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Is Big Pharma Murdering Our Cutting-Edge Doctors? Yes, Of Course They Are...Why?  They've Tried Everything Else to Control the Dialogue...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

Saturday, September 26th, 2015

 Tim Bolen

Depending on who you read, the number of cutting-edge (non-drug) health professionals dying under suspicious circumstances varies, but is rapidly increasing.  The last doctor, 59 year-old Mitch Gaynor MD, a personal friend, and regular guest interview, of TV Doctor Oz , supposedly committed suicide in his back yard of his country home.

Bullshit - Gaynor was at the top of his game.  My thinking?  Gaynor was murdered, openly, as a message for Oz.  What message?  "Shut the fuck up, or you're next."

Virtually every one of the doctors that died under "suspicious circumstances" have commonalities - the largest of which is an anti-vaccine stance. But that's not everything...

Friends and family of Jeffrey Bradstreet MD are absolutely positive that Bradstreet's death, labeled suicide by a corn-pone half-baked, average 80 IQ, police department in bum-fuck, nowhere, know better.  The family has hired an attorney and a private investigator to get to the bottom of it.  They are being blocked by that same police, in their investigation.  Are you surprised?   The local cops are probably too busy ordering their new armored vehicles, surveillance cameras, crates of automatic weapons, flame throwers, and injecting each other with the latest blue rage, "bulk-up," steroids to answer a few simple questions.

Bradstreet was, just before his murder, a guest speaker at Autism One, talking about the REAL INGREDIENTS IN VACCINES.  One-plus-one equals two.

Nicholas Gonzalez MD, my friend from New York City, died under "suspicious circumstances" at 67 years old, supposedly of a heart attack.  However, his autopsy shows no reason why he would have had any heart attack.

No reason...

Is it happening?  Yes, it is.  We all need to be on the lookout.

Are there reasons to murder these people?


Bradstreet was right on target and saying, openly, "Vaccines are NOT what we think they are..." and was laying out what was, and is, really happening.

Gaynor was just down the street from Oz - the man they can't shut up.

Nick Gonzalez was another one they couldn't stop, despite every trick to discredit him.  Why?  Nick had, and has, the cure for pancreatic cancer.  Period.  No question.  People diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, across the US, found that, if they stayed locally they lived for six weeks.  If they contacted Nick, they attended their grandchildren's weddings 30 years later.  It was that simple - and the word gets out despite the best efforts of Big Pharma's disinformation campaigns.

But, I don't think it was Nick's cancer work that got him killed.  He'd been doing that for ages.  I think it was this letter I am about to show you.  Why is this letter of maximum importance?  Because Nick was a media savvy Conservative Republican DOCTOR nationally speaking on a vaccine issue - and, as we know, the Republicans have taken an anti-vaccine stance in the upcoming Presidential Election.

Given time, Nick would have been invited to speak to Republican caucuses, and because of his view, as a professional, would have made Trump, and the other Republican candidates EVEN MORE ANTI-VACCINE then they are now.  More, after those Republicans came out with their statements in the Republican debate, Nick, being right there in Manhattan, would have been the "go-to guy" for all of the media.   And, Nick was VERY GOOD at media.  Remember his Larry King interviews?

Big Pharma is very worried about losing the vaccine debate.  But, would they murder people over it?  Of course they would.  Look what they've already done.

The Letter to DHHS That Got Nick Gonzalez Killed...

Dear Ms. Fish:

I am a physician practicing in New York, a graduate of Brown, post-grad work at Columbia, medical school at Cornell, fellowship in cancer immunology under Robert A Good, MD, PhD, for years President of Sloan-Kettering and the “Father of Modern Immunology”.

I have reached the age of 67 years old, had only polio and tetanus vaccines as a child.  I follow good nutritional practices, am in superb health with no minor or major diseases past or present and no infections over the past 60 years except a rare cold.

I am very troubled that the DHHS is now trying to implement forced vaccination schedules not only on children, but on adults.  Most of these vaccinations as you must know have not been tested either for safety or efficacy.  The most recent flu vaccine as I have read and believe to be the case was tested for neither safety nor efficacy but got passed through the FDA, perhaps because of drug company lobbying.

