Charles Taylor

[Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor (born 28 January 1948) was the 22nd President of Liberia, serving from 2 August 1997 until his resignation on 11 August.]

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Joseph Kony

[2008] THE BLACK AFRICAN FALL GUYS  by Keith Harmon Snow

CHARLES TAYLOR WORKED FOR THE PENTAGON From the early 1980s onwards, Charles Taylor worked for the USA's Defence Intelligence Agency. In January 2012, this was confirmed by the Pentagon, thanks to a Freedom of Information request from the Boston Globe

[2012 Jan] Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor worked for U.S. intelligence agencies while becoming Africa's most notorious warlord  Allan White, a former U.S. Defence Department investigator who helped prosecute Taylor, told the Boston Globe that the disclosure was something he had long suspected.  He said: ‘I think the intelligence community’s past relationship with Taylor made some in the U.S. government squeamish about a trial, despite knowing what a bad actor he was’.