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[Laurence de Mello is a British investigative journalist and factual TV producer. She has been a media professional since 1985. She has made programs with and for Discovery US, Discovery Europe, The Learning Channel Rai 1&2, Nat Geo, Berlusconi Networks BBC, Channel 4, etc., Laurence divides her year between London and Buenos Aires.She is a regular guest co-host on a current affairs radio show ''El Crepusculo'' in Buenos Aires, hosted by current affairs and music Journalist Rudolfo Vega. She is the mother of 4 children and is married to the professional Argentine polo player, Sebastian Alexander. She is a member of The British Association of Journalists. Laurence de Mello is represented by Tony Clayman at Tony Clayman Promotions Limited London.]

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[2010 Dec] Larry Silverstein and the Bernard Mendik-Vornado Realty Connection By Laurence De Mello

  He was told that Silverstein "'wanted him in the office no later than 11th September''

Mengele was actually obsessed with identical twins and there are colonies today in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina of identical blonde blue eyed twins a legacy to his experiments. Mengele was given help to get to South America through ODESSA, (the catholic church ''Jesuit Network''and the Red Cross were also aiding ODESSA with facillitating false travel documents) first he stopped in Brazil. Mengele was there certainly during 1951/52 and was conducting genetic experiments (denied by the Brazillian government, which is not surprising as the Germans were producing arms in Brazil at the time and trading with other South American nations). later he moved to the Nazi community in Buenos Aires and joined many of his Nazi pals. While in Buenos Aires, Mengele practiced medicine, he was given a medical license from the Argentine ministry of health (they knew who he was). specializing in illegal abortions, he was at one point briefly detained by police after the death of a patient during an abortion. (abortion is still illegal in Argentina today, yet Mengele was given permission to practice in his own private clinic and would attend the daughters of wealthy Argentines). After the death of the girl he was arrested by local police, but within hours a local Judge made a call and he was released to go back to his clinic. While in Argentina Mengele acquired 50% shares of the Argentine pharmaceutical Company Fadro Farm. Mengele left Argentina for Paraguay around the time of the Adolf Eichmann kidnapping by MOSSAD in 1960.