Henry See

"Mankind has a natural predator, the psychopath, and this predator is invisible because there are no easily discernible markings that set him apart.....Early in the book, Łobaczewski describes his experiences in university where he first encountered the phenomenon. He went into the library to get some books on the question of psychopathy and found to his amazement that they had all been removed! This fact demonstrates a self-awareness of their difference amongst at least some of them, and in the case of Poland under communism, of those in a position of power highly enough placed to get books removed from the university library.....approximately 18% of any given population is active in the creation and imposition of a Pathocracy (or the attempt to create and impose same). The 6% group constitute the Pathocratic nobility and the 12% group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic situation is the most advantageous."---  The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others 

2007/07/19: Mind Control and HAARP
2007/06/09: Squatters Without Conscience
2007/04/06: Environment of Evil
2007/03/28: Hacking Democracy
2007/02/22: A Legal Question
2007/01/30: Just How Stupid Do They Think We Are?
2006/12/11: The Psychopath's Truth
2006/11/29: Chickens Coming Home to Roost
2006/11/15: Radical Rethink in Meteorite Impact Timing
2006/10/20: The Mathematics of Flying (or not)
2006/10/05: The Right to Bear Arms: Wishful Thinking and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution
2006/10/04: Child Abuse: Christopher Bollyn Shows His True Colours
2006/10/03: The Times, Lies, and Videotape
2006/09/19: Time and Mr. Ahmadinejad
2006/09/13: A Pathocrat Speaks His Mind
2006/09/11: Five Years On: It's Worse Than You Think
2006/09/08: Remedial Reading: The Al Qaeda Connection
2006/08/06: Hope
2006/07/18: Hell
2006/22/06: Spiritual Predator: Prem Rawat AKA Maharaji
2006/04/18: More Thoughts on the French Demonstrations
2006/04/10: Vive la France! 
2006/04/07: Feigned Emotion 
2006/04/03: Diseased Minds
2006/03/07: The Afterlife
2006/02/24: The Daily Battle Against Subjectivity
2006/02/20: Crisis of the Republic 
2006/01/31: "You lied to me..."
2006/01/30: Climate Change
2006/01/17: Silencing Kurt
2005/07/18: Belief Systems
2005/07/09: Who Speaks for the Truth
2005/03/14: Overcoming Mechanical History: Henry Makow and the Commie Threat
2004/01/01: Happy New World
2003/10/04: Living in Truth
2003/08/27: Big Lies, Little Lies, Brazen Lies
2003/08/07: The Psychopathology of Politics 
2003/07/04: Oh Say, Can You See
2003/06/05: American Coup d'etat
2003/12/04: Cosmic Spam
2002/12/22: Depression as a Stepping Stone