Etheric Torch
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Instructions by cbswork (originally written for the Laser Wand):

The Torch creates a small nipple of etheric fire, much like the small, but intense, flame of an acetylene torch, though in this case, it's not an electric blue, but a violet electric point. It's this point that does the cutting of any etheric blockages or sludge that causes impediments for flow and function of energy relationships between the various endocrine and Para-sympathetic nervous system.

An energy-sensitive will use their sense of intuitive direction so as to ascertain where these blockages are on the patient being served. Clairvoyants will see a small cloud, much like a tint in the atmosphere within an inch of the surface of the skin. It is not necessary for the patient to be disrobed to use the Torch.

Take the Torch in your right hand, with the base firmly seated in the hand chakra. Make that mental connection, informing your etheric double that this is a command of the Divine Sovereign, the Real You. If you can get permission from a crystal, you may also place the base of that crystal in your other hand, and it will absorb about 10% of the pollution the Torch cuts away.

Proceed to the afflicted area, a brownish/blackish haze of the skin. Place the Torch directly into the area, exactly as you would as you might be burning away something with a very powerful torch. Because you are.

Every SINGLE PATIENT who has been served thusly could actually feel the Torch cutting deep. They all report a pulling sensation, deep inside the bone, where all this sludge gets deposited over the years. This sludge goes into the healer. The healer takes on the pollution being cut out. For many it burns. This is all the resultant residue of wrong thinking, wrong action, and wrong beingness while living the life, here on Earth.

Work no more than five minutes at a time, or you'll get violently sick for the rest of the day. The patient will feel stiffness in the area and a sense of lightness of air after the cutting. This is entirely natural. Follow your heart in all things.

It is highly recommended that the healer take a spiritual shower, as follows. Stand, close your eyes, relax your hands easily at your side. Visualize a fiery globe of gold energy about 18 inches above your head, sending down into you a whirling CW vortex of pure healing clear energy, that dissolves this sludge into the spinning tornado of energy and then see this tornado drop about ten feet below you, directly into the earth. Then stop the tornado. The elementals will take that now inert matter and use it for kingdom repair and use.

This Torch is something that works in such a powerful way that the energy cone actually crosses over in amplitude so that the patient feels it. You do not have to wonder if it works, as you watch the skin underneath clear before your eyes and the expression of amazement on the face of the patient.

God bless in your path of healing.