Dr Vernon Coleman GP

Dr. Vernon Coleman Talks about Vaccination and Safe Immunization

Published:December 15th, 2014


By Ernest Dempsey   


Last month, my blog on the serious health risk of oral polio vaccine created bit of buzz among readers. There were those who had never heard about such a risk and read with interest and then some who jumped to reject it outright and kept groping for evidence to claim polio vaccination was free of any risks. In any case, the fact that I showed the side of the coin kept hidden from people for years by nearly all mainstream media was a significant first.


Now, expanding on the topic, I reached out to best-selling British author and retired medical practitioner, Dr. Vernon Coleman, for a short interview about vaccination and immunization. Dr. Coleman is the author of over a hundred books. With over two million copies of books sold in United Kingdom alone, he has been a best-selling author for a number of books, including How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You. He is also credited for launching world`s first medical software for home computers. He also has been a widely read columnist and his latest book on health Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying. Here`s the proof (2011) is about the health risks of vaccination.  


Media today tend to use the term "vaccination" interchangeably, though erroneously, with "immunization". But immunization is far wider a concept than vaccination and in fact it was immunization" - building body`s immunity - via other means that helped human population beat epidemics, including polio, as my guest will explain. It is an important topic because vaccination can and does cause serious damage to body, including organs and overall immune system. As we speak, World health Organization (WHO) has admitted causing new cases of polio in South Sudan and Madagascar last week and the New York Times has actually used the word "Vaccine-Derived Polio" for the cases which are termed variedly by health authorities downplaying the risk as "rare", yet admitting its existence.


Ernest: Dr. Coleman, I`d first like to ask why vaccination is a failed approach to disease prevention from a medical science viewpoint.


Dr. Coleman: The principle of vaccination aim of vaccination is to give the body enough exposure to a particular pathogen to encourage it to develop defence cells, but not enough of the pathogen to produce signs and symptoms of illness. Unfortunately, this is a balancing act which drug companies don`t usually get right. Some vaccines fail to work at all, some work for some people but not for others and all cause unpleasant, serious and sometimes lethal side effects. There is much that can go wrong and, alarmingly, there is absolutely no scientific evidence proving that vaccines are safe and effective. The big problem with vaccines, in my view, is the damage they do to the immune system.


Ernest: What are some of the major health risks associated with vaccines in general?


Dr. Coleman: Many doctors and nurses claim that vaccines produce no side effects. This is scary. The list of symptoms and illnesses caused by vaccines would fill a book. The biggest problem is brain damage and that is frighteningly common. People who are vaccinated may be more likely to develop allergies and, because of the damage to the immune system, more likely to develop cancer. As vaccinations have become commoner so the incidence of both cancer and allergy problems has increased. The American Government has accepted that vaccines may cause autism " though supporters of vaccine programmes always deny that this link exists.


Ernest: I would specifically like to ask about the polio vaccines, including the Sabin Vaccine, which is orally administered and the injectable Salk Vaccine, whether they have any significant role in reducing the incidence of polio?


Dr. Coleman: It is often said that vaccination helped eradicate polio. This is, to put it politely, a barefaced lie. In Tennessee, USA, the number of polio victims the year before vaccination became compulsory was 119. The year after vaccination was introduced, the number soared to 386. In North Carolina, the figures are 78 and 313. There are similar figures for other States and in the USA, as a whole, the incidence of polio increased by 50% after mass immunisation was introduced. The incidence of polio had, however, fallen dramatically before the first polio vaccine was introduced. It was better sanitation, better housing, cleaner water and more food, which led to the fall in the incidence of polio. It was social developments not medical ones which beat polio. As an aside, it is worth noting that millions who were given polio as children may now be at great risk of developing cancer.


Ernest: Who actually benefits from vaccination if not the public?


Dr. Coleman: Doctors are enthusiastic about vaccination because they make huge sums of money out of it. Doctors tell their nurses to give the jabs and they rake in the money. That`s why babies and small children are now vaccinated, vaccinated, and vaccinated again. Drug companies make billions. Doctors do pretty well too. It`s not surprising that lots of doctors want vaccination to be compulsory. In my view, the evidence against vaccination is so strong that anyone who vaccinates a child (or allows one to be vaccinated) should be arrested for child abuse.


Ernest: We see an overwhelming amount of media hype about the benefits of vaccination. Would you say that mass media is outright lying to the public?


Dr. Coleman: Journalists lie about vaccination either because they`ve been bought by the drug companies (a nice dinner here, a holiday there and a commission to write an article for the company mag for a vastly inflated fee) or because they are too lazy to do some basic research. Most simply accept what they`re told and never ask fundamental questions such as: where is the evidence that this vaccine really helps, and doesn`t do more harm than good? I am a registered and licensed GP, and in my book, I challenged readers who thought I was wrong to report me to the General Medical Council " and to ask them to strike me off the medical register. The official line in the UK is to support and promote vaccines so you might think that the GMC would want me banished. But nothing has happened " because everything I`ve said is true. Vaccines are dangerous and ineffective for common use. But no one wants to air the truth.


Ernest: The question that arises from this discussion then obviously is, if not vaccination, then what? How to immunize against diseases, particularly against infectious diseases?


Dr. Coleman: Medicine these days is all about intervention. And preferably intervention that can be made profitable. The truth is we can do a great deal to protect ourselves against infectious diseases without using vaccines. Better food (and less of it), fresher air and clean water are all essential. And we would be healthier without vaccines and so many hazardous drugs. The billions spent on vaccines (and on secretly paying millions in compensation to the parents of vaccine damaged children) would be much better spent on educating people about healthy eating - and controlling the advertising of burgers and other deadly foods.


Ernest: What are the indicators people should watch for in order to recognize that their immunity or that of their children or family is going down?


Dr. Coleman: Children (or adults) who seem frail and susceptible to infections and allergies may well have damaged immune systems. And it`s vaccines which we can blame for that. Children today are sicker than ever before. The incidence of disorders such as asthma is rocketing. Stop the vaccine programmes and children will be much healthier.


Ernest: As a medical doctor, do you think it`s realistic to expect cent percent eradication of a disease from any population without vaccination or any artificial means of immunization?


Dr. Coleman: If we banned mass vaccination programmes today the world would get healthier. It appals me that well meaning individuals now force vaccination programmes on the people in developing countries. These programmes do far more harm than good.


Ernest: I would also like to know what has been the response or reaction of the mainstream medical community to your book.


Dr. Coleman: The medical profession refuses even to debate the issue of vaccination. No TV station will dare have a public discussion. Although I have sold over two million hardback and paperback books in the UK