Psychopathy  Borderline Personality Disorder

Female Psychopaths - Smear Campaigns, Bullying, Flattery, Lovebombing, High Testosterone and Self Pity

by Thomas Sheridan

Feb 2011

"in the engagement photo she looked like a Collie pissing up his leg
to warn off the other bitches." - Alison W. 

Contrary to the popular misconception, political correctness among mental health care professionals and active marketing by the Borderline Personality Disorder money machine, there are as many female psychopaths as males roaming the world. This notion of psychopaths being mostly male is reverse, ad hoc sexism. If there is equality between the sexes in all other aspects of life, then this equally applies to psychopathy.


Elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone in both male and female psychopaths is a very distinct marker in assisting with positive identification of a psychopath. This is not to say that anyone who has high testosterone levels—especially women—are psychopaths. We must retain emotional neutrality at all times when we begin to consider if we are dealing with a potential psychopath or not.

An aggressive or impulsive woman may be suffering from a condition such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and as a result could be subject to hormonal impulses which can result in negative behaviour. They must have the other four of the five Absolute traits (no remorse, invented persona(s), using pity and strange or contradictory life stories), before you can determine you may be dealing with a psychopath. One swallow does not a summer make.

The hormone testosterone is the key to recognising female psychopaths. They all have the same elevated levels of the hormone as male psychopaths. Higher testosterone levels are associated with increased sex drive, increased sexual activity and as a result a desire to hold power over men. Vicious bullying and aggressive exploitation of non-psychopathic females in workplaces and organisations is also common with the pathology. Testosterone may also be related to the lack of parenting behavior seen in many psychopathic women. Psychopathic females have been found to be less interested in motherhood—even when they have children.

Typical Female Psychopathic Traits

If you are a nice guy you are more of a target—they will often remark how kind and nice you are. This makes you easy prey. You will also find that the early sweet loving kindness performance of the female psychopath will be interrupted now and again with a nasty and mean performance. Then a cycle develops where the frequencies of the nasty state increases—while the kindness state become less and less. Eventually, from the height of loving, idealisation and adoration the female psychopath obsessively showered you with in the early days—you will find yourself trapped in a negative, unloving and exploitative lifestyle not of your making.


She will spread negative and false rumours about you to her friends while garnishing sympathy from her on-tap, plethora of female pity enablers who believe every negative statement about you which she tells them. The female psychopath also generally befriends less attractive, overweight, ‘frumpy’ and unstylish women in order for the female psychopath to look more attractive when in their company.


Do not fall for the female psychopath telling you she has falling in love with you as soon your meet her. It’s just words. You are nothing ‘special’ and there is every chance of contracting a STD from the event. So be careful. You might also find your wallet with less cash in the morning when she has vanished and an unexpectedly huge credit card bill at the end of the month. Worst still, she may claim to be pregnant by you if she senses you can provide her with free food and accommodation for a while. Female psychopath are as numerous, and operate under the same predator mindset as male psychopaths.


Adam said...
Good post, Ive been looking at your videos and saw the link to this blog. Where is the source of these physical traits? Ive been looking for awhile for them, what are some male physical symptoms?
Thomas Sheridan said...
The male traits are (apart from the classic mention in other posts pretaining to both psychopathic genders) can include a ring finger is longer than an index finger, a receding hair line, heavy growth of facial and body hair, acne, and high cheekbones with a low brow ridge.
Thomas Sheridan said...
The source of the traits include several clinical studies done on psychopathic prison inmates in US and Canadian prisons. They are downloadable in PDF format. They are not quotable text so I can't give you the link (you can search) but of the 3 studies I came across the results were same. So it is a safe bet they are spot on. In fact they are from my own personal experiences.
Adam said...
Thanks Thomas :)

Does that also include head hair? People are always shocked at how quickly my hair grows, it's unusual to say the least.
Adam said...
It's similar to this -
Thomas Sheridan said...
That Bundy photo is spot on. He looked the twin of an investment manager I once worked with who got done for cocaine dealing in the company he worked for. I used actually enjoy hanging out with him as he was a lot of fun. But it was just because he liked me for some reason. I think because I was a good guitar player and I gave him tips now and again. But he could of been Bundy's twin brother. Be interesting to see images of bundy's hands to see if the ring finger is longer than the index. Bet it is.

As for the hair, depends on your age. If you are young and healthy with the high testosterone it will be shooting out of your head as the overall metabolism will be very high. Same with body hair. The female psychopaths I knew from my music days had very thick and dense pubic hair but as they go into their 30's a lot of them needed hair extension on their heads as it began to grow slowly. Which I suspect why a lot of them were Goth chicks so they could justify long extentions.

