Fort Lauderdale International airport shooting (Jan 2017)
State Terror


Rebekah Roth ~ The FLL airport shooting ~ MKUltra?

Sandra Barr How loud can you shout False Flag!!
Esteban Santiago has allegedly killed 5 people at the Fort Lauderdale International airport.
His friends and family say that after he returned from a tour of duty in Iraq he was different.
In November past Esteban walked into an FBI office and claimed that the Government were controlling his mind, and forcing him to watch ISIS videos. He is said to have been incoherent at times. Naturally the FBI never heard of MK Ultra or any other secret US mind control programmes so they shipped Esteban off to the nearest loony bin for a mental health evaluation!
Clearly this guy was acting while under mind control, they will of had multiple shooters just in case he did not perform as programmed, already the REAL witnesses have claimed there was multiple shooters, these witnesses will soon be replaced by the crisis actor witness, who will know the correct script, only one shooter!
Back in 2012 I publish a lengthy blog, "the bells, the shells and the SANTIAGO Compostela", Santiago is Spanish for Saint James, and James derives from the Hebrew Jacob, who God later re-named ISRAEL.
I published my blog in 2012, on July 22, 2013 Prince George was born, it was a beautiful clear hot summers day, right after he was born a storm developed and London was hit with thunder and lightening. The Cathedral at Santiago Compostela used to be the most visited Pilgrim site in the world, the Saint James that is was dedicated to was called "the son of Thunder", and the Cathedral is awash with the symbols of the Roman God Jupiter who was the God of Thunder.
Within 48 hours of George's birth, on July 24th, there was a terrible train crash at Santiago Compostela of all places, 79 people were killed. and on October 23 George was Baptised at Saint James Palace Chapel. 
He was Baptised in front of the altar where his dead Grandmother lay in State before her funeral, and before Diana's body was taken from St James palace Chapel there was a very private family service (ritual). If I can find time later I will write up some more about this event with pics.
Link to my blog on the Santiago Compostela:…/bells-shells-and-san……/esteban-santiago-identified-gu…