Juvenal Uwilingiyamana

[(1951–2005) was a Rwandan politician.]

[2007]  THE GRINDING MACHINE: TERROR AND GENOCIDE IN RWANDA  keith harmon snow talks with Paul Rusesabagina, the ordinary man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda.  They know nothing about the innocent people imprisoned, tortured or disappeared by the Kagame machine. They know nothing of the kangaroo courts of the ICTR—the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda—or the “shenanigans” of the prosecution.  Few people know about the November 2005 assassination of Juvenal Uwilingiyamana, whose body turned up floating naked in a canal in Brussels. And if they have heard of Juvenal Uwilingiyamana, then maybe they think he deserved his fate: he was, after all, a fugitive from genocide. That he had been threatened and intimidated by agents of the ICTR, and yet refused to collaborate to manufacture falsehoods to support the Kagame mythology, few people know.