Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O.)

ECCO, the Coincidence God.

we are made up of god's body, Creator, then there is Prime Creator. It's only mindstuff/energy at it's core, that gets created continuously, like a hologram, out of what Don Juan called the Eagle. Why u can affect the future if u enter the energy stream before it has manifested.

'Imagine what you desire, Will what you imagine, Create what you Will'.---George Bernard Shaw

In fact what you imagine IMO is the future before it has manifested. ECCO may show you the Perfect future for you, that Will then manifest, obviously. What is called a Vision. Talking of Visions we do Vision Quest here, no drugs, just 4 days in the wilderness without food

People come back beaming and changed.

And part of Mother Earth's body, we are energetically connected to the Earth. Each race is part of the whole, like each mountain. If they destroyed one race, it could destroy us all. Destroying a mountain also impacts on us.

It's the Cosmic Computer, you can move about inside it without your body, anywhere in the known Universe, and the Unknown Universe, the Nagual. We are essentially it's software. Like u can move memory around a computer you can move a human around the Cosmic Computer.

Don Juan used to jump over trees on Datura, he gave that up after the Indian's used to shoot at him thinking he was a bird Same with the Tai Chi masters, one pushed a chop stick through a table.

God controls everything, what John Lilly called the Earth Coincidence Office (ECCO)

There are no coincidences, every 'coincidence' is the work of ECCO. If you pay attention to ECCO timing you will see the Perfection, perfect timing, but u have to go with the flow. I gave up trying to organise my own social life (I was dire at it, bad karma), now it just happens, the right people turn up at the right time, and leave at the exact right time. The people are the miracles, each one provides you with the Knowledge and love you need at that time.

“I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them.” Yogi Bhajan

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

You choose your life Karma before u are born (the Enneagram proves that) and you follow the script, just like any actor, but you forget that at birth, and past lives. With good karma you are given the self-awareness to see you are just an actor in a play, that has been written by Creator.

You have no control over it, all you can do is maintain impeccability, which is essentially, not being emotional, and getting into drama games

"Beware of emotions. The emotional person is turned off sensually. His body is a churning robot. Emotions are addictive, narcotic, and stupefacient. Moods such as sorrow and joy accompany emotions. Like a junkie who has just connected, the emotional person feels good when he has scored emotionally, i.e., put someone down or been beaten down. Conscious love is not an emotion; it is the serene merging with yourself, with other people, with other forms of energy. Love cannot exist in an emotional state. Emotions are emergency alarms.....The presocial wily-animal god of emotion-locomotion resides within our nervous system, ready to pour out flight-fight endocrine juices (p97)."—T. Leary

You also hand over to ECCO, as ECCO is the only thing that can keep you out of being destroyed by bad karma.

If you accept all comes from Creator, and Creator is only about Perfection, then you can see how your life can be Perfect, but u may be dragged through the swamp by Creator to show you the swamp, and so you appreciate Peace or Perfection when it is given to you. Similar with partners, and friends.

The emotional game players are the Tyrants and Petty Tyrants

They suck you into drama, and can destroy your life. ECCO can help you dodge those bullets, why NEO (another name for ECCO is the ONE, ECCO sure can dodge bullets, it is the bullet) could dodge bullets, u become a bullet dodger, like Carol Two Eagle (below). I can't see the point of Creator letting them destroy the planet, as it what would be the point? Parasites such as them naturally want to destroy the host, but u sure as hell wouldn't want them running a planet that is Perfect, it wouldn't be for long, and Mother Earth isn't keen on anything other than Perfection, and Nature being in Perfect harmony. Destroying Trees like the sacred Yews (Yews should be thought of Witches, some 5,000 years old witches, who will destroy your life you if you chop one down, same with some others) and robbing the minerals is what they are all about, they need gold for time travel (Tellinger proved aliens were mining gold and energy in S Africa, with the energy going to the Pyramids some 400,000 years ago, they also have suppressed the knowledge of how to move stone with sound) 
They IMO are here to create the suffering needed for experience and knowledge.

Another name for God is Perfection, Peace, Beauty, Love (possibly that is Creator, Cosmic Love feeling which feels about 1,000 times more loving than usual). Feeling Peace or Tranquillity, seeing the Beauty and Perfection , and then the Love. Is worth more than any amount of money. Which is why they ban the power plants that take u there easily, that let you feel god directly.

which create true Faith such as this:

"But even if you kill me, that doesn't mean you have power over me. I know for a fact that until a person's number is up, it's not; & when it is, there's nothing anyone can do about it. So if you kill me, all it proves is that Tunkashila truly does work in Mysterious Ways, & chose you as the instrument by which I get to go home. If you kill me, it means my shift is over; & I'm going home. Nothing more. And we both know that, too.” Les Davis cocked the gun & put his finger on the trigger. I sat there waiting. He started to shake & he put the gun down & said, “With faith like that, we're doomed!” “It's what I pray for, FBI.”, I said.'' Carol Two Eagle

"White man goes into his churches to talk about Jesus, the Indian into his Tepee to talk to Jesus (with Peyote etc)."--Quanah Parker

"Perfections proceed from birth, or from light-containing herbs, or from mantra, or from self-discipline."-Patanjali

And why they promote materialism/bling , sex/porn , space

and not encourage self-analysis, as it could lead people to the Deep Self, circuit 6 and above

Freedom, the power to manifest Perfection. It's not a prison if u can go anywhere in the universe, and talk to jesus, and above.

The opposite to the Deep Self is 3d reality, why they promote Space travel, the only way out is to move your assemblage point to the point of Dreaming, why people practice Lucid dreaming, waking up in your dream.

and do all they can to destroy empathy/feeling centre/heart through sex abuse lik circumcision that if done on the 8th day, Judaism, permanently cuts your spiritual connection

No empathy leads people to authority (a psychopath) , like religion and government , which is just more mind control. Why people who feel bad, like Blair, a psychopath, get voted in. The Bible belt vote in all the psychopaths.

who they fear so they are too frightened to wake up to the fact we are living in a very beautiful, mostly, slaughterhouse , and human vivisection (vax proves that ) prison

they get the religious believers praying to their god Jehovah, and believing human sacrifice is normal human behaviour. The Salvation meme did that.

and they support all the wars.

''Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever. "---Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 ''The Archons influence the way you perceive the world, not the world itself. The primary power in the world we inhabit is the indwelling divinity of the planet, the Gaian intelligence, called Sophia by the Gnostics. If you are aligned to the Gaian intelligence, you do not see the world as a place of fear and predation, but of beauty, bounty, and magic. Karmapolis Interview with John Lash