Jewish Pornagenda
It's already a well-known "secret" that Jews purposefully use their mass media to subtly manipulate and brainwash the American public.
In the late 60's and early 70's I was a TV writer (during this time I read NDCIC). I worked on shows such as "That Girl" and "Love American Style", among others. I became disillusioned when I gradually realized that an agenda was very much at work in Hollywood, and it wasn't necessarily about entertainment and/or "selling soap" (ie. advertising revenue). First, make no mistake about it, Hollwood and hence American culture is dominated by Jews. Even the gentiles in powerful L.A. media positions play along with the subtle or not-so-subtle Jewish "rules" about how far to push the social envelope. Jews run the show, period. Anyway, most of the socially innocent scripts I'd submit to my editors would be revised to portray men as stupid, children as smarter than parents, mockery of religion, encouraging casual sex, and other such themes which didn't sit well with me. A consistent pattern emerged with regard to the style of writing and show content (which was expected of the writers). By about 1974, I had it and so I moved to New York where I had relatives. I then became a grade school teacher. At this time, I re-read NDCIC and simultaneously began exploring something called "Cultural Marxism" and "Critical Theory" (both Jewish driven movements). Anyway, things started to fall into place and I connected the dots. - E. Baumgartner
But, a particularly profitable and subversive branch of this is now porn. Another media outlet dominated by Jews who can get paid handsomely to assault Christian values and slowly corrode community decency standards. Where other folks might have some moral qualms about smut-peddling, secular Jews only see that as all the more open opportunity to exploit for themselves.
Jewish involvement in pornography has a long history in the United States, as Jews have helped to transform a fringe subculture into what has become a primary constituent of Americana. These are the ‘true blue Jews’.

Though Jews make up only two per cent of the American population, they have been prominent in pornography. Many erotica dealers in the book trade between 1890 and 1940 were immigrant Jews of German origin.

‘Jews were prominent in the distribution of gallantiana [fiction on erotic themes and books of dirty jokes and ballads], avant-garde sexually explicit novels, sex pulps, sexology, and flagitious materials’.
As mere sampling, other premiere Jewish Internet porn moguls include Seattle-based Seth Warshavsky, called "the Bill Gates of Smut" by the Los Angeles Times [Ehrman, M. 6-13-99, p. 26; The Prince of Porn] ; Jonathan Silverstein, the president of Cybererotica [Chairman: Ron Levi]; Peter Asher, the president of Vivid Entertainment Group (the "world's leading producer of adult films and videos" -- founded by Steven Hirsch and David James; read about the VEG porn team in Silicone Valley: When Porn Goes Public); and Danni Ashe, one of the major women entrepreneurs in the online porn field - The Brains Behind the Boobs]

Seymore Butts, aka Adam Glasser, is everything that Jeremy is not: young, handsome and toned. Glasser, a 39-year-old New York Jew, opened a gym in 1991 in Los Angeles. When no one joined, he borrowed a video camera for 24 hours, went to a nearby strip club, recruited a woman, then headed back to his gym and started shooting.

‘the leading male performers through the 1980s came from secular Jewish upbringings and the females from Roman Catholic day schools’. The standard porn scenario became as a result a Jewish fantasy of schtupping the Catholic shiksa.

Jewish X-rated actors often brag about their ‘joy in being anarchic, sexual gadflies to the puritanical beast’. Jewish involvement in porn, by this argument, is the result of an atavistic hatred of Christian authority: they are trying to weaken the dominant culture in America by moral subversion. Astyr remembers having ‘to run or fight for it in grammar school because I was a Jew. It could very well be that part of my porn career is an “up yours” to these people’. Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said (on, ‘The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism.’ Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged.

Jews have been disproportionately represented in radical movements over the years, so they are also disproportionately represented in the porn industry. Jews in America have been sexual revolutionaries. A large amount of the material on sexual liberation was written by Jews. Those at the forefront of the movement which forced America to adopt a more liberal view of sex were Jewish. Jews were also at the vanguard of the sexual revolution of the 1960s. Wilhelm Reich, Herbert Marcuse and Paul Goodman replaced Marx, Trotsky and Lenin as required revolutionary reading. - Nathan Abrams
And always great when you can combine politics with profit!!
Notice that all those mentioned: Reich, Marcuse, Goodman, Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Freud are Jews. From Freud to Goodman, all represent a Jewish revolution against traditional European values and morality.
The results are startling. The slippery-slope American landscape has been quickly transformed into a modern Sodom & Gomorrah within just a few decades...

Well, welcome Generation XXX and your daughters as future porn stars:

Joanna Angel of, a veteran porn actress at 28, describes doing a three-way recently with a 19-year-old girl new to the business. "It was her first scene ever, so I was like, 'Don't worry—just follow my lead,'" she recalls. "But then the scene started, and the way she was giving a blow job and the things she was saying and the way she was moaning—I was like, 'What the fuck?' When I was 19, I was not giving blow jobs that were nearly that exciting. The girls these days just seem to come to the set porn-ready."

Jenna Jameson was reportedly stunned that 13-year-old girls kept telling her she was their role model. In a survey of 1,000 British girls between the ages of 15 and 19, roughly 25 percent said they aspired to become professional lap dancers. "Dirty Angel," 22, who writes a blog called Tastes Like Kisses and started surfing porn in her early teens, says, "It was watching [adult star] Heather Brooke that gave me the mind-blowing skills I have now when it comes to giving a blow job."