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Eustace Mullins Exposed Dr. John Coleman In 1992

According to the late, great Eustace Mullins, Dr. John Coleman (the name he goes by, anyway) not only lifted the materials he used in his books and lectures from both Mullins and Lyndon Larouche publications, but he also may have lifted material from the Anti-Defamation League…while working as a Mossad agent-agitator against America!

Check out below what Mullins had to say about Coleman back in 1992, and see if what Mullins said holds any water. Given that it’s from Mullins, I’d say it holds a glass that is over half-full.

Some Illuminating Background On The Character “John Coleman”, Agent-Agitator Finally Exposed

(Editor’s note: Regular readers will recall that much space in the 9/8/92 LIBERATOR was devoted to explaining an insipid array of attacks from one “Dr. John Coleman” aka John Clarke and likely actually one Joseph Pavlonsky, of Russian Khazarian origin. It seems that some of the excellent sources “Coleman” “borrowed” material from have seen fit to discuss this colorful character and in so doing, provide an illuminating — if sadly destructive — pattern of activity we would share with our readers. The following is an extract from an article purportedly by Eustace Mullins in Lawrence Patterson’s publication Criminal Politics for July or August of 1992.)

A specter is haunting the American conservative movement — a specter using an alias (among others) of Dr. John Coleman. Coleman bills himself as “the World’s Greatest Intelligence Expert — with secret but highly placed ties to British Intelligence.” He appeared out of the blue at a Bob White, Sound Monetary Conference meeting in Costa Rica in 1984.

With no sponsorship — other than the seminar sponsor, a Dr. Harold Brown — and no documentation, Coleman managed to convince the attendees that he was indeed one of the world’s important experts on international intelligence. He claimed to be privy to the most carefully guarded secrets of the individuals who clandestinely rule the world.

However, Coleman said he would share these secrets only if certain carefully observed guidelines were maintained. The most important of these was that he would never be asked to furnish any personal background information — any documentation or any source from which he obtained his “secret information.” Such restrictions would scream “confidence artist” to most people. But when he met James K. Warner (editor of the Christian Defense League newspaper) — in 1984, he justified his refusal to reveal background information on himself or his sources by claiming that “he was subject to assassination threats.”

He snared Jim Warner by confiding in him one of his closely guarded secrets — that his name was not Dr. John Coleman at all, but that it was, in fact, John Clark. Coleman stated that by giving Warner this private information, he was actually placing his life in his hands. As he was an accomplished confidence artist, Coleman convinced Warner that he should offer him a position. Warner responded to him by employing him as a writer for the Christian Defense League Report.

Coleman would send in material which indeed contained startling information (but was totally undocumented, [and] would soon win him an enthusiastic following among Warner’s readers. Coleman also supplied a great many audio tapes which were offered to Warner’s readers. Each of course supplying “secret information.” This began a five year relationship which proved to be filled with pitfalls for Warner, who was after all a small underfinanced businessman.

Not only did Coleman continue to refuse [to provide] any documentation, but he made frequent demands for salary increases…extra expenses for himself and his family…and advances on his salary which exceeded the projected totals of several years salary. Warner was in no position to meet these demands, but in his anxiety to retain Coleman, he dug deep into his own pocket and also issued frantic fund raising appeals for Coleman. The result was that Warner was nearly bankrupted and conservatives nearly lost an excellent source of out of print books and independent information.

It should be noted that it is a common technique for an infiltrator to attempt a financial raid on a host target — thereby rendering the host target unable to continue in business. An example of this would be the Rockefeller faction attempting to take over the National Rifle Association some 15 years ago with a grandiose plan which would have bankrupted the NRA…

Mullins Material Had To Be Discontinued… Or Else!

There were other problems which Coleman created for Warner. One of them was his continuous demands that Warner cease any articles or sell any books written by myself, Eustace Mullins. I had, in fact, been writing for Warner for more than a decade. Warner attributed this obsession to mere jealousy on Coleman’s part. In fact, it went much deeper.

Coleman’s vaunted sources of information were not secret at all, but were discovered by me in the process of reviewing his printed statements. Here are the results of my study: about 30% of his material was lifted from my own writings and about 70% was stolen from Lyndon Larouche publications. Principally, Coleman would rely on feature articles in the Executive Intelligence Review magazine. The material was simply rewritten by Coleman and crudely puffed up to five or six times its original length. Unfortunately, Warner never noticed.

Finally I became so concerned about the quantity of material lifted from the Larouche publications by Coleman that I decided to let Jim Warner know that his “new star” was lifting most of his “secrets” from Larouche publications.

Some months later, Warner received an indignant letter from the Larouche office, complaining about Coleman‘s plagiarism of the Larouche material. When Warner confronted Coleman, Warner was assured that it was simply an effort by the Larouche group to sow dissension. Coleman claimed he had only seen one copy of the Executive Intelligence Review in his life. Sometime later, when Coleman claimed to have left the country for South Africa, some of his effects were stored at the Warner warehouse. Among them, Warner found two boxes of well-thumbed issues of Larouche magazines. Sure enough, this proved to be the source of many of Coleman’s “British intelligence” connections. But Warner’s readers were trapped, and they were besieging him with requests that he bring Coleman into the public spotlight through meetings and seminars.

Coleman finally did appear at some meetings for a few months. But then, Warner was hit with still more demands for more loans and salary advances. He tried to find other employment for him, sending him off to a part-time job with a long time supporter,William Makinney, of Florida. Bill Makinney was lured by the promise that Coleman could make some extremely profitable deals for him. Later he was disappointed when Coleman arrived with his wife and son, and Coleman demanded the use of a Lincoln town car and memberships in the most exclusive Palm Beach Clubs and nightly meals in the most expensive restaurants.