I survived the usual childhood illnesses without a problem as did my many friends and schoolmates,and believe firmly as a trained immunologist that these mild infections helped my immune systems mature.  I think this obsession with avoiding the usual childhood illnesses unnecessary and perhaps counterproductive.  Even the dreaded polio, as it turns out through epidemiological investigations, was in most people a mild infection no more serious than a cold.  Studies from the late 1940s showed that in urban areas up to 95% of the populations were positive for polio antibodies, yet with no history of any significant infection and certainly no neurological disability.  Yet it’s estimated that up to 40 million Americans may now be infected with the SV40 cancer virus as a result of contaminated polio vaccines.  Was this risk worth the grand scheme to inoculate everyone for a disease than in most, despite government hysteria, was rarely a serious problem?

For most children as in my case and in the case of all my young friends at the time of my own infection, these childhood illnesses passed with no serious or lasting deficits.  However, the same can no longer be said about vaccinations and the damage they cause.  For example, if vaccinations are so safe, why has the government set up a “Vaccine Court” to pay out damage claims to victims of vaccination related disability, to this date amounting to billions.

There is no question autism rates are skyrocketing.  When I was in medical school in the 1980s it was such a rare condition my professors spent maybe 5 minutes on it, advising us we would most likely never see a case in our professional lifetime.  Now, it’s estimated that perhaps up to 1 in 50 male children may be afflicted.  Something is changing, and if it isn’t the explosion of vaccinations, perhaps you can come up with a better idea.  And this belief the only reason rates are higher is because now we are so smart we diagnose it better to today is nonsense;  autism, with its head banging and obsessive behavior patterns was as easy to diagnose 30 years ago as it is today.

Vaccines still contain aluminum and mercury, both neurotoxins, and no one has yet proven they are safe as adjuvants.  I’ve not found that controlled peer reviewed study.

The recent claims of fraud at the CDC over autism rates linked to vaccinations raise serious questions about the integrity of government scientists promoting vaccinations.

Vaccinations must remain optional, for the safety and health of our children.

Objective scientific studies on the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, not controlled by the manufacturers must be encouraged.

Wishful thinking on the part of vaccination proponents claiming safety and efficacy often with no data must be reported for what it is, non-science.

Adults and the parents of children must, in this country of all countries where individual liberty is so valued, be allowed to make their own intelligent choices about their bodies, and about vaccinations.

Benjamin Rush, MD, one of the leading Founding Fathers, a great physician in his day, warned that government involvement in health care decisions was a danger, to individual and societal health.  He helped design provisions, like the Fourth Amendment, to protect us from government intrusion in our bodies and our health decisions.  You should take this seriously.

American survived quite well without mandated vaccinations for children and adults, and we will survive better without such mandates.

The government knows these vaccinations carry serious and dangerous risks, or they never would have set up the Vaccine Court.  This isn’t that difficult a concept to understand. And if the government by inference acknowledges this as they do in the Vaccine Court, how can the same government then force us to be vaccinated putting our health and lives and the health and lives of our cherished children in danger?

There are already deaths being reported from Gardisil.  The heavy promotion of this vaccination in children for a problem, cervical cancer, that is relatively minor and easily treated, is unwarranted and may very well open up the door to greater danger than the problem being addressed.

Please stop the drive for mandates.  Though well intentioned such thinking is scientifically misguided, potentially dangerous, and potentially putting the health of millions at risk.  If people want to undertake the risk of vaccinations, the risk of contamination with things such as the SV40 virus, if they’re ok with the the intake of neurotoxic aluminum and mercury, then great, let them be vaccinated.  But please, for those of us like myself, a trained research scientist, who see no need to be “protected” but see reasonable danger in vaccinations, we must be allowed to avoid enforced intrusion into our lives, and our health.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nicholas Gonzalez, MD

But Why Would Big Pharma Kill Them?

Several reasons...

The main reason is that what Big Pharma is currently doing to keep the vaccine hoax alive, although costing them a fortune, is not working.  There is a very real danger that the whole program is about to collapse - and, of course, that is exactly what needs to happen.

(1)  The veracity of vaccines, and the "Vaccine Construction," itself, made up of a consortium of what are called "stakeholders:" vaccine manufacturers, Federal and State agencies, and so-called public interest groups, is very much an issue in the US right now.    Notably, there are no vaccine victim groups ever invited into the dialogue. 