But a lot of them do start to go bald in their mid 30's. Just on their heads.
Adam said...
Agreed, i think its important to note though that guys like Ted bundy are extremely rare, i think a new term should be coined for his sort, he made a fool of the law enforcement at that time, you might want to look into some documentaries of him if you haven't already, he really was a chameleon in every sense of the word.

I think it's important to differentiate between the likes of Bundy, which I would call a psychopath (, and your local car thief who would be more of the sociopath.
Thomas Sheridan said...
It is a tough call as even the top people behind the DSM manual are constantly struggling with the names. I use psychopath as it is the term which has been around the longest and is used by the main professional in the field.

Maybe something like Psychopath Type 1 (Bundy), Type 2 (Trotsky/Stalin) Type 3 (OJ Simpson) and so on would be the way to go in future?

In many ways Bindy was a genius. Not to say this to admire him, but right to the very end he gaslighted vast segments of US society with his comment about Pornography turned him into a serial killer. His wish was to "live" forever and he has achived this. The comment about "what's one life in the whole scheme of things" really showed how "out there" he was. Bundy was a lot like the Alien in the 1979 movie. He had a terrifying "purity" about his pathology that has been rarely equalled in history.
Adam said...
Although that is true, i find some parts of a serial killers history baffling, for instance they say sociopaths are a hit with the opposite sex. But if you look into Bundys teenage years, he was socially retarded as he put it, was a compulsive nose picker, and he didn't lose his virginity until the age of 20 i believe, i think the immense ridicule he received in high school made him homicidal, of course mixed with the fact that he was born a psychopath, some

The site below has some more in depth information -
Ilya said...
"Waking up in pools of sweat even in cool weather"

I wonder where this comes from. The female P that I dealt with obviously had this problem. She assumed it was because of a heart condition (I am not sure if she actually had it).
Anonymous said...
Maybe the high metabolism caused by the high testosterone?
Lemsip said...
Yes I've met many a female psychopath (some in mental health drop in centres) so I know they are around but I thought that it wasn't as common to be a psychopath in women as it is in men. Maybe because they exhibit many traits of BPD or just get seen as drama queens. These women are no longer my friends though there is one I just keep at arms length. I used to contact her a lot to see her twice a week but found myself running around her a lot and being let down without even a phone call. She would either not turn up or refuse to answer the door claiming she was deeply depressed. Later she blamed me for this because I didn't kick up a fuss about it.

Another would never get in touch with me but was always keen to see me when I got in touch with her even if she was busy. She also claimed to have lots of friends. However I'd go round and she'd carry on with what she was doing regardless of me being there. I did stop seeing her for a while telling myself it was because of the crowd she hung out with and then we bumped into each other at a writers' group. I thought she had changed but it turned out she was just putting on her outside persona. She is a different person in her own flat and would often shout at me for almost nothing. Well anyway my boiler broke down one weekend and I needed to touch up my roots so she offered to let me come round and use her bathroom. She ended up doing the job (putting the dye in, rinsing it out, towel drying my hair and using a hairdryer) saying that I was too slow and she was pretty rough throughout. The water was too hot and I screamed. The following day I wrote her a letter telling her that I didn't want to see her ever again and giving the reasons why. I let her know that she was an abuser though she often complained of other people abusing her. She also had a sob story.
Lemsip said...
Female psychopaths cause suffering to other women too who are left with deep wounds. Their friendships with other women can be very intense and when they end because the psychopath has found a new victim or because you decided that you can't take the abuse anymore it feels like you have walked out on an abusive male partner. The female psychopath will not let you go willingly but prefers to stop being "friends" with you.

I used to think that the female psychopaths in my life were just bipolar and if I could avoid them when they were in a manic phase it would be OK but I soon realised that they had a "manic" personality and when crossed I saw rage and wrath. I didn't realise at the time I was treading on eggshells around them. They came across as having BPD which is a fancy word for being a sociopath and a label placed on female psycopaths.
Thomas Sheridan said...
BPD was invented as a drug treatment programme. That's it. They had some new drugs and needed some made up "conditions" to boost sales. In other words big pharma in colusion with psychiatrists made it up. Good for business.

What makes this BPD even more absurd is there have been no empirical or clinical evalutions done to test the validity of the diagnosis. If you look at what it is - nearly all the same sympthoms are psychopathic behaviour. Just another rebrading to sell drugs.

