Allopathic Genocide 

See: [2003/4] Death by Medicine----Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Martin Feldman, MD, Gary Null, PhD, Debora Rasio, MD

Death by Modern Medicine: Seeking Safe Solutions (Book)

by Carolyn Dean MD, ND (Author)


Forewords by three prominent and progressive doctors give great significance to Death by Modern Medicine. They are: Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Julian Whitaker.

Chapters include: Death by Modern Medical Doctors, Death by Drug Companies, Death by Health Care Bureaucracy, Death by Media, Death by Propaganda, Death by Modern Drugs and Procedures, Death by Modern Science, Death by Cancer Inc., Death by Modern Chemicals, Death by Sugar, Death by Addiction, Death by Denial, Death by Lifestyle, Death by Character Assassination and The Future of Thought.

Death by Modern Medicine identifies the tragic aspects of a medical system that, in its short history of about eighty years, has managed to kill tens of millions of victims. Dr. Dean, in her widely circulated paper, "Death by Medicine", written in November 2003, was the first to identify the extent of these casualties. She confirmed that from 1990-2000 about 7.8 million victims suffered - Death by Medicine. By 2014 the numbers had escalated to over 1 million unnecessary deaths at a cost of over 280 billion dollars.

Many people are shocked by this figure, but our eyes have been opened to the full horror of modern medicine. There have been 140,000 fatal or near fatal reactions to Vioxx; one third of the millions of women who took fen-phen, the weight loss drug, suffered heart and lung damage; heart disease is caused by Celebrex and all the other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; Prozac is causing suicides and homicides as well as heart disease. The list is seemingly endless. Beta blocker drugs have been responsible for an additional 800,000 needless deaths in a 5-year period in Europe, we donít even have statistics for North America 

Death by Modern Medicine goes beyond the statistics of deaths due to drugs to how the medical monopoly that created the system in the first place is allowed to control health care. There are chapters on propaganda, health care bureaucracy, the business of cancer, media and our own personal addictions to sugar and drugs, and the denial we all harbor to help us cope with the overwhelming burden, are woven into this 487-page volume.

In this book Dr. Dean shares solutions that she had to personally create for her own health and longevity that will keep her away from doctors and out of hospitals. More information in that regard can be found at RnA ReSet ( where Dr. Deanís goal is to give people tools to adapt to our changing environment and not keep either ignoring it or hiding from it or trying to eliminate more and more things in order to stay healthy. Adopt, adapt and survive and thrive is our mandate Ė not suffer and be silent.

Dr. Dean is a published author and has written dozens of print books and over 100 Kindle books including: The Miracle of Magnesium, IBS for Dummies, IBS Cookbook for Dummies, Menopause Naturally, The Everything Alzheimer Book and Homeopathic Treatments for Children's Common Ailments.