Keith Allen

[film] Unlawful Killing

[2011 May] The director of a controversial Diana documentary says: There was a sinister conspiracy but it began AFTER the crash

[2011 May] Al-Fayed funded Diana movie alleges Prince Phillip is a 'Fred West-style psychopath' and labels Royal Family 'gangsters in tiaras'

[2011 May] Unlawful Killing the film the British won't get to see  Unlawful Killing is not about a conspiracy before the crash, but a provable conspiracy after the crash. A conspiracy organised not by a single scheming arch-fiend, but collectively by the British establishment judges, lawyers, politicians, police chiefs, secret services, even newspaper editors all of whom have been appointed to their positions because they are "a safe pair of hands". Just as compass needles all point north without being told to, so these people instinctively know what is expected of them when the state's interests are under threat and they act accordingly, quietly suppressing uncomfortable evidence or undermining the credibility of witnesses whose evidence contradicts the official narrative.

Questions: Keith Allen's film explores the series of delays that have never been properly explained