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Children in Russia have always been a subject for experiments in the study of vaccines

09:00, 14.03.2017

A renowned virologist Galina Chervonskaya tells about dangers from vaccinations and complications developed due to them

Harm and good of the vaccinations have been a subject of debates on the Internet and among the doctors. A well-known virologist, Candidate of Biological Sciences, independent expert on vaccinology Galina Chervonskaya is one of the first scientists in the post-Soviet space who spoke about harm of mass vaccination. Having armed with her educational works, parents today are seeking a legitimate recognition of their right to refuse to vaccinate their children. In the interview with Realnoe Vremya, Galina Chervonskaya told about the myths that exist around vaccinations and the complications developed due to mass vaccination.

Mrs Chernovskaya, is it true that pre-revolutionary physicians and doctors of the first decades of the Soviet regime were very cautious about vaccinations?

Yes. First of all, it's because they were real doctors. I have worked in vaccinology all my life. I have not been vaccinated and all of my friends never did. Old doctors, including my grandfather, were very cautious about vaccinations. Although there was only one vaccine that time — against smallpox, but even it was treated with extreme caution. What is more, there were articles published, which stated that the vaccination, i.e., vaccination against smallpox, leads to a decrease in life expectancy. Therefore, even before I was published in the national press in 1988 and for the first time I told about what the vaccines are, there had already been such materials published. They knew that any vaccine is alien to a child, that it is a risk, it necessarily allergizes children because it consists of alien proteins and auxiliary chemicals.

Besides, there is the list of contraindications that I publish in my books. For example, there are 12 contraindications against BCG vaccine. Against BCG-M there are 9 contraindications. Against the ill-fated DPT vaccine, which is designed to protect against pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus — 16. Is it effective to make massive use of any drug if it has 16 contraindications? Old doctors knew all of this, they considered and treated quite differently vaccination compared with the bulk of the modern so-called doctors (although I wouldn't call them doctors, I call them rabid vaccinators), who, apparently, are born without conscience and without honour. They are ignorant, they generally do not understand what individual human nature is. Regular mass vaccination from year to year, from decade to decade — in a word, notorious immunization schedule, is not the fight against infectious diseases, it is the fight against human nature. Because the child is in permanent tension not only in relation to the immune system but also in a state of heightened mental excitability.

That is why in Russia there are virtually no healthy children. Some doctors say that they are only 2%, but this figure has not been established for certain, and we can say that there are virtually no healthy children. The demographic situation for native people in Russia is catastrophic. The percentage of women of reproductive age has been drastically reduced. Many couples can't have babies. All this including due to mass vaccination.

''At his time, Pyotr Burgasov, chief state sanitary doctor of the USSR, said that we are the only country that at certain period of time could afford the mass vaccination of children.'' Photo:

I never speak against vaccinations. They, like any medications, are needed, but the goal must be provided and be proven. Mass vaccination is acceptable only in one case: if there is a risk of an epidemic of a specific infectious disease. Edward Jenner, the author of the first world's vaccine produced in 1796, said the very that thing. He even could not imagine that children would be vaccinated from year to year! But in our country, vaccination starts from the maternity hospitals, where new-borns are vaccinated against tuberculosis. At his time, Pyotr Burgasov, chief state sanitary doctor of the USSR, said that we are the only country that at certain period of time could afford the mass vaccination of children. While Gennady Onishchenko was the chief sanitary physician of the Russian Federation he brought a lot of troubles. How he could declare on television that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children will be judged, that they will be deprived of parental rights! Didn't he read the law, which refers to voluntary vaccination?

''Today a large number of practicing physicians know about ambiguousness of the use of vaccinations.'' Photo:


How did the idea about scheduled vaccination appear?

The Soviet people remember that how they were not allowed from factories and plants until they were vaccinated, let's say, against the flu. They climbed over fences, ran away. There is a famous quote from a poem by the Soviet poet Sergey Mikhalkov: ''I am not afraid of injections.'' But there is also the continuation of this phrase, which I forget all the time: ''If necessary, I will prick". If it is necessary! But when it is necessary is a very difficult question. If there is an epidemic theat and people want to preserve their health through vaccination — it is welcome. But if people don't want, if they preserve themselves in different ways against infectious diseases?

It is possible to produce knitted socks according to a schedule, but only ignorant doctors offer to vaccinate according to the plan. They are pests to children's health. They vaccinate all classes in schools. What if there are many unhealthy children in a class? A plan cannot be used for the whole class. Because no people are alike until they are not identical twins! At my time, I told our officials, ''Is the Soviet Union the identical twins from North to South and from West to East?''

Mass vaccination is acceptable only as proposed by the author of the first vaccines: when there is a threat to life and health of children. It should be scientifically sound, proven, and only in this case the possibility of mass vaccination without diagnosis is acceptable.

