Goldenberg’s Deli in Paris on August 9, 1982
State Terrorism



A shadowy “right wing” group known as “Direct Action” was accused of the attack on Goldenberg’s Deli in Paris on August 9, 1982. Six people died and 22 were injured. The leader of “Direct Action” was one Jean-Marc Rouillan. Rouillan had been operating in the Mediterranean under the cover name of “Sebas” and had been repeatedly linked to the Mossad. All references to Rouillan’s Mossad links were deleted from the official reports issued at the time. However, the Algerian national news service—which has ties to French intelligence—blamed the Mossad for Rouillan’s activities. Angry French intelligence officers were believed to have leaked this information to the Algerians. Several top French security officials quit in protest over this coverup of Mossad complicity in Rouillan’s crimes. 26 However, other Mossadorchestrated false flag operations also took place on French soil.