James Foley
State Terrorism

James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA


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There are many discrepancies with that Foley video that I noticed. Here are some of them:

1) Professionally produced video (most are on cell phones)

2) The lack of any wind or background noise (like it was on a sound stage)

3) The cheesy 'Hollywood style' bad guy

4) The educated terrorist with a distinct British accent

5) The video is in English with Arabic subtitles (normally is is the opposite)

6) The very calm demeanor of the "victim"

7) The very casual atmosphere of the executioner and victim

8) The fade to black once they started (this is the biggest oddity because they ALWAYS feature the most gruesome part - that is the point of it)

9) The most sadistic group in the Middle East makes a beheading video PG-13?

10) The scene of the body (stills are not as convincing as video)

11) The calm demeanor of the "next victim" who supposedly just watched a friend get decapitated

12) The bad guy had no blood on him (beheading is very messy)

13) When the bad guy started "sawing" - absolutely no blood is visible

14) The reaction of the parents is pretty much "ho hum, our son died" (reminds me of Sandy Hook parents)

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