Cohen Breastplate

Pope Paul VI - wearing the Judaic "Kohen Breastplate," and the yarmulke. The Vatican is a front for the all-powerful Cult of Aton, who also fund the Illuminati and the Masonic Orders. The chief Jesuit is referred to as "The General" a term Akhenaton used for himself. The skull cap, that is also worn by Jewish rabbis, was originally worn by the sun priests of Egypt.

British "Portcullis"- Revenue Department of England, designed with 12 squares like the Kohen (Serpent) Breastplate. The term Kohen means "Serpent Priest"

Jewish High Priest - wearing the Kohen Breastplate (the "Urim and Thummim") with 12 diadems. The Levites were originally Irish Druids, and not Jews as we know them

The symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel - A Druidic Zodiacal Symbol originally