Because of pressures exerted by competent opponents, I think,  the Vaccine Construction is on the verge of destruction.  And, the credibility  of the entire vaccine program is coming up in the national elections just like I said it would.

The fights they lost in individual States over making vaccines mandatory was a huge shock, I think, to the "Vaccine Construction."  They thought they owned the argument - and their only real success, and that argument is FAR from over, was in California.  The Vaccine Construction was in shock over the losses in the other States.  For them this cannot continue.  It had to be stopped.  There were REAL health professionals speaking to those State legislators.  And those legislators were obviously listening.

Big Pharma's current campaigns are not working that well.

(2)  Sharyl Attkisson, recently, at the University of Nevada, pointed out Big Pharma's astroturf (fake grass roots) media campaign strategy.  There is a video.  Go watch it. People simply are NOT buying into astroturf anymore.  Real health professionals speaking out against vaccines are a huge threat.

(3)  Jeffry John Aufderheide, at, recently GUTTED a major astroturf organization "Voices For Vaccines," in his article "Voices for Vaccines: 11 Facts Show How it’s a Propaganda Ploy for Emory University, CDC, and Big Pharma." 

"Voices For Vaccines" tried to portray itself as "two mothers, one of which (snort here) claims to have grown up unvaccinated, only to see the light..." Jeffry's careful research shows details of what is really happening and who actually owns and runs the "Voices For Vaccines" website.

(4)  Big Pharma's use of angry homosexual "skeptics" to troll the internet and focus, and transfer, their personal self-loathing at specified targets isn't working that well anymore either.  People just ignore them.  One of the skeptic organizations has already lost their funding. These days they are simply offensive and ineffective.

(5)  Then there are those pesky Republicans.

Why did the Republicans take up this anti-vaccine banner?  It was inevitable.  Republicans are about family values - so what happens to children is important to the Party.  Democrats are into Big Government telling you what to do.  The Democrats have OPENLY declared that America's children DO NOT BELONG TO THE PARENTS but to the government.  Look at what happened in California with the Democratic Party controlled legislature and governor Jerry Brownshirt with the mandatory vaccinations bills. 

What Effect Are These Murders Having?

Quite a bit.  They are shutting people up.

For one thing, I lost the sources for a dynamite article on how bad vaccines really are.  My sources were, and are, I think, terrified of being murdered themselves - NEXT.  They called me a few days ago and begged off, claiming "their attorney advises against this..."


What their attorney meant was, I think, "I don't need dead clients."


What was the article about?  Three things:

(1)  The Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) is little known to vaccine damaged families and their attorneys.  In essence, the VSD is a data base following millions of children from their first vaccine experience to the present.  It covers twenty five (25) years of continuous individual medical records all across the US.

The information within it is kept from public view, and as independent researchers, in California, have recently found out - (a)  that data clearly shows a SIGNIFICANT relationship between vaccines and children's health problems - perhaps tens of thousands of times more than is being admitted to.  (b)  The participants in the study, it appears to me, are well aware of this and are hiding these facts so as to get "mandatory vaccines" in place in California and across the US.

(2)  "Fake" studies, it appears, using the VSD data, have been written by "friendly" contractors, concluding the opposite of what the data really shows.  When questioned, the authors of the "fake" studies will not produce their data sets for examination.  Those authors get, according to records, an average 800 million dollars a year in "research grants" from Big Pharma and the CDC.  You can read more about the VSD, and how it is SUPPOSED to work, here.  The insert is a US map of Participating VSD Healthcare Organizations. 

(3)  The independent researchers, once the VSD local participants found out what they were finding out, had their access to the VSD cut off.

For my purposes there is adequate documentation of what actually happened.  I've had parts of it read to me. More, the independent research was done in California, and involved California children, following what happened to each of them (thousands in the studies), for twenty to twenty-five years.

Twenty to twenty-five years of undeniable evidence of damage.  With this, I intended to provide the evidence basis to destroy the US vaccine program.  But, apparently, my sources don't want to be another suicide statistic.


Let me Be Blunt...

This information, from those independent researchers, in the hands of the "No on SB277" campaigners, would reverse the mandatory vaccine programs for all time, not just in California, but everywhere.

But the independent researchers don't want to be murdered...

Can't say as I blame them.


Stay tuned. 

Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate

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