Israel/Zionist control of UK government
Zionism  Israel

'There is a reason to believe that the British Government is under the control of a foreign power.'---Gilad Atzmon
 “I am a passionate Zionist."  ~ Boris Johnson  "Israel’s enemies are our enemies and this is a battle in which we all stand together or we will all fall divided." ---Liam Fox MP

[The Zionists have been running the UK for at least 100 years, bit more obvious now they have their own state, Israel, hence we are fighting all their wars.  Around 80% of Conservative MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel.]

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Banners, photos.

Funders, fund raisers
Poju Zabludowicz (Jewish)
Jon Mendelsohn (Jewish)
Michael Levy  (Jewish, ex chief fundraiser for the Labour Party)

Israel Ambassador
Matthew Gould (Jewish)

Chilcot Inquiry
  Martin Gilbert (Zionist)
  Sir Lawrence Freedman (Zionist)

Murdoch (Jewish/Zionist)

Friends of Israel (UK)
[vid] The Zionist Influence Over Winston Churchill
How they voted on Iraq

List of British Jewish politicians
Israel connection to 911, Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Zion Olympic sign

Jewish media control

Purnell, James

Lib dem
Clegg, Nick

Tory [Conservative]
Cameron, David  PM  (Voted for Iraq war, Friends of Israel )
Duncan-Smith, Iain Ex leader. MP (Voted for Iraq war)
Fox, Liam  MP  (Voted for Iraq war)

Hague, William Minister MP (Voted for Iraq war  Friends of Israel )
Gove, Michael  
Johnson, Boris (Zionist)
May, Teresa (Jewish)
Pickles, Eric

Labour [New Labour]
Benn, Hilary
Blair, Tony  Ex PM (Engineered Iraq war, Friends of Israel )
Brown  Ex PM  (Main advocate for Iraq war,
Friends of Israel )
Byers, Stephen  Ex Minister. (Voted for Iraq war, Friends of Israel )
Lewis, Clive
Mann, John
Miliband, David  Jewish. MP  (Voted for Iraq war, Friends of Israel )
Miliband, Ed  Jewish. MP. Labour Leader
Straw, Jack Ex Foreign Minster (Main advocate for Iraq war)

Lewis, Ivan  Jewish


[2008] Guilt By Association by Jeff Gates