Jean-Louis Bruguiere report

[2006] Who Killed Agathe? The Death of a Prime Minister by Christopher Black  For reasons it continues to refuse to provide, the UN has never investigated the shoot down of the Presidential plane. The French judge Jean-Louis Bruguière's report of his investigation into the shoot down was leaked to Le Monde in 2004 and states that the RPF was responsible and that the CIA was also involved.

[pdf] Report

[2008] The Great Rwanda "Genocide Coverup" by Prof. Peter Erlinder  French Judge Bruguiere (famous for indicting "the Jackal") has also issued international warrants against nearly a dozen members of Kagame's inner circle, too. Bruguiere also met with Kofi Annan in late 2006 to personally urge the U.N. Rwanda Tribunal to prosecute Kagame for the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana, the war-crime that re-ignited the four-year Rwanda War and the massive civilian killings in the war's final 90-days.