Kibeho camp

[2007]  THE GRINDING MACHINE: TERROR AND GENOCIDE IN RWANDA  keith harmon snow talks with Paul Rusesabagina, the ordinary man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda. Kagame completely destroying the refugee camps in Kibeho? KHS: Kibeho, Rwanda: the United Nations Assistance Mission to Rwanda [UNAMIR] stood by and watched while 4,000 Rwandan refugees were massacred…PR: You have seen those pictures. Maybe you were not there, you did not experience what happened, but at least you have seen the websites showing how the RPF army destroyed refugee camps with helicopters while soldiers were on the ground with machine guns killing everyone, each and every moving human being trying to flee the camp. So, what can we call that? Is that a genocide? Is that a crime against humanity? To me, that is a crime against humanity, which includes genocide and war crimes.

Wayne Madsen cites the date of the Kibeho massacre as April 22, 1995 (Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa, 1993-1999, Mellen Press, 1999: p. 175).