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[Looks like Anthony Summers is Jewish (see: Israel connection to 911, Iraq and Afghanistan wars). Massive media coverage tells a story.  ‘After more than four years’ research,’ say the authors, ‘we have seen not a jot or shred of evidence indicating the Bush administration was complicit in 9/11’!  At best exceedingly stupid/gullible pawns (e.g. him), and it pays well, you get a well distributed and advertised book deal (and well paid, no doubt, magazine articles:, whereas you never see any of the many conspiracy Books.  More likely a designed disinfo/propaganda book (see the article below), they can stage false flags and Fake news events, so a book is no big deal.  This is a classic quote from the Mail review: 'These questions are not the ones raised by the conspiracy theorists who flourish on that playground for fantasists, the internet.'!!]

The Eleventh Day

a 911 propaganda book by Anthony Summers and Robbyn Swan

2011 July

"We’re dismissive of theories that suggest the Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition." See: [2011 Sept DVD] 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out by ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS FOR 9/11 TRUTH to kick that into touch.

"Frankly, a lot of these theories require a S.P.E.C.T.R.E.-like level of institutional evil from the American government, something of which, even at its very worst, there’s no evidence it is capable."  See overwhelming evidence of evil: Mass Murder Inc  Conspiracies  The Reign of Evil and so on. 

No one can be that ignorant, not after '4 years research'

Comments re Summers
Anthony Summers - Author of one book hinting that the Kennedy family were responsible for the death-maybe the murder-of actress Marilyn Monroe, Summers wrote another book on the JFK conspiracy. In neither book did Summers reveal explosive information (of which he was aware) that could have helped point the direction of those same forces which played a part in both crimes. [1995] Final Judgment. The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy by Michael Collins Piper Israel's Central Role in JFK Assassination.  The evidence suggests that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was yet another "false flag" conspiracy by Israel's Mossad and its collaborators in the American CIA.

Massive media coverage: (only 6 comments allowed on this review)


Robbyn Swan  looks similar to Jennifer (Greenberg) Sexton

[2011 Sept] How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events by ED CHIARINI (WELLAWARE1.COM)