Agents provocateurs

The CIA and other agencies are present

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, Oct 30 2011

Having been displaced by my recent disaster, and being in Southern California, an obvious destination for me ended up being Occupy L.A. where I joined the group Geezers and Geeks.

The main thing I wanted to accomplish in my reporting of Occupy Los Angeles was the exposure of groups and agencies assigned to undermine the movement . I have had enormous success in this.

On my first night there, a group of masked people entered the camp at the North East corner and followed the police through the camp, trying to spark fights with everyone. Immediately I began calling them agent provocateurs, and got the camera out.

This guy was the first to realize I noticed them and was taking photos. He had a large communication radio with a lit keypad, and seemed to be in contact with the police as they went through the camp - it sounded like a police radio.

The monkey faced demented Santa Claus guy was the creepiest of the bunch

This guy was the first to actually threaten me for taking photos.

I followed them to the front steps of City Hall, where I got a few blurry photos while they shouted threats at me for taking them. They then ran after me, and I sought refuge in a large group of protestors who were having a late night political discussion. The provocateurs then went into the drummers group, where they could see me, and started attempting to spark fights with the drummers. I kept the camera out of sight while I yelled at them, asking how much they were getting paid to make trouble. They escalated and escalated and finally the situation popped, EVERYONE became sure that these people were indeed provacateurs and all gatherings dispersed. The provacateurs then left, never to be seen again.

The silver haired guy looked the most dangerous.


I knew before going out to Occupy LA that one of the intelligence agencies, ( I am not sure which one,) uses a very unique Asus laptop. It can be identified by two very large cooling ports on the back of it. I had already identified this model of laptop as being a problem because on two other occasions, before ever going to Occupy LA, I got my own laptop hacked into via the wifi when two different people were at public wifi hotspots with this laptop on two different days. I have never been hacked by people with ordinary laptops. I am not surprised when I get hacked because I am always politically active - it happens quite a bit. But it has usually been via the internet, and not a direct hack through the wifi.

I noticed that they set up software that attacks via wifi, and then pretend to play games which run horribly. This is a gaming laptop, which is designed to run games GREAT, but while the hack attempt is going on, they run games very poorly and appear to achieve frame rates of 10 or less per second. This can only mean the processors are busy with more than gaming.

This laptop STARTS at $1600.00 and often costs over 2,000 depending on configuration. How likely is it then, that a guy who dresses like the way this guy is dressed would show up at Occupy LA with a mega expensive laptop? When I questioned him, he immediately proclaimed that it was designed by a jew and tried to get me to make anti-semetic remarks! Very odd indeed!

I believe these people are on scene to hack into the laptops of bona fide protestors, to help intelligence agencies develop dossiers. I was specifically told that there were a total of 3 on site by the guy who tried to get me to make anti-semitic slurs.

This is another guy with the same laptop, who just does not fit in. I have not yet seen the third.

There are good undercover police on scene also. These guys never cause any trouble, and in many cases even appear to help. Many of the police, after all, seem to be on our side at Occupy LA.

This guy is NOT harmless. Everyone HATES HIM.

I asked around about this man, and it turns out that he shows up at ALL protests in the LA area and disrupts them no matter what the protest is for. This is not possible with a typical homeless person. Upon further investigation, this guy never stays the night and at the end of his shift leaves the scene. He is just awful to have around, and tries to appear in EVERY important photo. If there is a large camera on scene, he is THERE talking loudly and seeking to project a homeless/bum image upon the protest. He sets up DEAD CENTER in the action, right in the middle of central square and lays around, yells, and when any serious discussion is taking place he forces his way to the microphone and with meandering speech asks for ridiculous simpleton type things to be done in the name of the protest.

It can be expected of the elite to hire and have their people disrupt Occupy LA. I belive I have identified at least a few of them. The only rational decent outside people I consider harmless are the real police, from the LAPD. Thank God they have, so far, been on our side.