Osborne, George

Ex-Prostitute Natalie Rowe Blows the Whistle on Chancellor Osborne

Natalie Rowe Outs George Osborne

UPDATED April 16, 2015.

Natalie Rowe is interviewed by Emma Alberici of ABC Australia and reveals some of the revelations that the now missing Sonia Poulton interview exposed.

Here is what Journeyman Films, the distributors, say about this explosive story. “Stories from the world of Politics commonly feature anecdotes of sex and drugs. However, what is most revealing about this interview with escort Natalie Rowe is the relationship these tales have fostered between George Osbourne and Andy Coulson.”

Cocaine laden table

“Pictures of a cocaine laden table and Britain’s Chancellor with his arm around a prostitute has caused the UK a sharp intake of breathe. Prostitute, Natalie Rowe, has revealed the debauched student days antics of George Osborne. She tells how when the story originally broke it was hijacked by the News of the World (NoW) and editor Andy Coulson, who sought to publish it with an undeniably favourable bias. In the NoW version Madam Rowe became the bad girl and Osborne the victim.”

As a result “George Osborne was indebted to Andy Coulson”, and only a couple of years later, the latter assumed a lucrative post within the Tory party.

This video (immediately below) is a replacement for a TPV video that was allegedly taken down by hackers. The People’s Voice failed because it was set up by people with big egos. The whole concept was flawed from the start as I suggested here: TPV Melts

According to TPV their YouTube channel was hacked and all the recordings deleted. Certainly, there are dark forces that want TPV gone. Sonia Poulton’s Interview with Natalie Rowe is missing and is one of those deleted videos that have not been restored.

It is a pity because it was a revealing interview that shone light on this particular story in different ways to the Journeyman Films’ version.

George Osborne a masochist?

Natalie Rowe is the woman who outed Chancellor George Osborne as a masochistic cokehead. Yes, according to Ms Rowe the finances of the United Kingdom are in the hands of a man who likes to crawl around the floor having his arse slapped while under the influence of cocaine.

Ms Rowe candidly told Sonia Poulton of events at parties that were attended by the so-called elite including the now Prime Minister David Cameron. It seems that the illegal use of drugs is OK for the toffs but working class must serve time for possession, using and dealing.

It is said that Cameron’s wife, when in University, was known as Snowy; I wonder why?