Irving, David  Greg Hallett

THE SPYMASTER on David Irving

Yes, it appears DAVID IRVING is a Jewish MI6 Agent who used INVENTED DOCUMENTS to spread lies about Hitler and the Holocaust.

This was backed up by MANY FAKE COURT CASES, including FAKE CONVICTIONS against David Irving, as a means of promoting Irving’s Books and the associated British Counter-Intelligence Magazine Searchlight. 

It appears David Irving did not spend a day in jail.

After loosing another of his court cases, and being made BANKRUPT, he still lived in his large Manor House.

Everything about David Irving is FAKE.

Irving attended the prestigious 'Brentwood College’ and 'Imperial College London' where he and his twin brother were plucked by MI6 to work in INTELLIGENCE . . . WHICH IS REALLY COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE !!!

I note that in Greg Hallett and the Spymaster’s 'HITLER WAS A BRITISH AGENT' (2005, 2006, 2010) David Irving was not quoted, except in relation to the Fake Hitler Diaries.  There may be valid reasons for this. 

In 'Hitler Was a British Agent', we looked for holes in history, and David Irving had so many contradictions, his entire work, and indeed his entire life, was full of holes.  These are the holes that shout “LIE” and”LIAR”.

I never bothered to read David Irving.

When someone has a big press release in the Savoy and spends their time talking about “My Train Set", you know they are just Counter-Intelligence Agents with unfettered promotional media access, putting down enough points to substantiate their retirement.  

Just ask yourself - Who controls that Media? and do you have access to it ?

Another LIAR about Hitler has just surfaced in Gerrard Williams who issued forth 'Grey Wolf’.

In reality, Gerrard Williams stole the entire contents of ‘Grey Wolf’ off Abel Basti, then changed details to try and avoid copyright infringement, forgot to steal all the documents, and issued a history full of holes . . . which was made up anyway.

Gerrard Williams had been working in the BBC, where paedophiles are protected, and someone needs to be employed to protect paedophiles in the BBC. 

After a totally under-achieving career in the BEEB, Gerrard Williams was perhaps asked what he wanted for his Retirement, in exchange for his Services in the Nonce Protectorate, and WiIliams replied that he wanted to be a famous historian.

The BBC (a.k.a. mouthpiece for British Counter-Intelligence) told Williams that a Spanish-only-speaking Historian had collated all the lies about Hitler in South America, and was available to be mugged in the usual British legal fashion of denial and buggery, which included "bugger him”.

Gerrard Williams was then given the British Naval Intelligence Counter-Intelligence contact in South America who made the introductions between Gerrard Williams and Abel Basti.

Like DAVID IRVING, GERRARD WILLIAMS has accounts of all these Hitler near-sightings in South America, but NOT ONE PERSON ACTUALLY SIGHTED HITLER in South America.


Because Hitler was in Spain, and not in South America.

All the apparent near-sightings of Hitler in South America were laid by Allied and Axis-Powers G-Men for the purposes of a self-employment scheme, and as a distraction from Hitler’s true whereabouts.

Once you get these ideas firmly planted in your ‘Believe it or Not Box’ -

Hitler was NEVER in South America, and the only actual sightings of Hitler were in Spain.

I can tell you from experience that when you write THE TRUTH ABOUT HITLER, they come at you pretty hard.

This was not the case for David Irving or Gerrard Williams.

They will never charge Gerrard Williams for his Frauds and Non-Feasance, Malfeasance and Misfeasance, because he is protected by the BBC Nonce Factory, who are the mouthpiece of Counter-Intelligence, and this particular piece of Counter-Intelligence is that “Grey Wolf is true, and good’ . . . whereas Grey Wolf is a pile of dung droppings from 70-years on high, and Gerrard Williams is its parachute soft-landing.

Perhaps the con artist Gerrard Williams is the replacement for the con artist David Irving.

Gerrard Williams has been promoted by the Sky Stupid Box to keep people stupid, and is perhaps a dumbed-down version of David Irving, who forgot his lies so often, and contracted himself so much, and “FOUND” so many DOCUMENTS, that Irving was part of the MI6-Jewish Bullshit machine called “THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF WORLD WAR TWO”.

DAVID IRVING books should be exposed for “This is How a FRAUD is done”.

GERRARD WILLIAMS should be exposed for “This is what a FRAUD is”.

Both authors’ books should be banned, or at least read in the light of “This is what a Fraud is, and How it is done”.

British Naval Intelligence, who are really British Naval Counter-Intelligence and the BBC should be very proud of these Bricks in their Bullshit House.

“Bullshit House" is SAS code of the BBC, and the buildings the BBC occupies . . . even when they move . . . like after the Jimmy Saville affair . . . which they are still trying to bury . . . using people with career synopsis very close to Gerrard Williams.

If I had a nickel for every LIE and CON David Irving and Gerrard Williams pulled, I’d actually pay for my TV license - which is why I don’t.

Best regards,