Even worse he spent much of his time closeted in a room at Makinney’s home. He claimed to be making long distance phone calls to the head of the South African gov’t. Makinney was later unable to find records of any such phone calls in his billing. Soon Makinney asked him to leave and put him on a plane the sadder but wiser.

Warner was again assailed by constant demands for more money. Warner finally decided that the only way to meet the demands was to hold public meetings with Coleman as the star. Coleman, who had billed himself as the “World’s Greatest Orator” proved to be a lack luster speaker, who read in a dull monotone from his type written speech, The meetings were a failure. Meanwhile, Warner had purchased a car for Coleman’s use and a computer for Coleman’s use at a large home which Warner rented for him. Coleman rarely appeared at the Warner offices citing his fear of assassination.

What’s more, Warner discovered at the meetings, Coleman attempted to make financial deals for himself, showing no loyally to Warner whatsoever. Finally, Warner informed him that he was fired. Warner was required to obtain a warrant to cease the automobile and computer that were loaned to him. Then he realized that Coleman had obtained an illicit copy of his mailing list. Coleman began issuing appeals to Warner’s subscribers claiming that I had had him discharged in order to become an editor of another Warner publication.

Finally, Coleman showed in California where he was guest of one Dr. Arnold Geisbret, of Glendale, CA. Geisbret has an interesting background. He is an attendee at many rightwing meetings, including those of Lawrance Patterson’s National Bankruptcy Seminars. He would take copious notes and interrogate everyone that would talk to him. Geisbret, obviously, intended to collect as much information on the right-wing as possible. Coleman, meanwhile, went from one address to the other in California using Warner’s mailing list as a source of suckers.

At each resident, he would spin a spiteful tale of having been cruelly used by Jim Warner who had taken all of his money. Meanwhile, Coleman would make threatening calls to Warner informing him that he would launch a national campaign against him if he refused to make a financial settlement. Wishing to avoid legal problems, Warner settled a substantial sum of money on Coleman, all to no avail. Coleman not only launched a campaign of denunciation against Warner using his mailing list of subscribers, but he also began a surreptitious mailing campaign using pseudonyms to accuse Warner of sexual offenses and of being a double agent. These defamatory letters were also mailed to Warner’s mailing list.

Great Success… In Spreading Discord!

Coleman was achieving great success in spreading consternation and discord throughout the conservative network. I began to realize his true motives. Rather than a greedy confidence artist — with an ability to rewrite other’s materials as his own — it became obvious to me and to those that knew him, that he was more than likely a highly trained double agent, whose handlers would unleash the “attack dog” on an unprepared patriot community a step at a time. One source I have spoken with claimed that he has been trained in Israel by a Mossad unit — and had been known there as Joseph Pavlonsky.

We later discovered that he entered the United States on an English passport recorded by the INS as #A20211168 issued to “John Clarke.” Interestingly, when Warner accompanied him to get a driver’s license in Louisiana, he claimed he had applied for a social security number although none was forthcoming. Even though he had been in the United States for almost a decade, he had been driving in the Western states on a Louisiana license, and had never obtained a U.S. green card or work permit.

On To Carson City, Nevada…As “Space Commander”

Next comes Coleman’s employment with one George Green who operates a nonconformist publication titled Phoenix Journal Express which is supposedly representing the statements from a space being — (yes, we said space being) by the name of Gyorgos Ceres Hatonn!!

Hatonn is the claimed commander of a fleet of space ships from the galaxy of Pleiades. These spaceships have been deployed over the California border with Nevada for several years. This has proved to be convenient for all concerned because the people of Pleiades, interestingly enough, do not require a U.S. work permit from its employees. Coleman is now writing the material for Hatonn. Interestingly enough, he gives advice about International Banking, but amazingly, is always negative on Sterling denominated investments and, interestingly, Swiss banking as well.

Under the auspices of George Green’s Phoenix Journal Express, and America West publishers of Tehachapi, California, Coleman finally published his first and only book “The Committee of Three Hundred”. After examining this book, it has proven to be the usual amalgam of his borrowings from my various textbooks and, again, from the Larouche magazine.

The foreword to the book is very revealing. He again takes the opportunity to sow more dissension in the conservative movement. It is a vitriolic denunciation of the movement claiming it was “part of a carefully crafted and orchestrated program to discredit him (Coleman) and run by secret government agents and informers embedded in the so-called Christian right wing “identity movement”. The invective goes on at some length repeating the slanders of his previous circulated hate letters. The Committee of 300 contains nothing new and is an amalgam of others’ materials.

Material Lifted From the Anti-Defamation League!

Having reviewed the material of the anti-defamation league, I can say that Coleman’s smear attack in his foreword against the “so-called Christian right wing” is atypical material taken from the guide books of the anti-defamation league. His denunciation of the “identity movement” is also taken directly from ADL literature. For years the ADL has considered the “identity movement” its number one opponent and target in the United States.

A Potent Agitator… Working Against America!

Whatever the truth or falsity of the claims of Dr. John Coleman (alias John Clarke, alias Pavlonksy), it is clear that he is a potent agititor working among American conservative publishers. Lawrence Patterson has also had a brush with him and he has recently succeeded in taking in Colonel Arch Roberts, who ran a lengthy review of his book.

He has constantly sown seeds of discord and hate for his own devious purposes and will undoubtedly continue to pit patriot against patriot for as long as he is allowed to betray, impede and infiltrate without exposure. Hopefully, this article which has been submitted to Criminal Politics magazine of which I am a contributing editor, will help to expose John Coleman as a foreign agent.