Khan Tusion

The name 'Khan Tusion' is a pun on 'contusion' (bruising). There is very little personal information in the public domain about the elusive Tusion, however according to he is Mark Handel, brother of talk radio host and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Bill Handel[1]. He does give interviews but always under his monicker. Mr. Tusion opts to produce his staple of rough sex forays in a wholly anonymous fashion, using his pseudonym or pen name, a practice which is not uncommon among producers of creative works, but a practice which sometimes invites a degree of criticism and suspicion. During individual 'Meatholes' scenes, Tusion's face deliberately never appears on camera.

According to published interviews with Mr. Tusion, he has been in the adult industry since around 1992. He is widely known for also creating the 1999 'Rough Sex' franchise of videos for the 'Anabolic' production house. These controversial films were both lauded and scorned in the adult community. "Rough Sex #2" was awarded a coveted AVN Award.

Mr. Tusion is regarded by many as a fervent misogynist as his work often portrays female actors engaging in seemingly highly degrading acts. Further evidence of this can be gleaned from the fact Mr. Tusion always opts to sit behind the camera, engaging in often abusive dialog with the performers and offering viewers his own special brand of commentary, often taunting the performer with unguarded yet carefully aimed tyrades of verbal abuse, perhaps to subject the female performer to some degree of degradation and humiliation.

Viewers hear a non-stop background track of suggestive quips from Tusion, which can vary from anything from cynical enquiry about the performer's childhood or adolescent sexual experience to simmering, venomous, verbal assaults which ooze with unadulterated fury.

From behind the scenes Mr. Tusion orders and orchestrates male domination, his 'Meatholes' male performers almost henchmen-like, enthusiastically carrying out Tusion's bidding on the female performer. As previously mentioned, Tusion often likes to press his foot, dressed in a dirty sneaker, on the open genitals of female performers. It could be said that his foot and lower leg feature prominently in the 'Meatholes' canon, but never any of his defining features. He remains anonymous throughout.

However it can be said that through anecdotal evidence that it can be determined that he is in fact a white male in approximately his mid forties. Mr. Tusion is said to be a wealthy real estate speculator and family man, if this is indeed the case, then this could perhaps be posited as the catalyst for his anonymous orientation as an artist.

Khan Tusion is widely considered one of the most extreme pornographers producing works today, furthermore Mr. Tusion is often compared to fellow rough sex producer Max Hardcore, although arguably Tusion is far more hardcore and extreme than indeed Mr. Hardcore is.

Controversy swirls around Khan Tusion's pseudonymous guise and consequently there is a race to 'unmask' the secret identity of porn's darkest horse. Of particular interest is perhaps a photograph taken at a Meatholes shoot containing a number of unidentified men, linked here:[photo above]. It is deduced that one of these men is indeed the elusive Mr. Khan Tusion.

And this controversy over Mr. Tusion's anonymous stance as a producer has been voiced by other adult industry professionals, including producers and performers alike. These individuals question Mr. Tusion's motives for chosing to remain anonymous, citing Mr. Tusion's massive success as a 21st century pornographer as ample reason for him to participate in the adult industry with a public face. They posit the runaway success of 'Meatholes', and his previous award winning work, coupled with untold levels of subscribership to 'Meatmembers' online consumer services ample reason for him to finally step into the light.

Other theories on Mr. Tusion's stance could be that he fears facing being indicted on obscenity charges by the federal government, as witnessed in the 2004 government legal pursuit of fellow ultrahardcore pornographer Max Hardcore. Or, Tusion may simply wish to circumvent the cult of personality which seems to engulf other pioneering pornographers like Larry Flynt or Rocco Siffredi. Time will tell on the issue of Mr. Tusion's self enforced anonymity, but one thing is for sure, scores of interested parties are looking for the real story behind the man behind the meat.

Popularity of the Meatholes franchise

Several DVD compilations of Meatholes scenes have been commercially released through production house JM Productions, creators and distributors of the highly acclaimed Gag Factor series. Tusion's brand expanded in 2004 to form the "Meatmembers Network", a subscriber based service where consumers may access other Khan Tusion franchises such as "Pissmops" (a defunct 'Meatholes' related male on female Urolagnia based series). Online subscribers can access the entire canon of 'Meatholes' scenes, streamed in high quality WMV format. Also, on P2P networks Meatholes videos are very heavily traded. 'Meatholes', according to Google Trends, is a runaway success also in Denmark, but was most sought after by Britons. Figures from across the western world suggest the series is fast becoming an adult industry giant. Tusion's 'Meatmembers Network' continues to grow in popularity exponentially and doesn't show any sign of slowing down.

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The 'Meatholes' couch on which the female performer sits to be interviewed by Tusion at the start of every scene, is also the place where the action for the entire scene takes place. Needless to say, it is a very filthy looking and stained couch indeed.

Condoms are banned by Mr. Tusion for use in 'Meatholes' scenes.

Some performers who have appeared in Meatholes are:
*Taylor Rain
*Sativa Rose
*Roxy Jezel
*Tiffany Mynx
*Kami Andrews
*Annie Cruz
*Tyla Wynn
*Tory Lane
*Deja daire

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