Circe (Diana/Artemis/Medusa/Isis)

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Circe was an ancient Greek goddess who could hypnotize men, bring them into her house, and turn them into animals -- taking their minds away, so that they could support and feed her. She was known as "Mother Circe," and her worship was brought to medieval Scotland, in whose language Circe became "Kirk." The Scottish word "Kirk" becomes "Church" in English. Where else have we seen the word "Kirk?"  Ah yes, we have "Captain Kirk" taking mankind where it has never gone before ...... with the U.S.S. Enterprise:

We know that churches are money-making corporations / "enterprises."  Is this why churches and money are both divided into "denominations?"---Jordan Maxwell


Diana of the Ephesians was another name for CIRCE

Swastika Artemis as goddess of the Mysteries presides over the 3 worlds: fish, animals and birds.(Greece, circa 700 B.C.) Diana or Artemis was the original Nazi. Diana was called Isis in Egypt:

Artemis as a bell-shaped goddess with a double swastika flanked by long-necked birds, a comb pattern and a double axe. (Crete circa 900 B.C.).

Color bell-shaped swastika goddess with a central net pattern, long-necked birds, double swastikas, and a comb symbol. (Greece, circa 900 B.C.).

Medusa, the goddess of the hissing serpents, was another name for Diana or Circe. This goddess changed all who looked at her into STONE!!

Statue of Coatlicue, Mexican Aztec mother goddess, with her skirt of serpents and clawed feet.