probably don't personally know me but you'll see that I've developed a good personal reputation over the years if you put 'Don Croft' into a search engine. Please consider what I'm about to relate with an open mind and reserve judgment, belief and denial until you've had a chance to corroborate it or not, okay?

DB was born to a mother who was sold by the Jesuits for $1300 to his Satanist father, who works for the CIA at a high level and was also a US Navy officer. Mother and father are both from Illuminati families and his mom carries the French, Merovingian bloodline that they all cherish and even crave. His father's family has some names that you'd recognize from your history textbooks.

He was born with a very clear pentagram formed by the lines on each palm, which indicates extraordinary, even unlimited psychic potential. This led him to believe that he was actually bred to be what he later became: an oracle for the Great White Brotherhood.

In that capacity he was rigorously and personally trained after adolescence by one of the dark masters, named Torkum Sassarian, who personally oversaw the creation of the hippie movement and the subsequent New Age movement. All of this is based in Theosophical masonry and DB, a natural genius who has boundless energy and enormous talent for metaphysical disciplines, quickly rose to the top, popularly-known levels of several secret organizations, including Scottish Rite masonry, Rosicrucian's and Theosophical masonry.

Until his mid thirties, due to extensive traumatic CIA dissociative programming from infancy, he believed that the Great White Brotherhood held the sole hope for humanity's very survival and it was his job to promote all of the subsidiary organizations and to recruit the unwitting into the New Age movement. He was one of Shirley MacLaine's psychic trainers, by the way, and meanwhile his alter, hidden (from him via hypnosis and periodic memory scrubbing) self was ruthlessly exploited to help develop and expand the seamy, cynical brainwash protocols that are the foundation of Luciferic, Theosophical metaphysics, which is the wellspring of the hippie and New Age movement, of course. Does this help you understand why so many people these days are suckers for faux-spiritual glamour and 'cosmic debris?'

His masters gave him access, as a very young man, to wealth, extensive formal education and companionship with lovely and submissive females and he appeared often on shows like Oprah, Art Bell's Coast to Coast & Rense's radio show. He wrote and published several books, including one that's still considered a valuable primer for understanding the human body's important subtle energy dynamics and is still sold on Amazon under his co-author's name. Otherwise every record of his existence had been expunged from public record, including the Internet, when he sent an introductory email to me in April 2002.

In that email he only told me that he had an invaluable gift for Carol and I and for the new orgonite movement but that I had to get it from him in person in Pasadena, California.

I traveled there from our home in Northern Idaho a couple of weeks later and we spent a few days getting acquainted. He needed to study my energy field up close and read my mind to make sure I wasn't part of an elaborate setup to take him down and I satisfied my initial curiosity about him and 'checked his credentials,' including the bullet scars on either side of his throat, his 33d degree Scottish Rite ring, some of the books he wrote, pictures of him with the New Age gurus that he was previously associated with and the 9mm pistol a CIA relative gave him as a genuine gesture of concern after he was shot. New Agers aren't generally armed.

Six or seven years before we met he had come to understand that the Great White Brotherhood is a satanic organization and that, essentially, everything and everyone he believed passionately in was false. An Illuminati oracle has to be kept from this truth so that his master can send him out into the ethers like a kite to retrieve information that the spiritually degraded master can't access. The Great White Brotherhood uses this retrieved information and it's subsidiaries, including the CIA and British MI6, to create disinformation and thus infiltrate and then corrupt the legitimately progressive movements and otherwise-discerning, inquisitive individuals in the world.

He began opposing them instead of supporting them and for years his former masters gave him a lot of slack, even allowing him to go on the lecture circuits with conspiracy authors and militia leaders and tell the public what he knew.

Torkum Sassarian had died right before DB woke up, by the way. He showed me a photo of a gathering of New Age gurus, with Sassarian in their midst, taken in 1987 on the grounds of the Masonic Temple in Sedona, Arizona. During that conference they were designing the mind control agenda that would be called, 'the Harmonic Convergence.' Present were DB, Sassarian, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jean Houston, Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman and a dozen other people whose names I didn't recognize, including Goru Adachi, from Japan, whom DB mistakenly assumed was Ken Adachi, who is an Italian guy from Brooklyn.

It was another six years or so before DB consciously realized that this was not a gathering of self-sacrificing beings. He told me that Shirley MacLaine is a very sweet person, though a childhood product of one of the early CIA Monarch Programs. He also told me that Drunvalo was given his job after DB bolted in the mid 90s.

In the late 90s he researched and wrote an illustrated and well-documented expose of the then-new concentration camp and mass execution facility network that is in every state and province of North America and on the morning that he was to take the manuscript to a publisher he was shot through the throat by a CIA sniper and quickly drowned in his own blood in front of his family.

