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Kambo venom is collected on a small bamboo stick and dried. The stick is wrapped in a paper sheet to protect its contents. When you unwrap a Kambo stick, its surface contains the dried secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor. As the sticks are all handmade by different tribesmen, each Kambo stick is unique.
    Each Kambo stick comes with a wooden stick to burn the holes in the skin, a sample bottle of Dragon's Blood resin, and a piece of Palo Santo incense wood.
    "Kambo", "Kampo" or "Sapo" is a traditional medicine used by Amazonian tribes indigenous to the western Amazon region. The Matses tribe traditionally uses this medicine to obtain strenght, aim and dexterity for the hunting. The utilization of this frog venom is shared by numerous other Amazonian tribes, including the Matis, Kanamari, Kaxinawa, Katukina, Kulina, Yaminawa, Marubo, and Ticuna tribes.
    The frog poison (Sapo) is coated upon the blow darts that are to be used for hunting in the forest. When the dart is blown into the body of the animal being hunted it is incapacitated through pysical discomfort and goes through a detox process similar to the process experienced by the shaman to cleanse themselves of bad luck and toxins. The animal is captured and returned to the village healthy and alive ready to be sacrificed to feed the tribe.
    Because of its beneficial properties on the healing of wounds and preventing scar tissue, Sangre de Drago is an essential tool for a Kambo practitioner. Applied to the burns upon conclusion of the ceremony, Sangre de Drago protects the healing burn by covering it with an antibacterial layer. When dried up it completely closes the wound. Taspine is the active alkaloid responsible for the wound healing and antibacterial effect. A small bottle will be included with every Kambo stick.
    Other names: Phyllomedusa, Sapo Toad, Vacina do Sapo (toad vaccine), Leite do Sapo (toad milk), Kamb˘, or Kamp˙, Secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor tree-frog. https://katukina.com/products/kambo/kambo

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