Now what is really sickening is that the concept of a drug or treatment for BPD gives victims living with psychopaths now rebranded as "Borderline" a false hope of a "cure" while also the label is being applied to people who are non psychopathic and may just have emotional problems. It is a social timebomb if you ask me.

One of the reasons why the stats of male v female psychopaths are so skewed is that most female psychopaths are being diagnosed as BPD rather than as psychopaths. This also allows them lenient treatment in courts on the basis that they can be medicated out of their pathology.

Psychopathy/sociopathy is a pathology that is VERY easy to confirm. We have excellent diagnostic tools coupled with CAT scan technology which give a 100% spot on confirmation - no guess work. It is perhaps the most easily determined metal disorder of all. Yet more and more of these predators are being tagged as BPD and being allowed a free ticket to hunt at will. If they get caught. They can be "cured". A complete disaster in every way except for the psychopaths.
Lemsip said...
I thought at one time there were no drug treatments for personality disorders including BPD which is why psychiatrists preferred to diagnose these people as having schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Now I realise that many of those with bipolar disorder are really psychopaths as they seem to be up most of the time and rarely get depressed. They also seem to be on an ego trip.

I see narcisstic personality disorder and BPD on the psychopathy spectrum in the same way Aspergers Syndrome is on the autism spectrum. I'm pleased that they have been placed under psychopathy in the DSM (IV). So all those drama queens will have to accept they are now psychopaths. Good. They are impossible to deal with.
Thomas Sheridan said...
Yes there is a strong overlap between Aspies and Psychopaths - as in the Aspies are the positives and the psychopaths are the negative. I also feel this is why psychopaths seem to attact aspies in an interesting kind of way - not so much as enablers but as almost minions or something like that. It is an interesting dynamic.
Lemsip said...
Many women suffer from migraines who are not psychopathic at all. Beginning to wonder if the psychopathic women who have them are faking them much of the time to get some time off or for people to feel sorry for them. They certainly have an impact on non-psychopathic migraine sufferers getting them more often and more seriously.

I was reading the book and was especially interested in the piece about the appearance of female psychopaths. There are genuinely macho women who dress like men and have deep voices who are not psychopathic at all. Psychopathic women take care of their appearances, follow fashion and wear heavy make up often. In fact their facial features are often uglier than the 'plain Janes' they surround themselves with; the overweight or unstylish women. When I've watched American coming of age films the bookish 'plain Jane' outsider is usually a pretty actress in old fashioned clothes and often wearing spectacles and with hair tied back ('She's All That', 'The Princess Diaries' and 'Ugly Betty') whereas the popular 'beautiful' villain is either much taller or thinner and has harsh facial features.
artemesia said...
Borderline Personality Disorder is not to be confused with psychopathy. Patients have experienced past trauma, neglect, and/or sexual abuse in childhood and the label is under review to be renamed complex post traumatic stress disorder. This condition is not treatable by drugs and only through cognitive behavioural therapy. 25% of those diagnosed are men, of which my defacto of 4 years is one. He is caring, passionate and has endless empathy for me, his friends and family, and has a strong social conscience and excellent work ethic. He understands that there are triggers that set him off, sometimes resulting in hurting the feelings of the people closest to him; this is followed by a period of intense remorse and depression. It is their lifelong battle. BPD sufferers may lash out violently when they experience feelings of rejection; these actions are reactive and highly influenced by their emotions, and are not "cool and calculated" like psychopaths. Therapy has helped him take control of his emotions and decision making and has helped him gain perspective. He is getting better and his symptoms are flattening every year with support from me, his family, and his therapists. I also have a cousin who is BPD (her dad left when she was little), we grew up together and she's anything but psychopathic. She's lovely and sweet but her emotions and decision making is out of whack. It is dangerous to label all with BPD as psycho (I'm sure many have both)as is is a condition that arises from environmental circumstances. These people are not doomed and instead of rejecting them we should help them.
Thomas Sheridan said...
artemesia, until you can produce the peer reviewed scientific and emperical studies proving that BPD is real then it remains scam invented by Big Pharma and Greedy American Shrinks.
artemesia said...
Big pharma has yet to come up with any chemical treatment for BPD, therefore making zero dollars from this condition. Sufferers are not treated by shrinks but by psychologists who provide therapy, not drugs. I understand that in the USA shrinks are provided with royalties from pharmacutical companies to prescribe certain drugs, but any competent psychologist would not refer them to the doctor in the first place. In Australia noone sees a shrink without first being diagnosed by a psychologist, but I'm sure internal scams exist evrywhere. You have also confused the spectrum of personality disorders. I refer you to 'Personality Disorders and the Five-Factor Model of Personality' by Paul T. Costa, Jr., PhD and Thomas A. Widiger, PhD. For someone who has read 'every book on psychopathy' you seem to confuse the emotional and cognitive symptoms and diagnoses on pychopathy, sociopathy, antisocial personality disorder, BPD and even aspergers <not a personality disorder but a cognitive disorder! Please educate yourself and your followers.
Thomas Sheridan said...
Is their a treatment yet for Obsessive Compulsive Over Labeling of Condtions Disorder yet? Because this is what you are doing above and why this entire issue had to be focussed down to "predators and targets" which is the only underlying dynamic of this entire experience.

