Deir Yassin
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“The Holocaust museum is beautiful, and the message ‘never to forget man’s inhumanity to man’ is timeless. The children’s museum is particularly heart-wrenching; in a dark room filled with candles and mirrors, the names of Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust are read aloud with their places of birth. Even the most callous person is brought to tears. Upon exiting this portion of the museum, a visitor is facing north and is looking directly at Deir Yassin. There are no markers, no plaques, no memorials, and no mention from any tour guide. But for those who know what they are looking at, the irony is breathtaking.”--From "Deir Yassin Remembered" by Dan McGowan

[2006] In Clear Sight of Yad Vashem By Paul Eisen

[2011 Aug] Deir Yassin: Inconvenient History by Daniel McGowan

Deir Yassin Remembered