His wife got him to a hospital in time to bring him back from the dead but the hammer came down, then, and he was stripped of his horse ranch in the mountains above Pasadena, the successful chain of computer stores he established and ran which were employee-owned, and all of his fancy possessions. His bank accounts and other real assets were frozen, of course, because none of that belonged to him; they were just on loan from his masters.

His wife had to go to work to support the family because every time DB applied for a job the FBI visited the prospective employer and claimed he was an incorrigible felon and would likely harm someone or steal from the company.

When I met them they had transformed a rubbish-laden crack house in Pasadena into a comfortable, affordable home and I miss that place, which my wife and I visited several time in the coming year and a half.

Among the array of skilled professions that DB had mastered was film editor for Palomar Studios, during a time that he was in one of his post-graduate programs. During that time he met lots of other talented people in Hollywood and in the summer of '01 he approached some of them with a proposition to secretly make and distribute an expose of the chemtrail agenda. He was no longer under active surveillance by the CIA, FBI and NSA by then. In those days, before the Homeland Security Abomination, two surveillance teams (CIA and FBI) once drew their guns on each other in a grocery store when DB emerged from one of the aisles with his shopping cart ;-)

As I said, when he started the chemtrails expose he hadn't yet learned about the orgonite cloudbuster but strangely, right before that, Carol and I had mercifully left our first and only cloudbuster in Los Angeles, hidden by the freeway leading out of Hollywood.

We had just dropped a lot of orgonite into the most tortured of the natural vortices of coastal Southern California on our way through there to Washington State from Florida in early June. The sight of the dense smog there and witnessing the intense human misery, confusion and hopelessness of the people of LA tweaked our social consciences beyond what we could bear and we were already well aware of how dramatically orgonite transforms destructive emotions and revolutionizes human fortunes so we knew it wasn't a futile gesture.

DB and the other selfless conspirators succeeded in keeping the film project hidden from the predatory, unlawful secret police, who were, by then, omnipresent throughout our once-free country, especially that most thoroughly fascist state, California.

As soon as he emailed me he was thrown back under active surveillance/intimidation again, which is a pain in the butt, I can tell you, but is the quickest way for any of us to personally discover the existence of the blatant treason that has overtaken the United States and several other influential countries in recent decades. At that point the film only needed final editing, which he had started when we met.

By June 2002, the film was finished and professionally mass produced on unlabeled CDs, which DB's personal, extensive network began mailing out, using the finest spycraft protocols such as hiding it in tool and clothing catalogues, to hundreds of people, including me. Not a single copy reached its destination, so a successful, alternative plan was launched to get it aired in Miami in the middle of the night on a popular commercial station on July 3, 2002. It was hoped that many more TV stations would air the documentary but, instead, each of the people who were involved with making the film were subjected to reprisals by the secret police and their stooges I think that sort of chicanery is called by an oxymoron: criminal justice. Nothing makes the people in this treasonous federal regime angrier than 'crimes against the state,' after all, and you and I call this, 'free speech.'

One producer was arrested after dirty cops in Ojai, California, clumsily planted cocaine in his brother's car, two were suddenly subjected to the worst of treatment by quasi-gov't IRS predators who seized their homes and assets and DB narrowly missed being ambushed by the Los Angeles Police Department after being set up to enter an acquaintance's home.

He paid attention to his intuition that day, thankfully. Instead of going inside he turned and walked away, past a dozen LAPD cops in SWAT gear who had quietly followed him. He cheerfully told their CIA-affiliated commander, 'Better luck next time!'

A few others in the orgonite network, including Carol and I, survived several murder attempts in the following year and a half but this movement is so widespread and decentralized by now that even the stupidest, meanest secret police and their jackbooted, bloodthirsty cop creatures know that harming any of us will only make this grassroots movement grow even faster and become more consolidated.

What doesn't kill us truly can make us stronger and the murder attempts were the best of all confirmations that we're doing a good job disseminating this empowering information.

The next phase in the development of the orgonite movement, which started right before the film was released, was disabling the millions of new 'death transmitters' that sprang up literally all around the globe in the fall of 2001, right after the feds blew up the WTC and perhaps sealed their own doom. We later found these throughout even the parts of Africa we visited where there are NO cellphones and to this day I cringe every time someone says, 'cell towers.'

DB has been exemplary in this effort, too. He disabled almost ten thousand of these new towers in the Los Angeles area within a couple of years and that's why you don't see smog any more in the movies that have been filmed in Los Angeles since January, 04 and his phenomenally successful personal effort is also a major reason why that part of California is getting plenty of rain for the first time in recorded history.

See: when you toss a 3-ounce bit of crude orgonite within a quarter mile of a death transmitter, the tower turns into a perpetual life force transmitter in about twenty minutes. Thousands of people are spontaneously doing this throughout the world now and if you'll turn resolutely away from the What To Think Network you'll witness their beautiful 3D results where you live and in your travels, as we have, and you may even want to expand and refine the process, yourself. You can sure do that!