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Alien Saucer Crash In 1937 Nazi Germany   Ten years before an alien craft crashed onto rancher Mack Brazel’s property near Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer lost control and crashed onto the countryside of Nazi Germany. This incredible story—covered-up by both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. for more than 70 years—is allegedly the actual basis for the Nazi’s intense research into wingless, disc aircraft; Hitler’s and Himmler’s near obsession with exotic technology and flying saucers; and the incredible experiments by S.S. physicists that culminated with flying saucers and the ‘Bell’—a bizarre multi-dimensional motor that neutralized gravity and ripped a gash into the very fabric of the time-space continuum creating incredible and horrific effects.

They had cooperation from the ET’s.  See, they had a crashed UFO, which was deliberately crashed, by agreement with Hitler, by a certain group of Pleiadians.  It was loaded with technology.  And the reason for crashing it was that the German High Command, if they were pushed, could say, “Yeah we found a crashed saucer in the Bavarian Alps” or some such place, “and we recovered it, took it apart and analyzed the technology.”  It certainly wasn’t made public.  But the remains of that craft were found near Peenemunde after the war was over.  This was the rocket testing base for the Germans and where Wernher Von Braun operated along with his crew.  When the war was over, he deliberately moved his group to the west, to the Americans.  And another group was captured by the Russians, including, I believe, his professor, Herman Oberth.  Of course that is where the Russians got a head start on rocketry over the U.S. -- they had the professor who taught Wernher Von Braun! ALIENS, TIME TRAVEL, AND WORMHOLES: An Interview of Al Bielek Conducted by Susanne Konicov


Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: Nazi UFO's - the German 'Bell' (Die Glocke)