In every self-respecting educated country — unfortunately, we have to refer to Germany and the United States — there is a vaccination calendar and vaccination card for each child. Here the vaccinations are distributed across the states depending on the threat of an unfavourable epidemiological situation.

But there is a view that if there is no mass vaccination, an epidemic will start.

This is fundamentally wrong. I have the book Vaccinations: Myths and Reality where I investigate such myths. As I have said, the creator of the first vaccine expected to use it only for emergencies in order to protect a specific person. But we use artificially-resistant organisms of children as a barrier for an epidemic. There is also the myth that unvaccinated people certainly get sick and may even die. A doctor who claims such thing should be deprived of their diploma.

If someone say that without vaccination you definitely get sick, it can be called bioterrorism. Why this child should get sick? Don't we have the sanitary-epidemiological service? These threats were made by unqualified doctors, and it is even more unpleasant that they, as a rule, do not vaccinate their children. After all, primary care physicians receive methodical developments of the Ministry of Health under the title ''Investigation of fatal cases after a certain vaccination.''

We often hear that the vaccine is safe and useful thing, it brings no harm.

Remember: any vaccine is always a risk. Many domestic experts say: any vaccine is unavoidably unsafe. Surely, because it's an alien protein. Why you should be cautious about vaccination? Because mostly humanity are not susceptible to infectious diseases. If people were equally susceptible to tuberculosis, diphtheria, and so on, humanity would have long died out only because of infectious diseases. Another category is people who acquire anti-infectious immunity in a natural way, who was ill with measles or rubella in a clinically expressed form. You can also be ill will hidden, so-called abortive form, for example, diseases such as diphtheria or polio, doctors often in this case erroneously diagnose it as acute respiratory infections or influenza.

So the horrors on the Internet that the vaccine may cause including paralysis are true?

They are true. Each vaccine have many complications. There are complications about which no one heard and did not know. What is the complication with the tuberculin skin test? There are so many complications, until the corneal! But we use it massively, still every year, even twice a year for some children!

What harm do the vaccination in maternity hospitals have?

Due to vaccination in the maternity hospitals we spread TB. Many doctors wrote about that, there are excellent articles on this topic. But these data until recently did not go outside the specific categories of doctors. TB doctors do their job, the neurologists has their own coalition. The vaccination wasn't even touched, they had no right. It was a taboo subject, especially the discussion of post-vaccination complications. But experts have long written: due to vaccination in the maternity hospitals we spread TB. Why? Because there is a certain category of children susceptible to tuberculosis. If three factors match: a live vaccine, a child's susceptibility to tuberculosis and its immunocompromising condition, the result will be one — a child will be sick with tuberculosis. This applies to any live vaccine.

''Due to vaccination in the maternity hospitals we spread TB.'' Photo:

You have said that many people have their methods to be protected from infectious diseases. What are they?

Observe elementary rules of hygiene. Wash your hands often. Do not eat, drink from the same glass with other people, do not bite the same apple. An example: the students of an institute come to a cantine, eat and wipe their mouth with one napkin. But someone of them has hepatitis, and the other also becomes sick. Do not allow this. Now we have a lot of things for one use, they are antibacterial wipes and so on.


What is happening today in the field of vaccinology?

I'm pretty sure that 1990 will backfire on us. Because that time all sorts of vaccines uncontrollably gushed from different countries. There are some endowed with ''vaccinating'' power vaccinators who spread in the country an expanded programme on immunization by the World Health Organization, and they get a lot of money from these foreign firms. Memorize such names as Tatochenko, Uchaikin, Mats, Namazova, Ozeretskovsky… They are the main distributors of vaccines, as well as initiators of carrying out experiments on you, your children and grandchildren. Nobody knows that this is an experimental vaccine. For example, at the time, there was held two-step vaccination against polio. According to a memorandum of the WHO there was a new vaccine that needed to be tested on children. In other words, the whole Russia, the whole country, all the children are in a constant experiment. They test the measles vaccine, which was brought from somewhere, they test a new vaccine against tuberculosis, they brought six pieces. But they do not inform parents about this.

I repeat: the vaccine is necessary only during a threat of an epidemic. Epidemics, except influenza, can occur once in 50-100 years. Only then we need vaccines and only to those who voluntarily agrees to it. Because, for example, our family was never vaccinated, with my granddaughter, it is six generations. There are many such families. In particular, the same Onishchenko said that he found in Moscow 6.000 educated respectable families who have never vaccinated their children. The vaccine can only be used as a medicine in case of trouble. Since the vaccine is also a medicine. Recently, a group of doctors have been surprised to hear it from me. There are medicinal drugs and there are preventive drugs, i.e. vaccines, immunoglobulins, disinfectants and others. But even doctors do not know this.

By Natalia Fedorova