Joseph Sikora

My sister Lauren .
31 years old .
Crippled by vaccines when she was 
4 months old .
Cerebral palsy 
is her permanent disability .
She cannot walk 
Feed herself 
Or wipe her own ass .
She never could .

31 years ago they did this and denied it , 
they are doing it still and denying it .
Metallic Neurotoxin are in the vaccines .
They attack the Fetal Mitochondrial DNA 
Leaving Death or the Crippling of children.

Please do not blindly trust anyone , do not let your babies out of your sight , they are giving shots in other rooms , even against specific halt orders . I know a beautiful lady who just lost her daughter to vaccines , she was vaccinated and 10 hours later , she went septic and died .
Against their will . 
Please watch your children like they are the most important thing in your life .

Lauren is a lucky one , she survived the brain swelling and the grand mull siezures at 4 months old , over 5,000 children died from vaccines by 1986 , she was lucky .
I love you all , 

Cerebral Palsy