I don't have followers - just people who consider my book highly important in their scheme of their own lives. Deal with it.
Anonymous said...
Thomas that was rude
Anonymous said...
Thomas, im a strong supporter of all the things u say, ur on the ball with sociopaths/psychopaths. Your knowledge on BPD however is very ignorant & disappointing. For a stout believer of research ur following common notions of those who think borderlines as textbook volitile emo kids who grow up 2b covert psychopaths. This is a falacy & only the extreme end of spectrum act out in such manner. These ppl have in most cases been sexually abused as children & in an everlasting state of post-traumatic stress disorder, their behaviour is out of fear. Psychopaths dont fear, apart frm getting caught by police. 'True' borderlines are simply what u classify as proto-pscyhopath & very similar 2 Psychopaths to the untrained eye, yet differ in many aspects. Firstly, in your words, if u get these ppl on their own they'll respond 2love & eventually trust u. Simply, theyve never been shown sincere love & suspect a motive. Oppositely, Psychopaths will despise u 4 trying 2 understand them, as u said 'their desire 2feel free of moral constraints'. B's react badly 2 rejection, appearing 'somewhat' psychopathic bcos it brings up deep inner wounds & fear that they really r dirty(having been sexually violated)- this notion has been pushed onto them by their perpertrator. B's r very charismatic & charming if they have been intelligent enough 2 produce "reaction formation" - build strength & indiv identity frm the abuse 2 overcome the emotional instability. Once u see the dark & evil in this world, ur eyes appear 2have that extra sparkle bcos u appreciate the beauty in life so much more. This is also inline with SP eyes. Both B + P's use manipulation, however the B's methods tend 2b very unsuccessful longterm & the mask of inner pain & feeling "dirty" drops (this could b seen as dropping the psychopathic mask but is not). Borderlines are kind & caring people. How do i know this? Bcos i thought i was a normal well adjusted girl noone suspected had a horrific childhood until i became the victim of a sadistic typed rare psychopath 4a decade. It was not until i was hospitalised 4 PTSD following my partners final showdown that a Dr sat me down 2tell me what had happened 2me, that i had been with an "inadequate psychopath". He taught me everything i know & says i exhibit borderline traits under extreme stress & re-abuse. By this he means i strt crying & asking y nobody loves me & think im ugly inside, despite being overly liked by most ppl. You of all ppl should have read by now that victims of P's can present as bi-polar or borderline for yrs due the emotional havoc the P has created even in the most strong &stable ppl. Lastly, the major difference is B's turn rage inwards on themselves & hate themselves 4 what has happened leading 2 self cutting &suicide, while P's externalise their rage towards the world & mow down as many victims as possible 2make up 4their own traumatic childhoods. This is a STARK difference. The problem lays with many femal P's using 'crocodile' tears & fabricated sob stories 2 explain their behaviour when exposed & claim 2b misunderstood. Do not pass judgement on true victims of sexual abuse who struggle day 2 day but CAN & WANT 2feel love. My male P used tears & sob stories 2explain y he abused me & sadistically tortured me physically. Hence termed inadequate. I thought he was borderline at times & y i instinctively reacted with love 2the abuse thinking he was acting out. This merely caused a playground 4a house of horrors 2 unfold. He attempted 2kill me numerous times. Cognitive Therapy & Dialectic Therapy can minimise the adult symptoms of childhood sexual abuse with time. Psychopaths have no cure, they merely use therapy 2learn even more human behaviour & use this knowledge as leverage for future abuse.
blessed holy socks said...
HooRayGun, brudda! Exactly like my family. My sis, 14 months older, was extremely jealous of me when I was born... and loNbehold! I had a speech impediment, Dad was pussy whipped, mom bowedNscraped before sis who basically 'coached' her on how to hate my Dad. Thank God this is only our finite existence. See ya in Heaven.