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Demonic Greek Idol Set Up At OU Campus

By Michael Phillip Wright
University of Oklahoma’s Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.

The photo is of a strange sculpture called "Sphinx" which was added to the OU campus by Boren in September 2006.   Observe that it has:  
1. the breasts and face of a woman
2. wings
3. rear quarter of a lion and tail   Now read this, from the encyclopedia of mythology, about the ancient Greek demon sphinx: 

 http://www.pantheon.org/articles/s/sphinx.html   It is described as a "demon of death" and "sometimes depicted as a winged lion with a feminine head, and sometimes as a female with the breast, paws and claws of a lion, a snake tail and bird wings. "  

That almost exactly describes the ugly piece of trash which Boren has added to the campus.  

See this Sooner magazine article about "Sphinx":   http://www.oufoundation.org/sm/winter07/thams.asp?ID=227   They confirm that the sculpture's origins are Greek, but they don't tell us the full story. They don't inform readers that it was a demon of death in Greek mythology.  

Why not?

There are two possible explanations.  

1. They are ignorant or too lazy and incompetent to research these questions. If that's the case, then they have no business writing literature for a supposedly "educational" institution.  

2. They are going along with Boren's inside joke and masking the reality, because many Oklahomans and OU alumni would object to celebrating a sculpture of a death demon. In that event, then they are deceptive propagandists.  

The magazine article does confirm that it is a half-lion, just like the Greek demon of death.  

When this monstrosity appeared at the campus in September 2006, more deception was provided by museum director Eric Lee. The campus newspaper wrote: "Lee said some Greek sphinxes are associated with evil, but he thinks this one will be more like a guardian." 

 http://hub.ou.edu/articles/article.php?article_id=162709504&search_id=387136665   It is also interesting that the OU literature said very little about the origins of the new sculpture named "Disk Ruin." I have emailed the sculptor myself with ques-tions, and he has been evasive. From looking at Aztec symbols and mythology, it appears to be a subtle tribute to the Aztec sun god, to whom human sacrifices were made.  


Why would David Boren choose to clutter the OU campus with a sculpture of a mythological death demon and then conceal from the public the true origins of what it represents?  

To consider this question, we have to inspect the "true origins" � the core identity � of David Lyle Boren.  

His core identity is that he is a member of the Yale Skull and Bones society, whose members also include George W. Bush, his father, and John Kerry. One of their famous members was Prescott Bush, grandfather of George W., who in 1918 robbed Geronimo's grave at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, and took his skull to the S&B "tomb" in New Haven. See this CBS news report about the "Bonesmen":   http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/10/02/60minutes/main576332.shtml  
The New York Times confirms that David Boren is a member.

Scroll down to Metropolitan Desk:
  This website describes Skull and Bones as a death cult:

   http://educate-yourself.org/cn/skullandbonescult22feb05.shtml    Given the fact that Bonesman David Boren has brought a sculpture of a death demon to the OU campus, along with other repulsive works of art, this makes perfect sense.   My suspicion is that this is one of Boren's sick inside jokes. He is winking to his Bonesmen pals, and boasting that he is debauching a public facility with junk which represents their perverted values.  

The Sooner magazine article about the OU Sphinx says that "cheers and applause erupted from the crowd" when it arrived. I assume that the crowd did not know that they were applauding a sculpture representing a death demon. They had been manipulated.   Go here for comments about another strange sculpture at OU:   http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=87247&l=9d7bc&id=567381284 Added August 16