Moche culture, Peru



Sri Lanka



Teeth morphing
Fang dentures in ancient mexico:

Fang dentures and sharpened teeth of the Maya:

And present day caucasians do it too:

Warning against vampire teeth: they rot faster
Submitted by Sahil Nagpal on Mon, 09/08/2008 - 23:05. Health News Germany Muenster
Muenster, Germany - A fad for vampire teeth means health troubles ahead, a health insurer warned Monday in Germany, where lovers of spooky Gothic music have been filing their canine teeth into sharp points.

KKH, an insurer in the northern city of Muenster, said filed teeth lacked their natural enamel and were likely to be hit by caries or to break off at the tip.

The music fans wear black clothing and make-up so that they look like scary people with a thirst for fresh blood

Teeth sharpening in Bali:

(look up at the demon mask photos from Bali - makes you wonder)

Vampires in the news:

In Afghanistan, locals tell us soldiers:

Vampire attacks in Malawi?

Vampire makes woman crash car in Colorado:,4980779.story

(warning scary picture of vampire in above article. ...always makes me jump..)

Chupacubra attack - or vampire attack?

bloodless chickens with two puncture marks on them in America:

Halfway thru this vido is a picture of a deer with two puncture marks in its neck: video is annoying though

usa cattle mutilation cases are also interesting - corpses are first somehow drained of all their blood then mutilated, occurring across usa for some time now. cause not known. (book on the subject is alien harvest by linda moulton howe -journalist)

couple of human mutilation cases are on record too.