Senator Ervin Yen

Doctor vs. Doctor  most crushing debate I have ever seen

by J. B. Handley

Jan 2017


Dr. Yen is one of the least informed doctors I have ever seen on the topic of vaccination (and, reminder, hes an anesthesiologist, which has nothing to do with vaccines), as the slaughtering he took in a filmed debate on the topic of mandatory vaccination shows back in 2016:



Just listen, if you can.


Dr. Yens buffoonery on a small stage in an Oklahoma church has been making the Facebook rounds, where its had over 100,000 views. What might surprise you is that the person administering the beating in the debate with Senator Yen was also an Oklahoma Doctor, in this case Dr. Stephanie Christner who, aside from having an excellent grasp of the science of vaccination and the weaknesses of Senator Yens arguments, has another reason to care very much about this issue: her young daughter died from a vaccine injury.




Oklahoma media, I have a simple request: a LIVE, televised debate, Doctor Yen vs. Doctor Christner. PLEASE!